Winry Rockbell

General Information

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Full Name: Winry Rockbell
Faction: Union
Rank: Captain (3)
Function: Mechanic
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist-1
Species: Human

"Ooh, can I see that? I promise, I'll put it right back together …"

Profile: A childhood friend of the Elric brothers, Winry Rockbell's parents died in the Ishbalan war while she was still a little girl. Having been raised since then by her grandmother Pinako, Winry has grown into a confident young woman and an expert mechanic; her skill as an auto-mail engineer has made her one of Ed's most crucial allies in his search for the Philosopher's Stone. While auto-mail prosthetics are her specialty, though, Winry has a keen eye for almost all things mechanical, and can even dismantle and repair devices she hasn't encountered before.

Vital Statistics

Age: 19? (birthday: July 18)
Gender: Female
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Friends and Enemies

Friends and Allies

  • Edward and Alphonse Elric - Whether she's close by them or far away, the Elric brothers have always been as close to Winry's own brothers as possible. Childhood neighbors and friends, there's a bond between Winry and the Elrics which no length of time can break … although she's a bit fonder of Edward than even a childhood friendship would account for. Winry promised to be Ed's backup while the Elric brothers were searching for a way to reclaim their original bodies, and even now she'll travel as far as she needs to if Ed's automail needs repairs. (OOC: Ed and Al are currently available to app!)
  • Alex Louis Armstrong - The "Strong-Arm Alchemist," one of the few Amestrian officers/State Alchemists (besides Ed) whom Winry looks up to. Armstrong has been a personal ally to Winry in a number of incidents.
  • Roy Mustang - The "Flame Alchemist," Ed's commanding officer back in Amestris - and technically Winry's superior in the Union ranks. Winry does not like Mustang at all, but she manages to tolerate him.
  • Iris Chateaubriand - Currently the only known member of the Imperial Floral Assault Corps' Flower Division to have Unified, Winry looks upon Iris as a "little sister" and has tried to be a good influence on her. For the most part, Winry thinks she's succeeding at this. Winry usually takes the maintenance and repairs of Iris's "Koubu" spirit-armor as one of her regular personal duties, and has been helping Iris learn the fine art of hands-on mechanical repairs (as opposed to depending on her spirit power and psychic abilities).
  • Ash "Red" Ketchum - It's mostly thanks to Ash that Winry has become a pokemon trainer. She still looks to him for advice and assistance from time to time where her own pokemon are concerned.
  • Guy Shishio - Leader of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard's Mobile Unit, and "pilot" of the G-Stone-powered mechanoids GaoFighGar and Genesic GaoGaiGar, Guy is one of Winry's most trusted friends, a bond which was strengthened after Winry was Zonderized - a state which Guy made sure was strictly temporary. Guy and other members of 3G helped Winry build Flare Gryphon, as well as designing the G-Armor and putting it into production; Guy actually test-piloted two G-Armor prototypes, and was essential in stress-testing the design.
  • Noriko Takaya - Pilot of Gunbuster, Noriko is another of Winry's close friends among the Union's mecha pilots; they're close to the same age (or at least it seems like it sometimes), and Winry played a key role in not only repairing Gunbuster after Noriko's Unification, but in designing the Sizzler Novus which Noriko uses for "smaller" work.
  • Shinji Ikari - "Third Child" and pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. Winry is one of the few people not directly affiliated with any version of NERV who actually knows how to do maintenance or repairs on an Evangelion, due to their partially biological construction and her own medical background.
  • Bowen and Minerva Inugami - Bowen took to calling Winry "little sister" some time back; Winry has responded by occasionally calling Bowen "oniisama" (big brother), partly in jest, but they both consider each other adopted family by this point. Bowen's marriage to Minerva has added her to the "family" as well.
  • Rushuna - A gunslinger who very pointedly does NOT take a life if it can possibly be avoided, Rushuna's philosophy of removing an enemy's will to fight (without fighting, if possible) has been adopted by Winry, particularly after witnessing the death of her parents in the Ishbalan war. Winry calls Rushuna "sensei" (teacher) because of this, and has been trying to master the art of discouraging an attacker while doing as little harm as possible. (Winry is nowhere near Rushuna's level of skill, though … she's still working on it.)
  • Marle - You'd think that an automail mechanic from a backwater town in a low-technology world, and a time-travelling princess from an almost-technology-less world, wouldn't have anything in common. Winry dressed up as Marle one Halloween shortly before Marle Unified … and then, after meeting Marle, showed off the costume for her. They've been buddies ever since, although they don't get many chances to hang out (or go adventuring) together.
  • Ayla - One of Marle's friends whom Winry has also met. Again, they don't spend that much time together, but Winry looks up to Ayla - and owes her, for helping Winry get her head back together during a bad stretch for the mechanic. Also gave Winry the opportunity to find out that fur can be astonishingly comfortable … even in the form of a "bikini".
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  • Dante (presumed beyond-dead) - Dante of the Deep Forest, once teacher to Ed's and Al's alchemy teacher, Unified and joined the Confederacy some time back. She was something of an "inherited" nemesis to Winry, although events made the feud more personal. Dante's quest to transcend the limits of alchemy brought her into more direct conflict with Winry, up to the point where Dante made a clone of Winry for a new body, and tried to get rid of the original by throwing Winry into the Gate of Alchemy. Winry made her way back out (sacrificing Motherland to do so) and helped rip apart the "Chimera of Souls" which Dante had made herself into. Dante was last seen disappearing into the Gate of Alchemy; Winry believes that Dante is gone for good as a result, paying the price for everything she'd gained by abusing, bending, or breaking the Law of Equivalent Exchange.
  • Sarah Kerrigan - Queen of Blades and mistress of the Zerg, Kerrigan is one of the few Confederates whom Winry has a deliberate and conscious desire to kill, even in spite of Winry's desire to preserve lives rather than take them. It doesn't help that Kerrigan has personally targeted several of Winry's friends in the past, including Edward Elric himself.
  • Lotor - Prince of the Doom Empire, Winry has come into conflict with Lotor on a number of occasions. He's taken a personal interest in Flare Gryphon and some of the other mecha which Winry is responsible for, as well as expressing a personal interest in adding Winry to his harem, and being the mate of Sarah Kerrigan. Any one of these would be enough to make him a personal foe for the blonde mechanic; as it stands, Lotor's activities tend to draw Winry's attention, whether or not she's in a position to go out and help stop whatever he's up to. Lotor's Robeasts are a large part of the reason why Winry went to the lengths of equipping Flare Gryphon with melee weaponry.

Major NPCs

  • Pinako Rockbell - Winry's grandmother and her first teacher, Pinako is also the only blood family Winry has left. She still lives in Resembool, which is no longer quite as undefended as it used to be - a few of the residents, including Pinako, now keep pokemon who can help defend the town if Confederates show up, at least long enough for Elite reinforcements to arrive and deal with the incursion. In the meantime, Pinako is still making and maintaining automail for some of her local customers, and keeps the house ready in case Winry or the Elric brothers show up.
  • Rush Valley - This is a location, rather than a particular person, but the town of Rush Valley - the Mecca of automail engineers, sometimes called "The Boom Town of the Broken-Down" - is where Winry went through her official apprenticeship as an automail engineer, expanding substantially on what she'd learned from Pinako. Winry occasionally returns to Rush Valley; the most recent such trip was for her certification as a full automail engineer in her own right, a master of the craft. (Prior to that, she was officially still in training … but not any more.)


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  • Flare Gryphon - Winry's preferred super robot, a custom design built around a G-Stone/GS-Ride power core provided by the Gutsy Galaxy Guard. Flare Gryphon incorporates pretty much everything Winry had learned about mecha up to the time of its construction; as such, Winry considers it her masterwork, and at the same time, as close to a child as she has (not yet being a mother in the usual biological sense).
  • ID Armor - A suit of powered armor, constructed for Winry by 3G and designed (in her case) to resemble a gryphon, complete with wings for flight. It boosts her strength a little bit, but its function is more protective than anything.
  • Paladin Mk V - A transforming motorcycle/mini-mech which Winry designed and constructed herself. This was effectively Winry's first mecha design, although the Paladin has been through several rebuilds as she refines the design (and as each one gets wrecked). The commercially available RB-4 Paladin is based on the Mk IV design, with the civilian and industrial variants modified appropriately from the main design. The Paladin is noteworthy for its internal functions all being defensive in nature, without any integrated weaponry.
  • Other Equipment - In the field, Winry typically carries a tricorder and a phaser as well as an assortment of tools and a first-aid kit.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Mechanic - Winry is a fairly skilled general mechanic, able to repair and maintain a wide variety of machines. In general, if it has moving parts and she can take something apart, she can figure out how it works and if necessary, how to fix it. Her skills taper off once you get into advanced electronics or computers.
  • Automail Engineer - While Winry's been fascinated by machinery for a long time, her true specialty is in the design, construction, attachment and maintenance of the mechanical prosthetic limbs known as automail. Winry doesn't even need to take automail apart to diagnose it; an external inspection and seeing how the limb moves is frequently enough for her to figure out what the problem is.
  • Medical Knowledge - Winry may be more a healer of machines than of organic bodies, but her automail training includes an extensive knowledge of human anatomy, building on the medical textbooks she read as a child when she was first learning how to read. She knows enough to handle some surgery - a necessity for attaching automail - but prefers to leave core surgery involving vital organs to qualified experts.
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Group Affiliations

  • Londo Bell - The Union's mechanized combat corps. Winry heads up the maintenance/technical staff, and frequently takes part in working on Londo Bell's machines herself rather than just making sure personnel are assigned to handle repairs (and the occasional upgrade).


Winry Rockbell has been through a lot since she first arrived in New Washington. Starting out with an intense dislike for militaries, she became a Union Ally primarily so she could help keep Ed's automail in shape, but also because her fascination with all kinds of machinery led her to start helping out with repairs to some of the giant combat robots fielded by the Union. With her background in automail engineering, it was pretty easy for her to start learning the basics, and her on-the-job training has only continued since then. Over time, her attitude has softened, particularly towards the Union forces at large, but she still harbors a grudge against the army of Amestris, her native country.

She's also gotten involved in the fighting herself, on many occasions. Her first foray onto a battlefield nearly got her killed … by a beam cannon shot … from Anubis, the Orbital Frame piloted by then-Confederate officer Nohman. She's been more careful since then, although she still has a tendency to get in over her head - particularly when she's dealing with someone against whom she has a personal grudge.

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