XCOM Database

The following information is highly classified. Only XCOM personnel and authorized persons may view the information displayed here. Sharing this information with outside sources is strictly prohibited and punishable by Multiversal law and immediate dismissal. Unauthorized access is prohibited. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact a technical advisor immediately.

Welcome to the XCOM Database. Information here is available to all XCOM personnel and allies via their datapads, as well as at any terminal within HQ. It will be updated as soon as we get more information. If you think there's something worth noting here, contact me immediately and we'll get it added.

  • Commander Kieron Hunter



Basic Facilities

Mission Control

Contains the Hologlobe where one can scan for contacts, choose missions to respond to, view global coverage, and watch aircraft on their way to a mission.


Houses the base's Skyranger troop transport and its Interceptors. Allows to equip, check the status of repairs and transfer Interceptors throughout Earth's continents.


Houses XCOM's soldiers and records, granting the ability to their individual characteristics and equip them for missions. Also contains the Memorial Wall for fallen soldiers.


Manage Research projects to obtain advanced technology using XCOM's scientists, review earned Research Credits, and completed Research Projects.


Build Aircraft, Weapons, Armor and other equipment. Also builds additional facilities, excavates lower levels and builds Access Lifts

Situation Room

Provides a global view of the funding countries and their panic level, satellite coverage with additional interdiction aircraft, financials including a menu with links to pending requests and the Gray Market, where it's possible to raise credits by selling advanced technology to Earth's nations. Finally it contains a list of strategic Objectives to help XCOM progress through the alien invasion.

Additional Facilities

Access Lift

Allows access to lowe levels of the base, as well as transferring power and cargo.

Alien Containment

This facility will provide a secure environment to house the alien captives, allowing XCOM to interrogate them in the Labs.


Develop new combat items or improve current items in the Foundry.

Secondary Labs

Secondary laboratories that will aid in boosting research projects.

Officer Training School

Provides training for soldiers to more effectively lead squads in combat.

Satellite Uplink

With the signal monitored by a team of engineers, each Satellite Uplink is capable of receiving transmissions from XCOM satellites.

Power Generator

Power Generators supply the power needed to run new facilities

Thermal Generator

Thermal Generators use steam vents to provide massive amounts of power for XCOM's facilities.

Secondary Workshops

Additional workshops help speed up the production speed of XCOM's equipment.

Additional Facilities

CERN Main Site

Groom Lake (Area 51)

Murichson Radio-Astronomy Observatory




  • A sidearm with limited tactical value. Useful for when a soldier's main weapon is out of ammo, or otherwise unusable.
  • Easily concealed for Covert Operations.
Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle and its variants are the only primary weapons XCOM rookies can use

  • The Shotgun has a high base critical chance, but extremely limited range
  • Capable of suppressing enemies, if the Heavy has appropriate training.
  • Expends ammunition at a high rate.
Sniper Rifle
  • Unlike other weapons, Sniper Rifles are less accurate as the shooter's range to target decreases
  • Sniper rifles have the best base chance to cause critical hits
  • Snipers cannot move and fire in the same turn, unless trained appropriately
Rocket Launcher
  • Rockets have a large blast radius.
  • Friendly targets in the blast area are affected.
  • Rockets are useful for destroying cover and forcing enemies to spread out.


Body Armor
  • Light armor
  • XCOM soldiers will appreciate it if better armor development is given a high priority


Frag Grenade

A simple hand-held explosive device capable of weakening multiple enemies, however it can also irreversibly damage alien artifacts in the blast radius.

Arc Thrower

The Arc Thrower is a non-lethal sidearm designed to stun hostile targets. The mechanism seems to be most effective against weakened enemies.

  • A nonlethal weapon that can stun enemies
  • The chance of a successful stun is much greater if the target has low health
  • Does not affect robotic enemies

Our field-deployable Medikit can temporarily treat a soldier's wounds through the use of nanosutures and high-potency stimulants.

  • Can save a critically wounded ally from bleeding out
  • Can be used to neutralize poison in an ally
Nano-Fiber Vest

Made from a dense weave of nanotube fibers, this lightweight vest provides extra damage absorption to the wearer.


When equipped, this advanced targeting module integrates with XCOM's Active HUD system to offer a significant increase to our soldier's aim.

Flashbang Grenade

Enemy units inside the blast radius are blinded and stunned by the blast. Robotic and advanced psionic enemies are immune.

Reaper Rounds

Experimental ballistics have led to this specialized conventional weapon load. It can cause substantial extra damage to affected targets, but the additional casing elements make it less accurate at long range. The rounds will not work with pistols, though.



Raven Interceptor
  • Heavily modified and augmented fast attack fighter
  • Avionics, tracking, and engines have all received substantial boosts
  • Despite all this, the Earth's atmosphere is the Interceptor's best defense
  • Armor and frame durability will be a major issue when engaging any but the smallest UFOs
SR-77H Skyranger
  • The SR-77H Skyranger is a supersonic long-range tactical transporter with Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) abilities that is used to deploy combat squads by XCOM.
  • The Skyranger has a crew of 1 pilot and can carry up to 6 fully equipped soldiers or SHIVs.
  • During combat missions the pilot will remain at the controls of the craft, with its engines ready for an immediate dust-off, in case a retreat is ordered by the XCOM Commander, and bringing back to base any soldiers present on its blue marked Deployment Zone. Any soldiers out of this area will be left behind and considered Missing In Action (MIA).
  • Due to being an advanced prototype, there will only be a single Skyranger available at the XCOM HQ. However, the craft will be manned and fully fueled, making it available at all times for combat missions.

An advanced reconnaissance satellite modified to detect the unique gravitational distortions caused by alien craft in flight.


Avalanche Missiles

A crash program and a couple of lucky experiments led to the Avalanche Missiles, an air-to-air weapon of unprecedented precision. It represents the pinnacle of terrestrial guided-missile technology.

  • A conventional air-to-air missile upgraded with Earth's best targeting software
  • Warhead's effectiveness against alien armor materials is unknown
Phoenix Cannon

The Phoenix Cannon is capable of delivering massive burst damage, but its limited range puts the Interceptor at greater risk during combat.

  • Close range scatter weapon designed to shred highly maneuverable targets

System Modules

UFO Tracking

Activate this module during interception to provide an immediate, temporary boost to our unit's pursuit speed. The module will burn out after one use. Its technology lets us focus our satellites' computation resources on UFO pursuit, and might buy precious time to chase down even the fastest UFOs.

Foundry Projects


Heavy Weapons Platform (S.H.I.V.)

The 'Super Heavy Infantry Vehicle' is an unmanned combat drone that could take the place of an XCOM soldier.


Tactical Rigging

Increasing need for tactical flexibility has driven us to develop tactical rigs that apply to all of XCOM's individual soldier protection systems. These will enable soldiers to bring a second item into battle.

Enemy Reports


The Sectoids are a small, grey alien race. Every Sectoid is a perfect genetic copy but some are chosen to command the pack with deadly psionic abilities. They are augmented with cybernetic implants to support their frail physiques in combat situations. They are usually the first alien species encountered in combat by XCOM's ground forces. Within the alien army the Sectoids fill the role of scientists and abductors. You will usually find them experimenting on humans during abduction missions.

Sectoids are physically feeble. They cannot move very far and their lack of accuracy hints to their inability to handle recoil effectively. However, these little grey aliens are proficient in the use of deadly psionic powers. They use these psionic abilities to make their kinsmen more deadly in combat or even to turn your soldiers into slaves to their will. This race prefers the use of wrist mounted Plasma Pistols.


  • Mind Merge: Utilizing their psionic powers, the Sectoid mentally links with an ally, making them more resilient, accurate and deadly. However, killing the source of the merge creates intense feedback that also kills the ally.

A horrific mix of flesh and technology, the Floater travels via jets on its back. It is quite effective at flanking troops and coordinating with its allies, therefore making it seem to be some sort of grunt troop.

Thin Man

Very human-like in appearance, this alien is suspected to be an infiltration unit. Though weak, their danger lies in the ability to spit toxic gas at targets. Furthermore, they explode into more gas when defeated. Great care must be taken to not get caught in the clouds.


Not much is known about this enemy. Killing them results in leaving only a small crystal behind, however they seem to appear solely within UFO structures, suggesting some form of link between the two. Given their heavy plasma weaponry, we suspect them to be some sort of security force.


Seems to be a unit bred solely to instill terror in those who see it. Very fast and agile, it is without a doubt one of the most dangerous enemies we face. They are noted to create Zombies when they kill their target as well, which can hatch into more Chryssalids.


Zombies are the result of a Chryssalid's successful impregnation of a human victim with one of its eggs. After a while the alien will mature into a junior Chryssalid and burst out of its host, killing it. The new alien will have full movement and the ability to impregnate other victims right away. Zombies are slow but they have a powerful melee attack and a successful hit has a chance of poisoning an XCOM soldier.

Research Database

Misc Projects

Alien Materials

Our understanding of the alien materials is limited at best, and we could spend years deciphering the complex manufacturing processes required to produce and manipulate these substances. However, we have managed to crudely adapt some of the observed techniques into our own research. Our first development, a multi-walled carbon nanotube weave, was modeled after an unusual pattern mirrored in several of the alien materials. This new configuration has proven to possess a greater tensile strength than any material previously recorded in known science. Adapting this fiber into an armor reinforcing vest will surely afford our soldiers increased protection on the battlefield.

Weapon Fragments

Although the alien weapon fragments provide a limited glimpse into the systems utilized in their equipment, we've seen enough to confirm my worst suspicions about their technology… that it is vastly superior to our own. However, I have been encouraged by the rapid developments the research team has made in studying the damaged circuitry and electronics we recovered. Our initial efforts have already yielded a successful outcome. The new integrated sighting module created for our weaponry was heavily influenced by the aliens' own targeting system.


We've managed to successfully map the alien specimen's entire genome, although I wasn't entirely sure it would be possible using our existing DNA sequencing techniques. However, our success has led to the startling realization that this creature's genetic structure is quite similar to our own. This discovery has piqued the interests of the research team, as it only raises more questions as to the origin of this species… Having examined several of the alien corpses, we've also observed a trend - key components of the alien's genetic structure are mirrored perfectly across each of the specimens. Although it is presumptive at this point to draw conclusions as to how this is possible, I believe it is only logical to assume this alien is the product of aggressive genetic engineering, well beyond anything conceived of on Earth. If the aliens are truly capable of this sort of manipulation at a cellular level, I fear we may have only scratched the surface of their technological advantages over us. In any case, further research is imperative…and while we've obviously made a number of discoveries working with the alien corpses, I feel we may need to acquire a living specimen if we truly hope to find the answers to these questions.


Project Spark

We've completed our research into the Arc Thrower prototype and we believe this device is ready for final production in Engineering. The mechanism functions on the basic premise of neurological disruption, emitting a focused electromagnetic pulse capable of confusing and incapacitating targets within a limited range. As this is our first venture into the field of non-lethal weapons based on the alien physiology, it's safe to assume there may be unexpected results in the field. It's very likely that some aliens will resist the disabling effects of the weapon, in which case it might be more effective to weaken the enemy first. The Arc Thrower is also constrained by our current power supply technology, which limits its effectiveness to two shots per deployment. Any captives retrieved from the field will have to be housed in an Alien Containment facility; I strongly advise we build that facility before attempting to capture live specimens.


Experimental Warfare

As we continued our research into the alien weapons fragments and the other materials recovered from the field, we've come to realize how the aliens managed to make these substances work in conjunction with one another. While reducing the size of these components is often a challenge in itself, we decided to focus our initial efforts on a weapon more suited to deployment on our Interceptors. This cannon was designed to concentrate energy within a small target area, and should be capable of punching through the armored hulls of the alien craft. In addition, we've also passed a number of interesting conceptual designs on to the engineering team. Dr. Shen seems confident that given the appropriate resources and testing facility, he can bring many of these concepts to life.


Sectoid Autopsy

We've found no discernible genetic variance between any of the small humanoid aliens that have been examined thus far. They are perfect genetic copies, each and every one of them. The subject's brain is quite sizable with respect to its body, and appears to have been augmented even further with cybernetic implants of some kind. Considering the…fragile nature of this creature's physical form, it is safe to assume that these implants were intended to somehow improve the combat effectiveness of the species. Dr. Shen and the engineering team have already developed several theories as to how we might be able to adapt these implants for our own use. Additional tactical information may be available in the field when viewing hostile targets in the Unit Analysis View.

Dr. Vahlen's Personal Note: Cloning, genetic manipulation, biomedical implants… the implications of this technology and the alien's motives are not reassuring.

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