Yuna Kagurazaka

General Information

Full Name: Yuna Kagurazaka
Faction: Union
Rank: Lieutenant
Function: Savior of Light
Series: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
Species: Human

"If we can't rescue an enemy, I'll be her friend!"

Profile: Bubbly, joyful, and carefree, Yuna hardly seems like someone who's faced some of the worst evils in the cosmos. On the surface, her endless compassion, almost as endless forgiveness, and ease in making friends seem to be her most distinguishing traits. However, Yuna is also known in some circles to be the "Savior of Light," a champion on the side of Good, and has saved her entire universe from the forces of darkness a few times already despite still being in her teens. Those who've seen Yuna fight know that it's much better to be her friend than her enemy; in fact, most of her allies in her native world started out opposing her, but joined Yuna's side after she beat them. Yuna would much rather turn an enemy into a friend than take a life, but she's also keenly aware that not everyone can be persuaded to change their ways. As such, if she realizes that somebody is truly unredeemable, she can become a terrifying opponent when she finally goes all-out …

Vital Statistics

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood type: AB
BWH: 78-56-82 (cm)
Birthday: April 17, 2283

Additional Details

  • Savior of Light - While Yuna rarely refers to herself by her formal title, she is the Savior of Light, chosen as the champion of her universe's Queen of Light (who seems to be a goddess of some measure; Yuna privately associates her with Oomikami Amaterasu, the sun goddess revered in the Shinto religion). This essentially makes her the equivalent of a paladin, albeit with many of the traits of a magical girl due to the nature of her powers.
  • Idol Singer - Even before Elner tracked Yuna down to make her the Savior of Light, Yuna had become a teen idol by winning the Ginga Ojousama (Galaxy Lady) Contest, a galaxy-wide (but primarily human or near-human) beauty pageant. While this catapulted her to fame across the galaxy and has given her a "day job," she's also drawn a certain amount of animosity from other girls who were in the pageant, some of whom became hostile rivals before Yuna successfully made friends with them.

Major NPCs

The Matrix of Light:

  • Elner of Wisdom - Emissary of the Queen of Light, Elner is physically a small, faerie-like cybernetic construct. It was Elner who sought Yuna out when she was chosen to become the next Savior of Light. With the ability to create force-field barriers and teleport both itself and others, Elner generally functions in an advisory support role for Yuna.
  • Jiina of the Earth - The first of Yuna's three android "doubles" or "other selves" (bunshin in Japanese), Jiina was found sleeping within the core of the machine world Frint. She's designed for heavy land-based combat in her battle form, armed with high-powered beam cannons. Combining with Yuna's Light Suit results in Yuna's Powered Form.
  • Marina of the Sea - Designed for aquatic operations, Marina eschews beam weaponry in favor of compact torpedoes, and forms the mermaid-styled Marine Form upon combining with Yuna's Light Suit.
  • Erina of the Sky - While all members of the Matrix of Light are capable of flying on their own, Erina is the only one who lends this capability to Yuna when combined into Flight Form. She is armed with sets of rapid-fire pulse blasters.


  • Light Suit - The core manifestation of Yuna's powers as the Savior of Light, and her primary combat outfit. While somewhat revealing, the Light Suit acts as body armor beyond what it physically seems to cover, surrounding Yuna's body in a defensive aura which works to protect her from physical harm while transformed. However, attacks which Yuna doesn't dodge will wear away at the Light Suit's protective capability; if she takes too much damage, the Light Suit's physical integrity will fail and leave her unprotected … and exposed. In a pinch, Elner can sustain the Light Suit's powers while Yuna is healing from physical injuries; this seems to help avoid scars. Also, the three human-size members of the Matrix of Light can combine with Yuna's battlesuit, as noted above.
  • Matrix Divider - Yuna's primary weapon as the Savior of Light. Capable of being wielded in both melee (sword) and ranged (rifle) modes, the Matrix Divider channels Yuna's power for her to attack her enemies, directing it through the barrel/blade before Yuna releases it. She can focus larger amounts of energy for more powerful attacks. She also possesses a smaller gun, the Matrix Divider Plus, and a non-converting sword.
  • El-Line - When an enemy is too big for Yuna to fight on foot or when combined with only one member of her bunshin, Yuna is able to call on the full Matrix of Light to combine into the Matrix Figure, El-Line, a 21-meter-tall super robot whose attacks and powers resemble Yuna's own, channeling the power of the Light into both close-range and long-range attacks. In addition, the assistance of Yuri Cube allows for the further transformation into El-Line Noi, enhancing El-Line with powered-up parts formed from Yuri's own body.

Skills and Abilities

  • Radiant Heart - Yuna's heart holds no shadow of evil or malice; she is pure, innocent and trusting, although not entirely naive. The untainted light in her heart, the trait which let her be chosen as the Savior of Light, also allows her to display virtually limitless compassion; against most enemies, Yuna will fight to win but will hold back from killing as long as she believes an enemy can be redeemed and made into a friend.
  • Idol Singer - While Yuna isn't necessarily the best singer out there, she stays in practice for two reasons - it's her official job (since she dislikes calling herself the "Savior of Light" on a regular basis), and she loves singing. The fact that other people love to hear her sing is a bonus.
  • Sleeping - Before joining the Union, Yuna was an exceptionally heavy sleeper, sometimes requiring an orbital strike (typically courtesy of Princess Mirage) to wake Yuna up in time for school. Yuna's time in Mobile Section Six helped cure her of oversleeping, but she's still a very sound sleeper.
  • Compassion - Yuna shows a very high level of empathy for a non-telepath, and is a very gentle and compassionate girl by nature. If she can avoid a fight, she'll often attempt to resolve a problem by talking rather than combat.
  • Friendship - Yuna can (and will often attempt to) make friends with almost anyone. Most of the time, she'll prefer to believe that an enemy can change their ways and become a friend than to accept that somebody is genuinely irredeemable.

Other Information

  • Refusal to Kill - In light of her compassion and her gentle nature, Yuna will generally refuse to kill her enemies outright. Drone robots and non-sentient undead aren't an issue for her - she can deal with fighting those, although she's usually somewhat reluctant to write off undead who might be saved somehow. Sentient, living enemies, however, she'll fight to knock out or to force their retreat.
  • Lightning Angel - If Yuna comes to the conclusion that a particular enemy genuinely can't be redeemed and befriended, she can deliberately tap into her full power as the Savior of Light, assuming "Lightning Angel" form. This form originally manifested only when Yuna was driven into a berserker state against an irredeemable enemy; however, events in the Multiverse (principally the Midnight Channel incident) have enabled her to take full, conscious control over this state, leading to its current name.
  • Control Break - When fighting an adversary who is under the control or influence of an outside force, Yuna has often proven capable of helping to disrupt and break that control through combat. (Note - this is not currently part of Yuna's approved +powers list, but it is true to the games. I will delete this parenthesis when it's somewhere in the list, even if not its own entry.)


Note: History coming soon! … for certain values of "soon" anyway … ^^;;

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