Warhammer 40K: Dark Heresy-1

The Imperium of Man has lasted for millenia. The godlike Emperor, the greatest psyker the galaxy has ever seen, once lead the fledging race of man to conquer the galaxy. Leading an army of superhuman warriors known as Space Marines, there was nothing that could stand in their way.

But he was betrayed by one of his sons, corrupted by the evil beings living in the deadly Warp known as the Ruinous Powers. He was mortally wounded by the traitorous son, and sits dying upon the Golden Throne. So it has been for a hundred centuries.

In time new threats have arise, and old threats have grown. The countless beings of the barbaric but effective orks, the Green Tide. The Great Devourer, aliens from another galaxy who consume entire worlds in an endless quest to reproduce. The undead Necrons, lead by ancient gods called C'Tan, who once conquered the galaxy. The mighty conglomerate of races known as the Tau, fighting to expand their borders For the Great Good, whether other races are willing to accept it or not. The Eldar, one of the oldest and most mysterious races, capable of safely traversing the Warp through their Webway. Their twisted cousins, the Dark Eldar, unrivaled across the galaxy in their cruelness.

It is against these threats that the numerous but all too mortal Imperial Guard stand against, aided by the elite but relatively few in number Space Marines. The Inquisition is tasked with defending the citizens of the Imperium from Chaos without and heretics within. But nothing lasts forever. The galaxy has stagnated for centuries, but things are beginning to change.

Threats grow, but power is shifting in the Imperium. Radical forces are on the move, pushing to change the very nature of the galaxy. Should their efforts succeed, Chaos itself may be defeated, and the Imperium of Man will once again rule the cosmos.

Should they fail, Mankind will become a footnote in history. Fighting rages across nearly every world, with victory seized only over the corpses of the losers. Victory is uncertain. Only one thing is: oIn the grim dark future, there is only war.

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