Warhammer 40K: Dark Heresy-2

Welcome to the Calixis Sector.

A sector of the Imperium overrun with intrigue and nefarious plots. If it wasn't for the constant vigilance of the Emperor's Faithful, this part of the Imperium would surely have been overrun countless times, and the billions of souls which dwell here lost to the predations of Mankind's tireless enemies.

But though the Warp is close and tearing, though the alien and the heretic endlessly scheme to turn the loyal away from the Emperor's grace, the Inquisition stands ready to defend Mankind from those enemies who would claim not just their lives, but their very immortal souls. Through it all, the mysterious Tyrant Star waxes and wanes, boding ill for us all…

Make no mistake, there is War in Calixis. But it is a cold, calculated war. A war fought in shadows and darkness, by warriors whom none may ever know of, sacrificing their lives by the hundreds for causes that will never win them glory or respect in the eyes of their fellows.

But perhaps, as we lay down our lives for those of our fellows, we dream that our names may be whispered to he who sleeps on the Golden Throne, that he may know we seek to give of ourselves, as much as he gives of himself every day.

For the Emperor!

(These theme, unlike the other Dark Heresy theme, is specifically focused around the localized events of the Calixis Sector, and does not include anything outside that area. Therefore, there are no Space Marines excluding the very, very small amount of Grey Knights, and no Eldar. There are, however, a multitude of various cults, heretics, and plots unfolding in the Sector. The Calixis Sector is located in the Great Void in its

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