Wallachia (Retired)

General Information

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Full Name: Zepia Eltnam Oberon, AKA "The Night of Wallachia" or "TATARI"
Faction: Confederate
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Alchemist/Nightmare Syndicate
Series: Melty Blood-1F
Species: Dead Apostle Ancestor

Quote: "CUT! CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT! My musing is disturbed! To think that my time trying to fell my daughter went to waste, now all that is left is my feeding! I must consume this city before dawn, and even that must be hurried! Then I must face The Sixth again! WHERE IS THE FUN?!"

Profile: The alchemist formerly known as Zepia Eltnam Oberon is the thirteenth Dead Apostle Ancestor, TATARI, a collective of rumors and falsehood that would normally manifest through the ages after being transformed into that form by Altrouge Brunestud. His more common name, Night of Wallachia, comes from his first appearance in Wallachia, Romania, wherein he absorbed the circulating rumors of a vampire haunting the province and manifested as the dreaded Count Dracula, slaying all in his path over the course of a single night. An extremely volatile and changing being, Zepia suffers from an incredible amount of split personalities, though all of them typically congeal into the bloodthirsty vampire whose goal is to create a truly unpredictable future that The Sixth, the universal constant of chaos and destruction, cannot possibly destroy. At times well spoken, and then sometimes completely off his rocker, Wallachia is before all eccentric and a fan of theatrics, always putting up a show for his audience. His Reality Marble, Night of Wallachia, ensures that he can do this regardless of the stage; for its ability is the actualization of fears and rumors into the physical realm, and this across an entire city if needed.

Vital Statistics

Age: Unknown (Presumably at least 500 years old and immortal)
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Weight: 67kg (148lbs)
Birthday: May 30
Hair: Blond

Even his clothes are dangerous!

Powers & Equipment

TATARI: Wallachia has no true form; though it is true that his "body" is that of Zepia, with elements of Count Dracula mixed in, it is merely a form he takes when he does not need to be something else. Being but a concept, he can alter his body as he sees fit; based on fears and rumors circulating within a few miles of his location, based on knowledge he has acquired, or even based on wishes that he can corrupt to his liking.

DEAD APOSTLE ANCESTOR: When not explicitely transformed into something else, Zepia is among the more powerful vampires to be found. Exceptional regeneration (which is more akin to rewinding time around his wounds), heightened senses and incredible physical attributes are par for the course with him. (See +flaws for additional information.)

BLOOD THAUMATURGY: Zepia is a poor magus, but his regeneration allows him to make use of thaumaturgy regardless of such. Though not particularily powerful, blood-based spells offer him an alternative to tearing things apart with his hands, whether it's tentacles or spikes.


MEMORY PARTITION: Eltnam alchemists are famous for this ability, and Zepia is no exception. He can, as needed, partition his brain into up to five different "tracks", each performing completely independantly. In effect, it's like having a multi-core processor instead of a regular one.

ELTNAM ALCHEMY/ETHELITE: Mathematics! Zepia can predict the future with complex calculations, though their exactitude in the Multiverse is dampened by variables such as Aura. To a lesser degree, it can be used to anticipate attacks. Eltnam-bloodline alchemy also focuses on the brain, and the signature weapon of those alchemists is the Ethelite (short for Ether Lite), a microscopic white monofilament that can attach to individuals and allow the user to "hack" information out of them or even to control their bodies until the filament is found and cut; as such, it wouldn't be inaccurate to compare an Ethelite to a puppeteer's string, though it's just as well a whip or a cutting wire. (Consent-Based: This +power requires the full consent of its victim(s) to either control or sap information out of them.)

Night on the Blood Liar

REALITY MARBLE - NIGHT OF WALLACHIA: Zepia's namesake is a two-settings Reality Marble, essentially a bubble of personal reality that overwrites local reality to obey new laws and rules. In its passive, always-active form, it grants Zepia the ability to instantly assimilate fears and rumors either of people he is speaking with or who are within a considerable distance of his being (roughly enough to cover a large modern-century Japanese city), but also the ability to manifest any single ones of them (only one can be active at any given time however) at his side. In its activated form, the Reality Marble lets TATARI manifest a nigh-unlimited amount of those fears or rumors and this, across his entire range (again, roughly a city). (Consent-Based: This +power requires the full consent of its victim(s) to know or manifest their fears.) (See +flaws for additional information.) (This +power is a boss mode.)

NIGHT ON THE BLOOD LIAR: This ability compresses all local fears, rumors, stories and wishes into a vortex of crimson and black information. The density is such that anyone caught within is likely to be shredded to pieces. The vortex itself cannot be destroyed so long as Zepia stands, for it is but words and information. It is often used to quickly assimilate a city's rumormill, but it can also be used to siphon blood from anyone too close to it and, insodoing, feed TATARI.

Bein' Handsome


DEAD APOSTLE ANCESTOR: Zepia must feed. Frequently. It keeps his body from aging, but it also keeps him constantly lusting for more. Blood is the only way to calm his thirst, and it must be acquired fresh; bottled or bagged blood just won't do. Furthermore, direct sunlight will typically anger Zepia, but unlike traditional vampires, it will not harm him. It may however weaken him depending on the situation.

REALITY MARBLE - NIGHT OF WALLACHIA: The manifestation of fears and rumors depends entirely on what Zepia can find out about them, and tends to be extremely literal. For example, rumors of a boy who can "cut through anything" might allow him to manifest an incredibly strong assassin, but it will not grant the assassin the abilities the boy the rumor is based on might have, it will only grant him the strength to cut through things. The more information TATARI can obtain, the stronger his copies become, but the reverse is also true, as copies lacking in detail, no matter the base, will be weaker.

Bein' Batshit Insane

Finally, the Reality Marble can only be fully deployed around the time of a Full Moon (roughly two to three days prior, but no sooner). It is most effective during the night, though used during the day it can nullify some of the weakness imposed on Wallachia by sunlight.

POOR MAGUS: The Eltnam bloodline, though not completely dried up of Magic Circuits, has extremely poor aptitudes when it comes to using magic. The tricks Zepia knows are the only ones he is able to learn and his magical abilities will never grow beyond them. This is part of the reason his family has focused on alchemy, which requires very little talent with magic to use.

BLOODTHIRST AURA: When not transformed, Zepia lets off an incredibly powerful and easily felt aura of bloodthirst, which essentially makes it impossible for him to hide or to approach undetected. When his Reality Marble is active, this aura is amplified.

Major NPCs

None, although Wallachia is capable of making any fears real (with consent). This means that should it be convenient, Wallachia can be practically anyone, and has in the past taken on roles such as Kamen Rider Gaoh due to Ryotaro Nogami and The Lich King due to Kel'Thuzad and his cultists.

Minor NPCs

Same as above.

Typical Moves


More of his "moveset" from the Melty Blood game and a few of my own crafting. Hardly everything he can do, but it gives a general idea.

  • Bad News (Lie)/Bad News (Malice): A swipe with his claws in the air that produces three black streaks in their wake. These streaks can mince apart through armor, so unless you want to get cut, move away!
  • Replicant Coordinator (Id)/Creature Channel (No Id, Gestalt, Apotheosis, Es): Temporarily creates a shadowed-version of most of anyone Wallachia has seen before to launch a single attack. Typically weaker than the real deal, especially if the real deal has unique properties that a glance can't reveal.
  • Fumble Code (Apotheosis): A whirlwind of shadows that can impale (if it strikes from below) or engulf to cut otherwise.
  • Impaler's Streak: It's no mystery that Wallachia's primary identity as a vampire is that of Count Dracula, ie Vlad the Impaler. He has the ability to create spears and pikes out of thin air, typically making them burst out of the ground to impale. His spears and pikes however are regular weapons, and as such are easily broken.
  • Body Shift: The ability to transform his body and his clothes, usually used with his cape. The cape can become as hard as steel to protect him or to stab, and it's not rare he'll use it for that.
  • Ethelites/Ether Lites: extreme thin, razor-sharp white monofilaments (wires) that can be used to whip, cut, or hack one's mind. He's not as good with them as Sion is, but he more than makes up for the lack of skill with raw physical strength.
  • Night Ruler the Blood Dealer: Wallachia rolls up in a ball, Sonic-style, and in doing so unleashes a literal torrent of blood and energy on the battlefield, before launching himself to tear into his opponent while spinning, sometimes several times. This ends with an explosion.
  • Night on the Blood Liar: A literal whirlwind of fears and information which singes the skin and rends the flesh. Within it can often be found several Replicant Coordinator shadows.
  • Insanity's Grin: A psychic attack which is often used to finish off the previous two attacks. It invades the mind with pure insanity, forcing an image of Wallachia's bloody smiling face into the head of the victims.
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