Vruasa Telash
Vruasa Telash, Knight of Time
Vruasa Telash, Knight of Time

General Information

Vruasa Telash is an adolescent member of an alien race known as TROLLS. He was born on the planet called ALTERNIA, where your standing in society is determined by your blood color. His blood color is cerulean, marking him as troll nobility.

His planet was recently destroyed by a version of the game called Sburb, in which he is an active participant. He has been given the mythological title of Knight of Time, which has empowered him to wield Time as a weapon in order to defend himself and his fellow players.

An enthusiast of death sports on his home planet, Vruasa is adept at fighting with a spear, and has only grown more so with his experiences in the game, and in the Multiverse.

While Vruasa eschews responsibility wherever possible, he often assumes the mantle of leadership to avoid taking orders from people he thinks are dumber than him, which is most people because he has a very high opinion of himself.

Emotionally volatile and highly aggressive, he originally viewed the players of Session 412 with distant contempt and wished for their violent failure. Through his interaction with them though, he has formed a number of strong friendships, and even begun to entertain the notion of matespritship1 with a human.

1 Matespritship is what trolls call a bond of traditional romantic love.


VRUASA TELASH first entered the stage of the Multiverse in August of A.U. 20. He appeared abruptly on public frequencies, broadly blaming the Multiverse at large for the destruction of his planet.

Though vague at first, he went on to clarify that either the Union or the Confederacy had been responsible for the events that lead to the initiation of a game called Sgrub on his homeworld of Alternia.

As is typical of variations of Sgrub, this lead to a chain reaction that destroyed Alternia and wiped out its population. By means of temporal intuition, Vruasa claimed to have divined a vague notion of the responsible parties, narrowing it down to a member of one group or the other.

Soon after he came into contact with Session 412, pinning the blame on their session of Sburb. Unbeknownst to most of those participating in the progress of Session 412, Confederate Inquisitor Nue Houjuu was the individual responsible for acquiring the Sburb source code and providing it to Confederate R&D, leading to the Alternian apocalypse and Session 613.

His participation in Session 412 has been consistent since his early interactions with them. Despite his initial desire to make them fail, Vruasa has come to believe that the key to his own session's successful completion is co-operation with Session 412.

He has become highly protective of the Session 412 players as a result, and highly wary of an excess of external interference, particularly in the form of the Union and Confederacy.

Of particular note are his actions on the 4th of November, A.U. 20, which lead to a duel to the death with Confederate Inquisitor Nue Houjuu in the Land of Grit and Lamps. The Inquisitor privately revealed her responsibility for the destruction of Alternia, effectively goading Vruasa into the fight.

Telash lost his right arm in that battle, but slew Houjuu and claimed her equipment as his own following his recovery. This has yet to be discovered, and as far as the Multiverse at large is concerned, Nue Houjuu has simply disappeared without a trace.

Abilities & Equipment

Note: This is not a comprehensive list. It covers basics of cornerstone abilities, and anything that has been acquired through RP. For a more comprehensive list, see +powers and +info on the MUSH. I will however try to keep this up to date with active log links for alchemized items. At the time of this writing I am only just cleaning and uploading my logs, so please be patient on that front.

Knight of Time: The mythological role assigned to him by Sgrub, the version of Sburb in which he is engaged. Essentially entails broad temporal manipulation abilities, with emphasis on the defense of others using Time as a weapon.

High-Blooded Troll: As a high-blooded Troll, Vruasa has a lifespan measured in centuries and superhuman physical traits. As a nocturnal entity, he also has strong night vision, but this is offset by a high degree of light sensitivity.

Ordinarily his high blood caste would make him strongly resistant to psychic abilities, but it is largely moot due to the PSYCHIC STATIC he emits.

Psychic Static: A unique psychic ability found only among a rare few high-blooded trolls. Vruasa exudes a "psychic static" that immunizes him and those nearby against mentally invasive powers. It comes with the drawback of being highly disruptive to all psychic powers in the vicinity, particularly those of anyone taking advantage of the shielding it provides.

Uncle Gunnysack's Coat: Created from the Seed of Non-Identification of the Youkai called Nue Houjuu, who was slain by Vruasa on 11-04-12. It allows to Vruasa manipulate how others see him.

He may appear differently to each person viewing him, or assume a single consistent illusory appearance at his discretion. It can be as subtle as mere cosmetic adjustments, or as extreme as appearing to be somebody or something else entirely.

The Myrmidon: An alchemized space ship, that has been growing steadily ever since Vruasa stole a Carapacian Veil Ship during Gristmas (12-8-12). It has been combined with the REGALIA OF THE CERULEAN KNIGHT, adding extra armoring and thrusters to its design, and giving it a more sleek, elongated appearance.

It is armed with three JETLANCE MAGNUMS, the first of which was alchemized by Arthur Lowell as a Christmas present to Vruasa in 2012. This ship bears a strong resemblance to a smaller version of Captain Harlock's infamous ship, the Arcadia, though it is much smaller at this time.

Jetlance Magnum: A crossbow-esque turret. It accepts ROCKET SPEARS and items of similar dimensions as ammunition. As noted above, given to Vruasa for Christmas 2012 by Arthur Lowell.

Ajax's Spear of Multiplication: This spear had its beginnings as a Rocket Spear, early on in Vruasa's session of Sgrub.

It has since been combined with an AERODYNAMIC SPEAR STABILIZER found in a chest in LOSAF (8-13-12), a TAZER (9-5-12) found on a corpse in Mercy Hospital, and a DANMAKU SHOTGUN taken from the HEGEMONIC BRUTE in LOGAL (10-28-12).

Steel Ice Spear: A magic spear acquired after joining Ysabel Thibault's dragon hunt on 12-19-12. It releases a burst of ice on impact, and has strong defensive properties. But it could stand to be upgraded.

PSHOOOOES: Shoes combined with some rockets. A more practical form of flight than riding a rocket spear! Purchased from Laohus Enhydr on 9-28-12 during a violent fit.

Hades Fire Iron: A high-powered explosive spear produced on 1-17-13 by combining AJAX'S SPEAR OF MULTIPLICATION with PURE CRYSTALLIZED HELLFIRE. It detonates explosively on impact with anything.

Proxy Statues: An animate statue of a person, created from the repaired remains of an Armos Statue acquired from the Forest Temple of Past Link's Hyrule on 9-22-12, combined with a picture of the intended subject and a GOLEM GEM (found in Sburb item shops, courtesy of Tshallandria).

Gentletroll's Tuxedo: A dragonscale-lined tuxedo given to Vruasa by Arerth Rialth for Christmas of 2012. Very high defense value, particularly against elemental effects.

Looter's Delight: A pair of electronic glasses alchemized on 12-31-12. They display the CAPTCHA code of everything in the vicinity, within limits. CAPTCHA codes are used in Sburb's ALCHEMY system (see +themelist/powers Homestuck-1) to copy items or import their attributes into other things. (OOC: Consent required to "steal" equipment from other PCs through copying, though usually this is infeasible anyway.)

Regalia of the Cerulean Knight: A re-sized set of SWAT Armor (acquired from Mercy Hospital on 9-5-12) combined with rockets, a set of black-and-blue plate armor, trollphone shades, and PSHOOOOES (acquired from Laohus Enhydr on 9-28-12).

It looks stylish, provides good protection, conceals its wearer's identity, and has both a jetpack and rocket boots! It has mostly been used for alchemizing its properties into other items since its creation, though.


  • Real Name (Callsign): Information
  • <3 indicates flushed feelings. This is what humans would consider traditional feelings of love.
  • <3< indicates caliginous feelings. There is no exact analogue in human terms, but essentially it constitutes a potent form of arch-rivalry combined with physical attraction.
  • c3< indicates ashen feelings. Essentially this is a strong inclination to mediate in the turbulent relationship of another pair.
  • <> indicates pale feelings. In human terms it is a form of platonic love similar to that felt by siblings. It is also a pacifying relationship, for one or the other.
  • Aethra Hagano (lernaeanSophistry): A motherfucking Sufferist seadweller? You have got to be fucking kidding me.
  • Arerth Rialth (royalSubjugglator): <3< RS is my battle partner most of the time, and she's pretty reliable at that. Her hemospectrum obsession and gaudy clothing are fucking awful, though.
  • Arthur Lowell (profoundBadness): PB is a cool guy, and I've discovered that he's easy to talk to about basically anything. In short, he's not a shithead. Seems to be having some issues with his dreamself and the shitstorm that caused it to wake up, though…
  • Deelel (gameGladiator): Seems to have stopped fucking around with the game code. Which is all I give a shit about them for at this point, really.
  • Fiora O'Brien (clandestineSquiddle): <3 Admitting that I have flushed feelings for a human has gotten a lot easier the longer I've been with CS. Even if there are some seriously fucked up complications going on here…
  • Dream Fiora (whichWitch): <3 Why is my life this complicated? Guess it's not quite as bad as hers, though.
  • Jordan Cypress (cypressTree): CT gave me my first really good day since the game started. She invited me to this place deep in the wilderness where PB, CS, and I got to fight giant, violent beasts. It was just like home.
  • Laohus Enhydr (travellingSalesman): TS is the only reason my group isn't a dysfunctional wreck half the time. Sometimes I worry about him but he's never done anything to make me distrust him or anything. TS is fucking scary when he uses all of that rage he has built up from dealing with the rest of us dysfunctional lunatics all the time.
  • Loros (unluckyStargazer): US is dangerous as hell. I don't know why he's helping us, and I'd prefer not to be on his bad side. I just don't know what he's getting out of all of this.
  • Lupita Auryon (prismaticAconitum): A washed-up Subjugglator. With a Sufferist Seadweller Moirail. What the shit.
  • Mir (otakuSongbird): OS saved me from getting stabbed by a carapacian called The Moderator. I owe her one.
  • Nue Houjuu (floatingDark): FD destroyed my world, albeit perhaps indirectly. So I killed her.
  • Prorth Edhuwhi (perfectPerfection): PP can be a douche and we don't get along most of the time, but he is a pretty reliable team mate so I can't complain too much. I just hope his shit with CW doesn't blow up horribly.
  • Psalm (crimsonBalladeer): CB knows her music, and plays some pretty good stuff. I've only worked with her once or twice, but she seems pretty cool.
  • Psyber (blackwingAngel): BA is a cool dude. Of the agents of the clusterfuck known as the Union, he seems to be the most competent in the session, and the easiest to get along with.
  • Raven DeVanos (sailorSadist): This human constantly remarks that I am cute and seems obsessed with troll horns on some level. It has been both helpful and unhelpful in measured portions. Vaguely disturbing.
  • Sarah (aqueousTheurgist): Hard to read. Did me a favor. Still owe her payment in return. I might have already delivered payment in a different temporal context than this, though.
  • Staren (immortalLabcat): This guy is fucking brilliant but lacks all common sense. His social skills are somehow worse than mine. He can unleash some wicked burns sometimes, though.
  • Summer Powers (crowravenWolfmoon): Still don't know what to think about CW. Seems to have had a past relationship with CS that went sour. Dating Prorth, which I guess is pretty okay if it doesn't blow up.
  • Tshallandria (hellsQueen): Seems dangerous but ostensibly helpful. Approach with caution.
  • Valentine Turner (margraveRobber): At least she's not dead. Not sure what to make of her yet otherwise.


Note on Logs: Relevant Session 412 group chat is often kept in these logs underneath cuts. For those unaware, Session 412 group chat is a text-based memo using the Pesterchum or Trollian instant messenger clients, so they will often incorporate typing styles and quirks not seen elsewhere on the MUSH. For example, Vruasa's own typing quirk is to replace the letter 'a' and the letters 'at' with @.

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