Volt the Omega Dog-1

For five years, the number one rated show on television is simply known as Volt. The adventures of a super-powered canine, his owner, Rio, and the doctor that made him a hero, Dr. Pontiac, fight against the wily Dr. Aston and his canine counter part, and nemesis to Volt, Charger. While the two dogs powers are quite real, their kept contained and safe on the set of the show, apart from the rest of the real world where fans of the show eagerly tune in every Sunday night to watch the program. For Volt and Charger, their reality is real. For Rio, she simply loves working with the pet she's known for five years, keeping the secret from Volt that he's actually a mechanical creation just for the show, but she hardly cares. Volt's her good dog, and he's protected her all his life and insists he'll continue to do so. Even since discovering the truth, nothing has changed.

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