Winx Club-1

A theme about a group of schools that teach their students to hone their magical Winx. This group consists of three main schools. Alfea the school for fairies, The Cloud Tower school for witches, and the Red Fountain school for Heroics and Bravery. Most fairies and witches fail to get along with each other, some going even so far as to attack each other or pull pranks. In extreme cases these trivialities escalate into ongoing struggles, such as those between Bloom and the Trix sisters; Icy, Stormy, and Darcy.

This theme is essentially canon up to the arc where Bloom is turned evil by Lord Darkar in Shadow Haunt. After Bloom is rescued by Sky her powers, still mixed with the darkness instilled by Lord Darkar, to overload. The resulting explosion of energy throws Bloom and Lockette head first into the Multiverse, before the full extent of the tainted energy leaves her body. Though it is unclear if the pulse of energy has affected the rest of the realm of Magix in any way.

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