Yalai The Stave
Yalai the Stave
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Sheikah
Source The Legend of Zelda-5
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function The Hound's Shadow
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) {$ageapp}
Age (Actual) {$ageact}
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Height 5'6"
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
"Word travels fast, yes? But shadows must be travelling faster."
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As one of the elusive Sheikah, Yalai has been trained from birth in the art of honing her own body into a weapon. Her beginnings were humble, as with many of her people. Though she has seen truly horrific things befall her homeland, she has carried on nonetheless, holding her head high despite events that would break a lesser woman. Though young, she is an important figure in her world. As one of the elusive Sheikah, she is well-trained in the martial arts and in shadow-magic. A master of camouflage and stealth, she is able to blend seamlessly into the shadows; she can draw shadows to her like a cloak, unseen until she takes action. In spite of Hyrule's dark times, Yalai is a practical-minded optimist possessed of a sly, subtle sense of humor. At the same time, she can become deadly serious as though flipping a switch; like all of her people, her sense of duty to the Royal Family is absolute and overrules even her sense of self-preservation. Yalai is fiercely defensive of that which she considers hers, including her allies and her friends, and will fight tirelessly for their sake.


  • Athletics: As a Sheikah, Yalai's training has allowed her to master her body and its abilities. Her agility and dexterity are preternatural, and her level of mobility is peerless. She can climb, jump, sprint, and swim on a level far beyond her Hylian counterparts.
  • Horsemanship: Yalai has a knack for working with horses, calming frightened steeds and controlling trained horses. These abilities grant her incredible feats in the saddle, able to do things in full stride that would make even the best horsemen quail.
  • Martial Arts: Sheikah are trained extensively in fighting unarmed. Yalai is almost more dangerous without a weapon than with one. Though her primary focus is the use of staves, she knows enough to carry on if she's disarmed.
  • Neyir: Neyir is Yalai's steed, a small black mare bred for courier work and speed. Trained personally by Yalai, the horse is cool under fire, and an invaluable asset in and out of battle. Sheikah horses are eerily intelligent, and Neyir is no exception, following complex commands and sensing when Yalai is in danger.
  • Sense Shadows: All Sheikah can sense the shadows around them. Yalai knows when dark magic is being used, if unable to use it herself. It also gives her heightened detection of anyone trying to hide in her vicinity, especially if they're using magic to help themselves hide.
  • Staves: Yalai's primary weapon is a stout quarterstaff hewn from the deadwood of a Deku tree, covered with runes from end to end. Though dense and heavy, Yalai wields it lightly as a feather. It is enchanted to prevent breakage in combat.
  • Thrown Weapons: Most Sheikah carry throwing knives, and Yalai's no exception. These small, sharply pointed knives are used as deadly projectiles. They can also double as climbing grapples and pitons, in a pinch. Yalai forges them herself, and seems to have a limitless supply.
  • Trusted Circle: Yalai is one of the foremost lieutenants of her people, and takes orders directly from her leader, Impa. She is one of the few hand-picked for specific tasks and to guard the Royal Family directly. Given this implicit trust, she is also tasked with gathering information directly for Impa. She has leave to be nearly anywhere in Hyrule under orders, and works with many important Sheikah of her world. (+info Yalai/NPCs)


  • Agoraphobic: Yalai has an instinctual need to hide. She doesn't mind being in crowds, but wide open spaces leave her nervous and unable to think straight. If she's made to stay there too long, she'll start finding ways to sidle back towards her comfort zone, and become increasingly unable to function.
  • Curiosity: Despite her close ties to the Sheikah, Yalai is uniquely curious about the outside world. She likes to learn about any scraps of culture she can get her hands on, and she's one of the more vocal proponents of bringing the Hylian Knights and the Sheikah closer together. This sometimes draws suspicion from her own people. In a more general sense, she's not afraid to put herself into dangerous or troublesome positions for the sake of learning.
  • Physique: While her emphasis on agility and speed makes her capable of incredible feats, Yalai is fragile as a result. Though hardly weak, her bone structure and musculature is a lot lighter than Hylian or human equivalents, and it can be easy to seriously injure or disable her if her mobility were compromised.
  • Royal Family: All Sheikah are sworn to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule at any cost. Yalai holds this oath above any sense of self-preservation. If one were clever about it, she could be manipulated using this bargaining chip, even into a situation that to all outward study might seem suicidal.
  • Secrets: As the assassins and spies of Hyrule, the Sheikah work directly for and report directly to the Royal Family of Hyrule. Regarded mistrustfully, they also know many secrets, and they trade in these like currency amongst themselves. Yalai is no different. Her breadth of knowledge may make her a tempting target to try and wrest those secrets from her by force; either to the forces of Agahnim, or to the forces of the Confederacy.
  • Stigma: Within Hyrule, all Sheikah bear a social stigma. Virtually unknown, they're treated with fear and suspicion, always a notch or two above treason in others' estimation; especially when the coup was instigated by a Sheikah. Only the Royal Family and a few select individuals see them for the loyal allies they are, so Yalai must be cautious in her dealings with Hylians.
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