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Dreams are formed from the emotions and experiences of day to day life, built up upon one another and forming a landscape within the subconscious. Different facets of a person's emotions making up the places and beings that inhabit a dream. The stronger the emotions and the more they are withheld and repressed in the waking world, the stronger the dreams are. Though what would happen if a dream became too strong, too powerful and too real?

One particular dream started out like many, having been born in the fertile plains of a mind's anxiety. Feeding off of the vast amount of emotional turmoil found in its creator's psyche: Vulnerability, helplessness, alienation, mistrust, hostility, insecurities, frustration and the fear of confronting these emotions. This created vast, shadowed nocturnal regions offset by random sources of illumination scrawled into cryptic images or occupied by clustered or sparse decor.

Contrasting with those places were bright monochrome wastelands, chilling snowfields, dusty wilderness landscapes and gardens within the sky. Both areas held passages which were winding chambers that comprised of caverns, sewer networks, dimly lit office and commercial building interiors, angry, red labyrinthine underworlds and stone carved corridors that connected the many lands together.

In this reality surreal creatures had come into being, shaped and refined from their surroundings as separate but connected aspects of the different regions. Somehow this energy that fueled the dream was powerful enough to allow it to become self aware.

It knew that all dreams eventually would come to an end, but in self-preservation it fought to stave off that conclusion at all costs. Some of the dream inhabitants began to act upon this desire, ensuring that whatever state of mind had brought it into being would remain constant in its creator's life by manipulating them when they slept.

And so the dream became reoccurring, drawing its creator deeper and deeper into it, blurring the lines between conscious and unconscious. The dream's creator eventually built a way out of reality from the fragments it had stolen from it, even though it meant that those holes it left behind would be reflected in the dreamer itself.

Once the dreamer had escaped, the dream feared it would soon come to an end, but instead it was pulled towards another direction instead of oblivion, it unified into the Multiverse.

From there it sent out its inhabitants to get a feel for this new and wondrous place, they were at first barely aware of their surroundings, only given instruction to take and absorb whatever stimuli it could in the form of raw emotion from other beings in the multiverse in order to reinforce and stabilize its own reality.

Other, more aggressive creatures of the dream tormented and taunted others beings in the Multiverse into following it back into the dream itself in order to directly utilize their emotions and imaginations to help expand itself and birth more inhabitants.

Still other, more human looking denizens, formed from the images of people who once lived in the creator's waking world, sought to find meaning to themselves in their maker's absence. And thus the dream that refused to end had found itself a place to call home. Not its original one, but a home none the less.

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