Ysabel Thibault
Ysabel Thibault
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Monster Hunter-1
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank N/A
Function Courageous Veteran
Groups Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 30
Age (Actual) 32
Still Aging? Yes
Height 6'1"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Sea Green
"Yeah. Nice, majestic, beautiful. That's right up until they burn down your home and devour your friends in one bite. They're called monsters for a reason."
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Ysabel has been a monster hunter for several years, and she's very dedicated to the job. She's a calm and collected loner for the most part, generally opting to do things either alone or her way. She has a tendency to be curt and somewhat abrasive around others, particularly those she considers rookies in combat and hunting. Her life revolves around going from one job to the next, her work taking her all over the world and leading to her staying wherever her travels take her. She specializes, of course, in fighting monsters many times her size, and she comes equipped with a wide range of weapons, supplies, and experience to back her up. While she has spent several years as a hunter, her real goal is to find the legendary White Fatalis, a monster she blames for the death of her father, and kill it herself. Assuming, of course, that such a mythical creature actually exists in the first place.


SUPPLIES - Ysabel usually carries plenty of supplies with her at all times. First aid and healing potions are a primary stock, followed by rations, drinks to help withstand extreme heat or cold and increase stamina, strength, or defense, compact pitfall or shock traps that deploy when set up on the ground, bombs that deliver a stunning flash of light when thrown, and tranquilizers.

KUSHALA ARMOR - Ysabel's armor is expertly crafted from materials carved from the metallic Kushala Daora elder dragon. Because of this, it is highly resistant to physical and ice-based attacks.

GENESIS - A high-level spread-shot gunlance with a very sturdy shield. A gunlance is essentially a lance with a cannon embedded in it, and the cannon will fire at the pull of a trigger. The bursts are short-ranged, and as a spread-shot gunlance, Genesis can only fire two shots before it needs to be reloaded. However, it comes with the advantage of being stronger than a normal gunlance. It can also charge and blast an explosive discharge of Wyvern Fire that does significantly more damage than a normal shot at the expense of needing to cool down for a couple of minutes afterward.

DAORA'S RAZOR - Ysabel's sword and shield, built from the body of a Kushala Daora. The blade is quite sharp, and it has the added benefit of harnessing the icy powers of the Kushala Daora: the blade is sheathed in the Kushala's icy breath and releases a cold burst of ice upon each impact. The shield also has the same resistance as Ysabel's armor and is an effective guard.

SMOLDER DRAGONSWORD - A dragon-element longsword formed from the azure horn of a Lao Shan Lung and a Lunastra. Every slash of the azure blade releases a crackling burst of draconic energy that causes added damage to dragons and their kin. The blade itself is very sharp, able to cut through less resilient materials quite easily.

IMPERIAL GUNHAMMER SPARK - A huge, heavy hammer with a head modeled after a revolver barrel. On impact, the spark pin at the back collides with the rear of the barrel to let loose an explosive discharge of fire. While the weapon doesn't shoot projectiles, it does not need to be reloaded to keep discharging fire on impact.

KILLER'S CARVER - A huge great sword crafted from the scythe-like claw of a Terra Shogun Ceanataur. The blade is incredibly sharp, capable of slicing through metals and stone when coupled with the heavy weight of the weapon behind the cutting edge. It has no special elemental properties, but when it comes to raw cutting ability there are few weapons that match it.

MONSTER HUNTER - Thanks to her training as a Hunter and her experience as a veteran in the Guild, Ysabel is very used to fighting things that are at least two or three times her size. Additionally, most of her weapons are designed for fighting very large creatures. As such, she has a slight advantage when fighting giant opponents, specifically anything more than double her size. (PL 33 -> PL 34)


WHY SO TINY - A problematic side effect of being so used to fighting giant monsters is that Ysabel is much less familiar with fighting things around her size, humans especially. It takes her time to adapt to fighting smaller opponents, and even then she's not the most skilled at it.

BEING HUMAN - Despite having above-average strength needed to wield her huge weapons, Ysabel is still a mostly-normal human. She has no special attributes or defenses without the use of her supplies and equipment. She tires out after fighting for long periods of time, and without her draconic armor, she has a much harder time withstanding many of the devastating attacks that she would normally be able to shrug off.

HARSHNESS - Ysabel has trouble working with people inexperienced in combat or hunting in general. She tends to automatically assume that such people will whine and complain or otherwise be detrimental to work or patience, and therefore will refuse to work with them if she has any choice. If she is forced to work with such rookies, she will usually refuse to aid or protect them unless it's very clear that they're about to die. Her aim is to get such people to realize that they aren't on her level and they shouldn't try to be until they can deal with these things themselves, but it often leads to her losing potential allies or just generally not getting along with other people.

POISON VULNERABILITY - A bad side-effect of Ysabel's armor is that wearing it increases the potency of any poisons that get to her. Taking off the armor returns the potency of whatever she is currently poisoned by to normal, but it can't undo damage already caused by said poison.

TECHNOLOGICALLY INEPT - Ysabel is completely unfamiliar with any devices that are more advanced than something one would see at a medieval level. The most recent technological development her world has seen is the gunlance, and things like cars, phones, computers, radios, and flight in something faster than a hot air balloon are completely beyond her understanding.

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