Virtual Room Setup

This is a repost of a board post on the MUSH, instructing one how to make a "Virtual Room." A virtual room (VRoom for short) is a way to make a sort of small, pseudo-grid in a player-owned object. It was written, and is maintained by, Lain.
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Virtual Rooms - Howto Sat Jan 15 Lain

The Virtual Room parent is something I wrote in order to allow players to extend their objects allowing them to build rooms within them. The commands are similar to the MUSH building commands and there is a help command (vrhelp) once you have the object setup.

Here is how to create and set up the objects, just replace "Bob's House" with whatever you want your object to be named:

@create Bob's House
@parent Bob's House=#2609
@set Bob's House=!no_command
drop Bob's House
enter Bob's House

The code is provided free to use and modify, though I ask that you at least give me credit for the original code. Any bugs and questions should go to me (Xiph Theora) either through page or @mail. Pages can get lost in the spam, so if I don't reply, @mail me, and if I still don't reply, try paging my alt (Shemune) as she gets a lot less channel spam.


Also, as a note - DO NOT PANIC AND STOP PUTTING THE CODE IN IF COMMANDS START DISAPPEARING. Midway through the process it WILL start looking weird if you start using softcode commands. This is normal. By the time you're done with the commands, everything should have returned to normal.

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