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Hyrule Castle

Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, The Beloved Monarch

A tall man of regal bearing, this aging monarch lost his wife shortly after she gave birth to his one and only daughter, Zelda. The current King of Hyrule is a man of dignity and honor, and remains surprisingly jovial and practical in the face of the troubles his Kingdom currently suffers… on the surface. The loss of his Knights has stricken the King with guilt that he keeps to himself, for it was his decree that sent nearly all of his most trusted friends and supporters to their demise at once. While he's proven to be a tactical genius, age is starting to get to him, so he's mostly set aside his sword in favor of his hobby - tinkering and artificing. Reputed for a strong sense of fairness, he is well loved by Hyrule's people.

Zelda, The Wise Princess

The only offspring of Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, as a child Zelda was much the same as her father was in his youth: free-spirited and precocious. However, the needs of her kingdom forced her to grow up fast. Though lacking in experience, Zelda's proven to be wise beyond her years. She's taken to the Kingdom's politics with a barrage of elegant gusto that's often left her father speechless, and spearheads many social projects aimed at bringing the nation out of its inexplicable decline - and preparing for the worst. While royal duties always come first, they inevitably stress her, and she greatly enjoys what few chances to relax she gets, even traveling in disguise to enjoy Hyrulean normal life firsthand on occasion. Motivated by ominous dreams foretelling Hyrule's downfall, she's trained secretly under Impa's tutelage for years, and grown skillful in the Sheikah arts, archery, swordplay, and magic. The sixteen year-old girl strives tirelessly to safeguard her people's futures, but they have little idea just how much.

Impa, The Royal Shadow

A member of the Sheikah race and sworn defender of the Hylian Royal Family, Impa is Princess Zelda's dutiful bodyguard and confidante. She's served as her mother figure since the Queen's death, and considers Zelda one of her own. Loyal, subtle, and alert, this master of stealth, martial arts, illusion magics, and swordplay's widely regarded by all Sheikah as the apex practitioner of their arts and values. True to her people's ways Impa prefers working from the shadows, only revealing herself when she must.

(Unawakened Sage of Shadow)

Agahnim, The Great Betrayer

A child of mixed Hylian and Sheikah blood, Agahnim grew up trapped in a social void between light and dark. Ostracized by the normal folk of Hyrule for his clear Sheikah lineage, and kept forever at arm's length by the Sheikah, the boy developed a grudge against Hyrule, but kept it buried deeply after coming to know three ordinary people who cared little about where his blood came from: the knightly swordsmen Arn and Adelfried, and Adelfried's sister Midellia the healer. Studying elemental magic to complement Arn and Adelfried's swordsmanship and Midellia's healing arts, the four gained renown as a potent task force Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule could count on. It was not to last. A decade and a half ago, all but Adelfried journeyed with a group of Hyrule's best knights to investigate reports of monsters pouring forth from a Moon Gate. Only Agahnim, shaken terribly by the ordeal, returned, telling a story of how he was forced to watch as a behemoth emerged from the darkness and tore apart his fellows before he managed to banish it back through the portal. Now he serves as royal wizard, organizing Hyrule's resources to track down ancient relics related to legends of old surrounding the Sacred Realm the beast came from and knowledge of how to combat them. This incident so deprived Hyrule of its best that it's referred to as the Felling… the Felling of the King's Company.

Beneath the sorcerer's thick robes, however, lurks a looming threat. It was no monster that did away with the Knights, but Agahnim himself, who betrayed them at the last moment and cast them into the Dark World. It's a little known fact that Agahnim and Arn both loved Midellia, but her choice of Arn over him was the last betrayal his heart could bear. After learning of the Triforce, Agahnim desired its power for himself - the power to refashion the world that had shunned him into something more fitting. His secret experiments probing the Sages' seal brought him into contact with Ganondorf Dragmire, who promised the Triforce's power in exchange for service. Agahnim has worked for over a decade steadily sowing the seeds of decline to every corner of Hyrule, arranging events to drive wedges between races, strain town guards to the limit, eliminate the Kingdom's prized Knights, and rile its enemies. Now he turns his sights on freeing the King of Evil and getting what's coming to him.

Gaepora, the Lofty Headmaster

Wise, warm-hearted, and observant, Gaepora has the distinct repute of reviving the Loftwing Knight Academy from a long malaise. 25 years ago, the building served as a barracks and spare storage in Hyrule Castle's courtyard, but with the blessings of Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the younger brother of Sahasrahla and Aginah has succeeded where many before him failed. Loftwing riders are rare, for the Loftwing population's seen a severe decline since the Great Cataclysm, but what few arise Gaepora spares no expense in ensuring they end up under his wing. Oft-regarded as a fair-minded and understanding individual, yet stern and responsible when he needs to be, Gaepora's tutelage tends to leave an unforgettable impression on his students. Many of them regard him like a father despite his bad habit of hogging the bath at night. His students' successes give him the joy he lost when his daughter Tetra grew old enough to leave the nest, and he takes great pains to stay in touch with her. Though his age is more than obvious, Gaepora remains a competent warrior when he must take to the skies himself, wielding an array of light-based elemental magics and, when needed, his trusty old blade.

Eagus, the Loftwing Commander










Castle Town

Telma, the Flirty Bartender

The cheerful and flirty owner of the most popular bar in Castle Town, Telma's beaten the odds making her way in life despite her immediately evident Gerudo heritage. Though she's kept the story of her past largely to herself, she's been tending bar for nearly two decades, and the bar has bore her name for as long as most of its patrons can remember. In more recent years her list of patrons has grown to include an assortment of Adventurer's Guildsfolk, primarily it's Guildmasters, and things have gotten all the more interesting for it. Her hearty… girth… and welcoming attitude are almost universally disarming, and newcomers are often quite shocked at the strength snd skill she can display when wielding the Deku Stick she keeps on hand to pacify the occasional rowdy patron.

Auru, the Aging Knight

Many years ago, Auru was a Knight of Hyrule, a member of the elite castle guard and a friend of Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. As age caught up to him, however, he stepped down from active service to the King, spending his retirement exploring the mysteries of the ancient country. Even older now, Auru's fighting days are largely behind him, and he hopes to make up for his inability to directly serve Hyrule when it needs him by training the younger generation. When Zelda secretly came to him with a plan to revitalize Hyrule's ailing economy and security, Auru eagerly put it into motion, founding the Adventurer's Guild that he now leads. Auru has taken a shine to Ashei, despite her abrasive nature, and has taken it upon himself to make her worthy to be a true knight. Despite his age, Auru likes to travel, and possesses a great curiosity about the secrets of Hyrule.

Ashei, the Taciturn Adventurer

Ashei, a skilled explorer and would-be knight, is the daughter of one of the Knights of Hylia, raised by her father after her mother's death when she was just a small child. Raised in a small home near the foot of Snowpeak, her father brought her up as best he could, but he died several years ago during a mission at Snowhead. Ashei aspires to one day become a Knight like her father, though her brusque attitude and terse speech hasn't earned her many real friends aside from her peers at the top of the Adventurer's Guild. An expert at wilderness survival and no slouch with a blade, her father taught her many of the skills needed to become a true Knight, but only experience can temper her spirit. Auru has taken her under his wing, but she is still not sure what to think of the aging knight.

Shad, the Inexperienced Archaelogist

Hardly the bravest or wisest person in the world, Shad is a scholar of Hyrule's past, following in his father's footsteps as he researches the legends that are passed down by the people of Hyrule. Curious and inquisitive, he's never without a question, and any answer given to him always prompts more questions from the young researcher. Despite exploring all over Hyrule, he's never been much of a fighter, though his years of research have given him a fair understanding of Hylian magic. That said, he's hardly a practiced spellcaster either. Shad hopes to one day solve the mysteries surrounding old legends of the Wind Tribe, an obsession he picked up from his father. The man's knowledge and sharp mind is of great use to the Adventurer's Guild, and he's been known to prowl their reports and uncover all manner of things his fellows miss.

Farore, the Impish Librarian

Born into a small merchant family, Farore had a very plain upbringing. Even as a small child, however, Farore loved to learn, write, and read. Her intellect is quite keen but she's a bit of a shy and quiet wallflower around strangers, leaving people with a feeling that she's aloof and secretive. Those that truly know her, however, get to see the kind-hearted, helpful, and cheerful girl she is at heart. Her parents realized that their daughter had potential as a great scholar and wanted the best education possible. Pulling some strings they got her apprenticed to the Royal Library in Castle Town. Once there her talent with writing and magic as well as quickly learning her duties as a librarian earned her the title of child prodigy. Now that she's a bit older she still can't shake the child part thanks to her small stature, youthful appearance, and slightly child like behavior. When not working in the library she can often be found curled up in the stacks feeding her need to learn by reading. When not at the library she likes to read at home, experiment, garden, or take strolls through Castle Town. The singer Nayru and the dancer Din have a close friendship with her, which is odd since she is a mere librarian at the Royal Library.

Her most closely guarded secret, of course, is her nature as the Oracle of Secrets. She protects and regulates the reconstruction of those parts of Hyrule lost in the Great Cataclysm, and is ultimately responsible for pulling the strings that revived many ancient practices. The knowledge of just what to do tends to come to her naturally, and she possesses a considerable amount of magical potential and prophetic awareness.

Faron Province

Talon, the Famous Rancher

The owner of the Lon Lon Ranch, the most profitable ranch in all of Hyrule famous for both its dairy products and fine horses, Talon is a genial and likeable guy, a friendly face to anyone who knows him, and most who don't. Talon grew up on Lon Lon with his little brother Ingo, learning the many secrets of the family business from his loving parents. As a youth, Talon trained with the Hylian Guard, but he never adjusted well to life in Castle Town and soon returned to Lon-Lon Ranch to take on the family business. Talon is starting to get on in years, and has dedicated his life to passing the secrets of the ranch down to his only child, Malon, whose mother died when she was still quite young. If Talon has a fault, it's that he's forgetful and too quick to trust others, but he remains a good rancher and a loving father, even if he has a growing habit of napping at inopportune times. Some consider the man absolutely fearless for his fondness for the sensitive Cucco and quirky breeding projects thereof, but Talon seems to have a natural affinity for handling the birds others lack.

Malon, the Musical Farmgirl

The only child of Talon, Malon is strong-willed and stubborn, devoted to her father and the farm they run together. Her mother died when she was still a child, and she was raised by Talon and his brother Ingo, and as a result is something of a tomboy, though hardly looks the part. A skilled farmer and good with animals, it is largely because of her that Lon Lon Ranch now raises horses in addition to cattle, and she has proven to be a competent horse trainer. One of the most talented singers in all of Hyrule, and recently discovered a strong affinity for Song Magic. To defend the farm she's also become an adept archer, much to the occasional Keese and Peahat's distaste. Her skills and simple charm make her increasingly popular all across Faron Province, but the young woman seems more likely to marry her land than any prospective suitors.

Ingo, the Obnoxious Ranchhand

Little brother of Talon, owner of Lon-Lon Ranch, Ingo was once a happy and devoted little brother. He was an eager learner just like his brother, if a little less kind, and the two shared a happy childhood. When Talon joined the Guard, Ingo thought that the farm would pass to him. He had learned just as much as Talon, after all, so why shouldn't it be his? Ingo's dreams were crushed when Talon returned, and he's never been the same since. Jealousy's turned him into a bitter man, and he interprets everything done to him as some kind of slight. The man continues working the ranch as an extra hand, but his attitude grows poorer with each passing year.

Adelfried, the Wandering Swordsman

Adelfried was born to poor parents living out of a cottage in Ordon Village and has experienced as many walks of life as any man, and a little more besides. Going from a simple farm boy to a member of the Hylian Guard, and finally being knighted by King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, he has been rich, poor, and everything in-between. Boisterous and jovial, Adelfried was afflicted with wanderlust and rarely stayed in one place for long, helping people who needed it and making merry with those who didn't. Able to relate to most anyone, he's been unconditionally respectful to all those he meets, regardless of who they are and how they act. His resignation came earlier than many a Knight's, however, the product of grief and guilt. When his sister and her husband Arn went on that fateful mission that became known as the Felling, Adelfried had declined joining in order to look after their son, Link. Adelfried blamed himself for not being there for his family, and has simply never been able to let the incident sit. Though he remained in Ordon Village looking after the boy and raising him in the ways of Knighthood, the warrior set off two years ago without really explaining where or why. He wants nobody to follow him in his crusade to uncover the truth of that disastrous mission, especially his nephew. Well-educated and a formidable swordsman who's displayed a shocking variety of mystical techniques and hidden knowledge, Adelfried is a dangerous fighter when pressed, and nobody is quite sure of his repertoire's limits, or WHERE he learned all of his tricks.

Link, the Brave Youth

Rusl, Ordonian Swordmaster

Rusl, a smith and swordmaster by trade, is probably the most respected person in Ordon Village, their foremost protector against the monsters that sometimes attack the little hamlet. Apprenticed to a Goron swordsmith as a boy, he is one of the best metalworkers in the land, and the blades he forges are both beautiful and functional. A self-taught fighter, his natural skill with the blade thrust him into the position of town defender during a random attack by Moblins ten years ago. He has a wife, Uli, and a young son, Colin, with another child on the way. Rusl is the Adventurer's Guild's chief agent in Ordon, and he makes occasional trips to Telma's bar to meet with his fellows. Rusl has spent the last few years teaching swordmanship to Link in Adelfried's absence, and believes the young man will soon surpass him with a blade.

Saria, the Sprightly Diplomat

Among the ageless Kokiri, many hands point toward Mido for their self-proclaimed leader but Saria is respected by almost all. One of the Great Deku Tree's greatest children, blessed with greater growth potential, the responsible and playful girl's known to go through every day with a cheery smile and supportive words. A reputable mediator, she's skilled at solving disputes… and when kind words don't work, she sometimes resorts to firmer approaches— like yanking on ears. Limited though their contact may be, Saria serves as the Kokiri's official liason with the rest of Hyrule, and is a fairly common sight at their nearest neighbor: Ordon Village. Like most Kokiri, Saria's fond of simple fun and games, but has some interest in crafting wooden trinkets and is especially gifted with music. Her signature melody allows conversing with the spirits and good friends alike, and she's rumored to know more about the Lost Woods than all other Kokiri combined.

(Unawakened Sage of Forest)

Mido, the Self-Proclaimed Boss

One of the oldest of the Kokiri, (though at this point he can barely remember which ones are older and which are younger), Mido quickly developed a tough attitude, setting himself up as "Boss of the Kokiri" and ordering his fellows around. While his actual right to such leadership is questionable at best, plenty of Kokiri have decided to play along for what might be millenia now. The Great Deku Tree innerly groans at some of his antics, but Mido rarely crosses any real lines with his attitude. While most Kokiri eschew fighting, Mido has no qualms about it, and has some skill with the wooden sword and slingshot. These skills might come in handier than the Kokiri would have expected, as monster attacks are on the rise everywhere. As long as Mido's around though, the forest children have little to fear from a few stray Wolfos.

Din, the Flamboyant Dancer

Adopted into a family of travelling performers who found her abandoned on the roadside, presumably for her very detectable Gerudo blood, Din has grown to make a name for herself in spite of her outcast heritage by using the exotic allure it brings as weapon of choice in her chosen profession - dancing. Outgoing and aggressive, Din is prone to impulsive behavior and lives her life at a fast rate, trying new things at every opportunity and meeting as many new people as she can in the process. In spite of her fame as a dancer, the lithe redhead's far from monetarily wealthy - her share of any profit is spread amongst her performance group to make sure everyone is adequately clothed and fed, and much of what is left is distributed among the poor of wherever she happens to be at the time - very little is kept for herself. Uncannily proficient with self-taught fire magic, she wields the destructive power artfully to give her performances extra kick, and to protect her fellow caravan fleas as they travel with merchants to every corner of Hyrule. Her dancing skills translated well into brawling when she decided to try martial arts, and it is most unwise to stoke her wrath. She is close friends with Nayru, with whom she regularly performs, and, surprisingly to many, the librarian Farore.

Her most closely guarded secret, of course, is her nature as the Oracle of Seasons. She protects and regulates the change of seasons, and absolute command of Hyrule's weather lies at her fingertips, as does a considerable well-spring of magical potential and prophetic awareness.

Koume and Kotake, the Mystic Crones

While once these witches were a grave threat to Hyrule, responsible for grooming Ganondorf Dragmire into the role he would play in Hyrule's ruin, the Great Cataclysm struck the both of them quite hard. Already far beyond simple old age thanks to Dark Magic used to keep them alive - although it did not fair that well in keeping them youthful - their heads were already getting foggy by the time Ganon caused the Great Cataclysm, and after being bashed around horribly by chaotic magical energies unleashed in the Cataclysm things just got worse. As they are right now, they remember absolutely nothing of their previous lives besides some magical skills.

Or perhaps they do remember everything and they're just biding their time?

The witch sisters have been a fixture in the Castor Wilds, running the Magic Hags' potion shop and hosting the occasional swamp tour for… as far back as anyone can remember. Nobody has caught on to their longevity, perhaps not even Koume and Kotake themselves. Kindly but shrewd old women, their business is successful and they have good relations with the local Business Scrubs, who use them as a prime supplier of potion goods.

Lanayru Province

Zora Do Bon XVI, the Voluminous King

Rutela, the Serene Queen

Betrothed to the King of the Zora during her youth, Rutela is a serene and serious individual who rules over her people fairly and with a light touch. When possible she prefers to leave her people to settle their own problems, as she believes that it is a character-building exercise to do so - but she does not shirk her responsibilities, nor does she tolerate undue hostility against her people. She is the mother of Ralis and Ruto, both of whom she has groomed for their important roles in Zora society. Although dispassionate on the surface, Rutela is a very caring individual and is as loved and respected among her people as Princess Zelda is among hers. Rarely forced to resort to such methods herself, Rutela is nonetheless terrifyingly adept at manipulating water through magic.

Ralis, the Apprensive Prince

Ruto, the Thorny Princess

When Prince Ralis of the Zora was born and received the title of heir, none were more relieved than his troublemaking older sister Ruto. As Zora royalty, Ruto was expected to be a shining example to her people and a dutiful priestess to their patron deity, Jabun. However, due to the gentle hand of her parents, she has always hungered for more all throughout her childhood. Prone to staging great escapes here and there, and even known to have hidden out once or twice inside Jabun's belly when she was younger, Ruto is almost solely to blame for much of her parents' worry over the royal family's future. Not much has changed to this day; what began as a prideful and thorny girl has grown into one bossy and stubborn princess who's even better at getting what she wants. Only those who manage to impress her might discover that most of it is merely attitude. She truly loves her family and people, and when she takes a liking to someone she'll be -very- sure to let them know… one way or another. Getting right down to it, she simply likes taking care of things her way. All the time.

(Unawakened Sage of Water)

Nayru, the Mystical Songstress

Born into a well-off noble family, Nayru was brought up to be dutiful, thoughtful, and responsible. The young woman's serene spirit and gentle nature has taken her far. An intellectual by nature, and possessed with extraordinary patience, Nayru's a graceful and pleasant soul who cordially goes out of her way to observe manners and customs - sometimes to the point of seeming old-fashioned. Though a highly successful healer by trade and phenomenally talented with water magics and protective wards, Nayru's most famous for her nigh-peerless singing voice. Indeed, the blue-haired woman's renowned far and wide for having an enchanting melody for any moment, and employs the harp as an instrument of choice when songs call for it. It should come as little surprise that Nayru's a talented Song Mage, capable of stirring the world into motion with voice alone. Nayru often travels with caravans serving as an on-call, where she performs alongside Din as an entertainer. The Royal Library of Castle Town Farore maintains is another favorite haunt, where she studies magic and history. The songstress also maintains a considerably well-warded private cottage in northern Lanayru for some times of the year, enjoying the proximity to Zora's Domain and their artistic culture. In any case, she's ill-suited to dealing with danger, and is rarely seen journeying too far without her dear protector Ralph whom she's known since childhood. The two are nearly inseperable and share an unbreakable bond that will doubtlessly last their whole lives.

Her most closely guarded secret, of course, is her nature as the Oracle of Ages. She protects and regulates the grand flow of time, and is privvy to many of its eddies and currents. The power to warp and command time itself lies at her fingertips, as does a considerable well-spring of magical potential and prophetic awareness.

Eldin Province

Sahasrahla, the Old Man

The eldest compared to his two brothers Gaepora and Aginah, Sahasrahla is a truly ancient wizard living in Kakariko Village. In his youth the man was an adventuring archaelogist mage of considerable renown alongside his brothers, yet he politely declined an eventual offer of Knighthood in favor of his self-proclaimed duty investigating and documenting every last bit of knowledge that could be gleaned from studying Hyrule - particularly what remains of Ancient Hylia. The old man's a formidable artificer accredited with reviving several HUNDRED lost practices from studying of unearthed enchanted works and recreating the legendary Golden Sword for the Knights to use. Sadly, the blade was lost to the Dark World during an ill-fated expedition that claimed many Knights - many, his friends - and Sahasrahla's been quite disheartened by this turn of events. While he CLAIMS retirement with some amusement, the elder's reputation simply disallows it. Hordes of apprentices flock to him for tutelage, dungeon crawlers seek advice, Renado relies on his wisdom when his own falls short, and more recently Princess Zelda beseeched his aid in organizing the Adventurer's Guild for Kakariko Village. Much to their amazement, the wrinkly old man's surprisingly spry thanks to a life of Enhancement Magic-backed martial arts, and his mind remains sharper than many his junior. Hospitable and cordial to nearly all comers, he considers it his duty to guide and teach the young before his time is up. Sahasrahla and his wife are succeeded by a timid grandson, having taken him in when his parents died to River Zora about a decade ago.

Renado, the Noble Shaman

Pumm, the Pumpkin Barkeep

As far back as anyone can remember Pumm and his ancestors have been managing the Lumpy Pumpkin, a Pumpkin-shaped and quite eccentric pub that serves primarily Pumpkin-based dishes and beverages. Pumpkin soup. Pumpkin juice. Pumpkin pie, and far more, all made from the yield of their own fields. Pumm himself is a plump but generous man who's quite popular for his skilled cooking. A very humble yet practical man on the surface who's met all kinds of different people's, he has little trouble relating to whoever steps in. He is a man of few vices, but takes great pride in the decorations and presentation of his establishment and is very strict at keeping it clean, neat, and well-furnished with all manner of exotic and expensive wares. Much to many a patron's distress he is far from above aiming barbed words mocking and belittling those who make the work harder on him, but on the other hand he loves going out of his way to make the place as comfortable and appealing to its more respectable clientele. Consequently, the place is exceedingly upstanding and frequented by polite and responsible folk and has a very calm atmosphere compared to most of its… admittedly less Pumpkin-focused competitors.

Kina, the Pumpkin Diva

Pumm's daughter is a sweet and easily likable young woman. Thanks to growing up surrounded by the calm and warm atmosphere the Lumpy Pumpkin maintains, and constantly working to keep the place going, she's a girl of simple tastes who, in many ways, mirrors many of her father's habits… including his no-holds-barred barbed criticism of troublemakers. When not serving as waitress for the establishment, she's fond of livening the place up through singing. Indeed, Kina has one of the best singing voices in all of Hyrule, and her performances are key to keeping the place filled with customers. Though enthusiastic enough at most tasks, she dislikes much of the physical labor involved in actually farming the pumpkins, and has become quite good at cajoling help out of random passerby, particularly Mogmas. She is the subject of much unrequited affection by many patrons, if only because she remains largely oblivious to the whole matter. The popularity extends to the local Gorons, many of whom have come to love the pub just because of Kina's singing.

Dampe, the Kindly Gravekeeper

Barnes, the Timid Demolitionist

Blind, the Photophobic Pilferer

Blind is the current leader of the Kakariko Thieves' Guild, which he came to run after several quizzical and highly suspicious disappearances. He has remained largely quiet about his past, and none of the Thieves can truly say they really know where he came from. An ugly man with a rugged face that brings to mind that of a bat, he's only been known to emerge in the dead of night to ply his trade personally, and he's known to hate bright light quite terribly. More often, he's at work training and overseeing his fellows - a service he always offers for rather demanding prices. The man's greed is insatiable, and knows no bounds. Blind is responsible for a decisive shift in the attitudes of some of the more prominent thieves. His inner circle is known for their considerable rough attitudes and viciousness, and acts driven by driven to levels of greed and selfishness that the majority of the Thieves Guild's beginning to find as rather distasteful. This inner circle has engaged in kidnapping, extortion, and even the occasional raid that was far from bloodless and had major impact. His popularity is falling, and much of the Thieves Guild's simply stopped associating with him.

Unbeknownst to them all, Blind is not the human he appears to be at all. He's a lesser Demon summoned up by Agahnim and largely left to his own devices, though the two maintain occasional contact and exchange favors - favors which largely work out in Agahnim's benefit by further destabilizing Hyrule. Many of Blind's more controversial operations are surgically targeted for maximum impact, increasing the overall state of unrest and disquiet in hopes of eventual social breakdown in some areas.

Ghanti, the Lovable Larcenist

Adopted and raised collectively by the Kakariko Thieves' Guild, Ghanti was brought up to believe that her parents were killed by the Knights of Hyrule as part of a ploy by Blind, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Her parents were, in fact, Knights who vanished on that fateful mission, and her 'adoption' was in fact more a kidnapping staged by Blind's closest loyalists to frustrate and collect ransom from Knights who ultimately vanished on a disastrous mission. While she and many of her fellow thieves remain ignorant of the truth, she's taken to a larcenist's life with great flair under the tutelage of many successful thieves. Bright, playful, energetic, and shockingly good-natured for a thief, the talkative and exuberant young woman steals for the thrill and challenge rather than any real need, and so her targets are frequently nobles and merchants who can afford losing an odd valuable or two. Though her strong conscience keeps her from crossing many lines, the girl has a terrific temper and can be capricious. Her foxy attitude's a source of trouble for many, and the few times she's been forced to defend herself Ghanti's opponents find that she's a cunning and fleet-footed fighter indeed.

Syrup, the Elderly Alchemist

Maple, the Impatient Apprentice

Darunia, the Biggest Brother

(Unawakened Sage of Fire)

Darbus, the Big Brother

Biggoron, the Gargantuan Craftsman

Peak Province

Darmani, the Mighty Warrior

Zubora and Gabora

Yeto and Yeta

Desert Province

Onox, the One Male

Only one male Gerudo is born every hundred years. This century, that Gerudo was Onox. His greed is noteworthy among his fellows, and he has shown an unhealthy-seeming fascination with breaking things. Onox is largely responsible for the recent success of his people's expansion to piracy. A tall and imposing man, Onox is rarely seen outside of his prized golden armor - a suit of such girth and grandeur that one would normally expect it to be used for an Iron Knuckle. He is no slouch with his ball and chain or great axe in a fight, and has proven to be a brilliant tactician.

In truth, the Onox everyone knows is an impostor, a powerful Dark Dragon who's taken the form of the real Onox, who's now imprisoned within the Dark World. Like Blind, he has an affiliation with Agahnim, and is personally determined to stir the Gerudo into another war with Hyrule one way or another.

Nabooru, the Honorable Commander

A respected leader among the thieves and warriors of the Gerudo, Nabooru is an exemplar among her kind who cares for them all greatly. She rose to prominence in recent years for her phenomenal fighting skill and leadership on missions, and is now responsible for overseeing the training and organization of many matters at the Gerudo's Fortress. This, of course, makes her the most prominent of all Gerudo. Nabooru is an honorable thief who disdains inflicting excessive harm on her targets. A chipper and upbeat young woman with an indomitable spirit, she is growing increasingly disgusted with Onox and openly shows it when she can get away with it.

(Unawakened Sage of Spirit)

Veran, the Shadow Sorceress

Long ago, Venus the Fairy Queen had a sister, Veran, who was also among the ranks of the Great Fairies. However, when the Great Cataclysm wracked the land she disappeared into an out-of-control Moon Gate and hasn't been seen since. Though she mounted an assault on Ganondorf Dragmire while the Sages' worked their seal, her sacrifice went unknown, and she suffered greatly at Ganondorf's hands until she finally broke under the torturous workings of Dark Magic he subjected her to out of wrath and boredom. She could be called now, if anything, a Dark Fairy, a spirit of demonic power very similar to Demons. A shapeshifter without compare with terrifying skill with Dark Magic, she's turned the Arbiter's Grounds into her personal haunt. Though seemingly loyal to Ganondorf Dragmire, she is ultimately loyal only to herself, and seeks to inflict pain and misery on a Hyrule that left her trapped for ages in the King of Evil's company.

King Bulblin, the Moblin Warlord

See King Bulblin.

LD-301N Skipper

The Cursed Kingdom of Ikana

Sakon, the Crafty Thief

Igos du Ikana, the Ancient Monarch

Keeta, the Gigantic Commander

Poe Collector, the Spirit Afficianado

Seaside Province

(Note: Windfall Harbor serves as the adaptation point for many Majora's Mask characters. Anju, Kafei, Madame Aroma, Mayour Dotour, and more should go here.)

Tetra, the Ferocious Corsair

As the daughter of Gaepora, everyone expected Tetra would end up a Loftwing Knight - but few realized how it's the Loftwing who chooses the rider, and there's precious few to do any choosing. Tetra didn't hold her breath, and so wasn't disappointed when none arrived by the typical age. Instead, she put her training to a different use: defending Hyrule's seas, instead of its skies. With her heritage it was child's play to become an officer in the royal navy, but her unbelievable performance is what carried her to the top of it. Too strong-willed to stick to tradition, Life on the high seas suited her perfectly, and she quickly assembled a rowdy group of the most reliable sailors and cutthroat fighters as her loyal crew, nearly as vicious as the pirates they often face - and turn the tables on, by launching many pirate-like raids themselves with little regard for precedent. Tetra is shockingly practical-minded and dubiously unceremonious, a testament to her years on the sea where getting things done quickly and keeping others in line can mean all the difference between life and death. Those truly close to her can tell that she enjoys being a rough-and-tumble woman perhaps a bit too much… but they can also rest assured knowing that her tough love policies and occasional sly teasing are merely ways of showing that she cares. Make her well and thoroughly mad though at one's own peril, for Tetra on a warpath is certain to shiver EVERYONE's timbers. With her dominion over the Great Ocean thus proven, Tetra and her crew are the infamous Gerudo Pirates' worst nightmare along with everything else that would threaten the seas.

Viscen, the Dutiful Guardsman

Shiro, the Forgettable Guardsman

Born into a middle-class family of no particular importance, Shiro joined the Hylian Guard in order to escape the decidedly boring prospect of life as a cobbler. Shy and easily overlooked, he is nonetheless a dependable and courageous Guardsman who can be relied upon to perform his duties to the best of his ability. He currently makes up a portion of Castle Town's night watch, and is quickly ascending the assignment roster towards the highly important duty of overseeing the city gates. A competent pikeman in his own right, Shiro's true talent arguably lies in his abandoned profession, and while he cares not for it as a professional pursuit he is quite happy to mend the boots of his fellow infantrymen - particularly those that are unfortunate enough to see front-line action regularly.

Mikau, the Indigo-go Guitarist

Lulu, the Indigo-go Vocalist

Aveil, the Greedy Pillager

Born and raised alongside Onox, Aveil has long questioned the traditional supremacy of the once-in-a-century male leader of the Gerudo. Seeing only a lust for power in Onox, she left the desert for a life of piracy, and quickly her skill and cruelty became known all over the Great Sea. Capricious and vain, the goals of the Gerudo only matter to her insofar as she can use it to grow rich on pirate booty. Her general dislike of Gerudo traditon is taken to by more cynical Gerudo as a sign of deliberate disapproval of Onox, but it's far more likely that Aveil is simply out for herself.

Linebeck, the Cowardly Captain

Medli, the Dedicated Priestess

Komali, the Apprehensive Prince

The Dark World

Ganondorf Dragmire, the King of Evil


Kaepora Gaebora, the Knowledgeable Owl

Yes he's actually Rauru. And over a thousand years old.

(Awakened Sage of Light)

Hero's Shade, the Regretful Spectre

The embodiment of the last Hero's regrets, he haunts the world searching out worthy figures to pass his teachings on to. Over the last many centuries he's had many minor pupils, teaching them skills they needed to defend what they cared about… but he's recently found a new favored pupil in Link.

Happy Mask Salesman

He's not entirely a creature of this world…

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