Werewolf: The Forsaken-1

Spawned from Father Wolf eons ago, the Uratha have since been labeled the Forsaken for what their forefathers had done, slaying Father Wolf to remove his laziness and forever changing the face of the World of Darkness. Now this very shady version of Earth acts to challenge their resolve at every turn, forcing them to make decisions under their duty to maintain the order between the Mortal world, and the ever-alien world of the Spirits.

The Pure constantly strike at the Forsaken, inheretors of the will of the three that refused to strike down Father Wolf, believing the ideas of the Forsaken to be wrong, that their ideal of balance is a perversion of the world.

The Bale Hounds slip into packs and plant their seeds of corruption, a constant, terrifying threat under the commands of Soulless Wolf, working to annihilate the Forsaken from within.

The Spirits despise the Forsaken for the crimes of their ancestors, and give no shortage of trouble to them, not hesitating to torture and kill their half-spirit adversaries if they're given the chance, forcing the Forsaken to prove themselves worthy of the unique talent to stand between worlds. Many spirits yearn to be free within the Mortal world, and those strong enough to do so are not to be trifled with.

Will the Forsaken survive? Or will they spiral into despair, in this World of Darkness?

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