The crash of the massive spacecraft, the Eldridge, spurred the beginning of life on the planet of Michtam. It also began a cycle that would continue for thousands and thousands of years. All of this, so that the bioweapon system known as DEUS can once again extend it's reach out into the stars. The agent of DEUS, a being known as Miang, works to sway the flow of civilization towards a 'perfect' state, at which point DEUS awakens and consumes it so it can regenerate after the damage sustained in the crash.

Stopping DEUS requires the power of its energy source, the Zohar, who granted a wish to the crash's only human survivor, a boy named Abel. He wanted a companion, who the Zohar made a woman that Abel named Elhaym. They are the Contact and the Antitype, respectively. The world has evolved over several eras, each one proving unsuitable for use by DEUS. And in every incarnation, the Contact has been unable to fulfull his task, as the Antitype consistently suffers a violent end.

Over the ages, the Contact has splintered, spawning two different identities. The Antitype has remained mostly the same, but is beginning to break free of the thousands of years of the program's running. The modern era features a war between the 'shepards' of the aerial city-state of Solaris, who possesses vast technology against the 'lambs' who live on the surface world and posess only modest technology. Backing an overthrown government with a puppet leader, Solaris and its military, Gebler, rule over the country of Aveh and wage war against the rest of the world.

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