General Information

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Full Name: Zeiram
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: Inofficial Ally
Function: Massacre
Series: Zeiram
Species: unknown

("All that lives, will die.")

Profile: Very little is known about the life-form named Zeiram, apart from the trail of death it leaves. It is suspected that Zeiram was originally created as a living biological weapon; its ability to assimilate other weapons, and even the genetic material of other life-forms, seems to support this hypothesis. However, if Zeiram was created as a weapon, it is now beyond anyone's control; only a handful of individuals have ever survived their encounters with Zeiram to tell anyone else about it. Seemingly invincible, able to regenerate from virtually any injury, capable of creating "clones" to act as troops or provide information, and intelligent enough to outwit many opponents, Zeiram is utterly implacable and without mercy, a true monster and a deadly foe.

Vital Statistics

Age: unknown
Gender: unknown
Height: approx. 2.5 meters
Weight: unknown
Species: unknown

Additional Details

  • Walking Weapon - Zeiram is a physically powerful adversary, even discounting the abilities explained below. Its body structure tends to incorporate natural armor, and it possesses a high level of strength, able to overwhelm most opponents in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Mask - There is a smallish white near-humanoid face resembling a Noh mask on Zeiram's "hat". While this mask frequently appears to be inanimate, it often reacts when Zeiram displays some form of emotion, and the mask can extend on a tentacle-like limb to strike or bite an enemy.
  • Intelligence - Despite Zeiram's monstrous appearance, it is not driven by instincts. Zeiram is fully aware of its own abilities and attentive to the tactics and abilities of its opponents, capable of recognizing potential traps and ambushes and of formulating strategies to counter those of an opposing force.


  • Assimilated Equipment - Zeiram will frequently pick up weapons, whether procured from enemies/victims or acquired by other means. Such weapons or other tools will typically be integrated into Zeiram's body to some extent, often allowing it to wield them with even higher efficiency and effectiveness than they show in more conventional hands. Energy-based weapons can be powered and used well beyond the ordinary limits of their power packs; solid-ballistic weapons may display a much higher rate of fire. Weapons will be discarded if they are no longer needed, and may be forcefully reclaimed if they are successfully detached from Zeiram's main body.

Noted Abilities

  • Genetic Assimilation - If Zeiram encounters a life-form with potentially useful traits, it will often attempt to collect a "sample" from that life-form by extending its "mask" on a tentacle-like appendage, strong enough to punch through concrete or bone or bite through reinforced cables, and biting the target of interest. These wounds bleed heavily, but are rarely fatal if the wound itself isn't critical; however, the genetic material acquired by this process can serve different purposes for Zeiram, depending on its needs. (There are some indications that Zeiram requires fresh genetic material to sustain itself, as it will sometimes bite individuals or creatures without potentially useful traits.)
  • Physical Assimilation - If Zeiram decides to use an external weapon, said weapon will be physically integrated into part of its body for use. Such weapons can be discarded at will; Zeiram will usually retain them as long as they're useful, and can keep most energy weapons charged beyond their normal capacity. Zeiram is also capable of connecting itself to larger objects, even buildings or starships, and subverting systems and structures alike. Combined with its ability to spawn clones, this makes Zeiram particularly dangerous if entrenched. Finally, if severely damaged, Zeiram may attempt to forcibly absorb a target's entire body and convert the mass to regenerate; however, this process leaves Zeiram extremely vulnerable and is almost never used.
  • Clones - If Zeiram has assimilated genetic material in reserve, it may choose to gather that material into a seed-like pod which, when cracked open, will grow a monstrous clone of the life-form or individual from which that material was obtained. These clones are usually easy to distinguish from the original with sufficient visibility, and may retain some knowledge or memory from the individual; Zeiram occasionally uses these as a source of information. Clones may also be used as "soldiers" or to perform reconnaissance. Zeiram retains telepathic control over its clones even at some distance.

Other Information

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