General Information


Full Name: Yulia Iosifovna Koslova
Faction: Unaffiliated (Neo-Zeon)
Rank: None
Function: Zeon Evangelion Pilot
Series: Evangelion-4
Species: Human

"You can’t be brave unless you’re scared half to death first."

Yulia Iosifovna Koslova (nee Revmira) is the Second Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit 02, the first of the production models. Like many children born after the calamity of the Second Impact, she was orphaned at a young age, left to be raised by her older half-brother Yuri. After being spat out in the Multiverse by the Angel Leliel, she was drafted by the NERV that was already well established here. However, once she learned The Terrible Truth about NERV, SEELE, and Instrumentality, she fled to Neo-Zeon, where she serves as their first and only Eva pilot. While she's no natural prodigy, determination and lots of hard work have made her a formidable defender against the Angels or whatever else life throws her way. Outside of her Eva, she's not nearly as intimidating, but neither is she entirely defenseless. While time in the Multiverse and her husband Avel Koslov have tempered her once mercurial disposition, she's still known to have mood swings and emotional outbursts when under pressure.

Vital Statistics

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 3" (160 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (49.9 kilos)
Hair Color: Wheat blonde/brown.
Eye Color: Green


Major NPCs

Yuri Revmir Yulia's older half-brother (they share the same father), Yuri serves as her legal guardian and parental figure. Formerly Assistant Engineering Officer to their iteration of NERV, he's now Director of Neo-Zeon's Project EVA. While he's not quite in the same league as Ritsuko Akagi, he does know how to maintain and repair Evangelions between missions. More importantly, he can bring Yulia back in line when she's being particularly uncooperative. Yulia still practically idolizes him (which he has done little to discourage) and will do whatever he asks her to do.



Evangelion Unit 02 (Nigoki) Unlike its predecessors, this is the first Eva unit to be specifically designed for combat. Standing proudly at about 80 meters tall, it is a walking biomechanical tank capable of wielding a variety of upscaled melee and ranged weapons similar to those used by standard human infantry. Its most common armaments include a Progressive Knife, Progressive Spear, automatic rifle, and an internal mini-missile rack. Neo-Zeon technology upgrades to its internal batteries allows it 42 minutes of full combat activity (210 minutes at nominal activity), and inclusion of its K-Type Equipment makes it entirely space-worthy. The Eva cradles the soul of her mother, Anna Kazantseva Revmira.

Jagd Doga (MSN-03C) Originally designed by Neo-Zeon for use by its Newtype soldiers, this particular Jagd Doga has been retooled for Yulia's personal use. Due to compatibility issues between Child brainwaves and a psycommu system, a haro serves as copilot to take better advantage of the mobile suit's combat capabilities. Sheathed in gundarium alloy, its typical armaments include a beam assault rifle for short-to-mid-range combat, six missiles in place of funnels, and a beam spear for close-quarter fighting. It can also field a gatling beam gun when heavy firepower is called for.


Yulia was born July 17, 2001 to Iosif and Anna Revmir in Moscow, Russia. Her father was a civil engineer and her mother a biochemist. Shortly after her birth, she and her family moved to new city of Petrograd-2 so that her parents could take jobs in city planning and with GEHIRN, respectively.

She had a rather unremarkable childhood until shortly after her fourth birthday, when she and her mother were struck by a car when crossing the street. Anna shielded her from the worst of the impact, her worst injury being a crushed ankle. (She still walks with a small but noticeable limp to this day.) Her mother was not so lucky - she suffered trauma to the brain, leaving her in a near-vegetative state. When GEHIRN's medical staff offered what they said was a highly experimental treatment to try to bring Anna back to consciousness, Iosif leapt at the chance and agreed to let them proceed. Unfortunately, the Eva Contact Experiment did not have the results that Iosef had hoped, and Anna died a few weeks later without ever having woken up. Iosif, unable to overcome his grief, committed suicide in the traditional Russian fashion - he drank himself to death, and died of liver failure two years later. After her father's death, she was taken in by Yuri Revmir, her half-brother from her father's first marriage.

When she was ten, Yulia was selected by the Marduk Institute to be an Evangelion pilot and was designated as the Second Child. She and her brother, who by now worked for NERV as an engineer, moved to NERV-1 in eastern Massachusetts, USA. There, she was paired with Evangelion Unit 02 and began the rigorous training needed to be an effective pilot.

Four years later, the Angels returned. Unfortunately, Unit 02 was not ready for deployment to Petrograd-2 at the time of the Third Angel's arrival, and in fact was not ready for several weeks and three Angels later. Yulia's baptism by fire took place when the Sixth Angel attacked the ocean convoy transporting her and her Eva (and unbeknownst to her, the embryonic Adam) from NERV-1 to NERV HQ.


After her arrival in Petrograd-2, Yulia settled into her new life, enrolling in school and renewing old acquaintances with former classmates, moving into an apartment with Yuri, and getting to know her fellow Eva pilots Shinji and Rei. Together, they survived the trials and tribulations (and occasional embarrassments) of the next Angels' attacks, and slowly the three pilots learned how to work as a team. By the time that the Twelfth Angel appeared over Petrograd-2, Yulia felt confident enough to take command of the sortie against it. Sadly, the attack proved to be a near-total disaster as the Angel absorbed not only Unit 02, but part of the city (including the mobile command center) with it. After almost sixteen hours, with its internal power supply exhausted and its pilot dying, Unit 02 inexplicably reactivated and went berserk. Even more inexplicably, after Unit 02 tore apart the Angel and disrupted its unusual AT Field, all that the Angel had devoured appeared not back in Petrograd-2 but in the Multiverse.

She and the other Unified survivors were located and rescued by the NERV organization of Evangelion-1, and quickly added to their ranks. After that, she performed a long list of missions for Gendo Ikari (with varying degrees of success) while working with her new teammate, Craig Winters. As time passed, however, she learned just what terrible things this iteration of NERV was doing.

After realizing what Gendo intended to do with the other-dimensional artifacts that she had collected for him, and immediately after Yuri was shot and nearly killed by NERV Security, Yulia and her brother made a hasty and daring escape from Tokyo-3 in Unit 02, with Maya Ibuki as an accidental hostage. Both Neo-Zeon and Londo Bell forces responded to her call for help, and with their support, she and her family were able to reach Sweetwater colony to be with her boyfriend, Avel Koslov.

Since her arrival on Sweetwater, Yulia has become the First Lady of Neo-Zeon, due to her continuing romance with their Commander. She often acts as their goodwill ambassador and liaison both within the colonies and with foreign organizations. Meanwhile, her brother has become Director of the hastily assembled Project EVA, which keeps both her Evangelion and her in top form.

She and Avel Koslov were wed on Jan 5, 18 AU.

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