"From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe…"

This universe of Voltron takes place shortly after the events of 'The Fleet of Doom', and merges more the elements of the comic book series then the TV Series.

The battle between the forces of Voltron and the Galactic Alliance versus the Doom Armada continues with no clear winner apparent. Events of later in the series have not yet occurred.

It is intended to bring events from the Comic Book series and the TV Series together, while occurring before the events of the Third Dimension series(and generally ignoring it). It places things at a point where just about anything can branch off, while the main conflict has simply been established and the war continues fiercely.

At the start, Lotor's Command Ship has vanished after being caught in an Astral Storm. In reality, it has emerged in the Multiverse, and Prince Lotor sets himself up to begin the conquering of a vast new field of possibilities.

The saga of the Voltron Force continues here in the Multiverse.

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