Viridian Sunrise

General Information

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On-MUSH History

Some time past (OOCly one year ago), Viridian Sunrise joined the Union under the alias, "Smiting Star of Heaven", masquerading as one of the Solar Exalted. During his time with the Union he spent a considerable amount of his time assisting in various activities, including the rescue of Optimus Prime's powermaster, Alexis. His primary role during the course of his late career in the Union appeared for some time to be leading Union forces against the Deathlord called 'Mask of Winters', who was attempting to claim an abandoned city filled with magitech called Denandsor as his own. Though he did indeed lead the Union to the citadel of Mask of Winters, he reneged upon his original intent when Amalthea activated her 'Wish-Granting Engine' in order to wish away the Mask of Winter's immortality.

At the very least moment, Smiting Star of Heaven instead wished for the imprisoned Primordials - called the "Yozi" - to be freed from their imprisonment, and revealed himself to be a far more powerful foe than could have been guessed. Announcing himself as Viridian Sunrise, he watched as Creation shuddered and the Demon City began spilling out onto its surface, forcing the Union to retreat from Creation lest they be overrun on the spot.

Since then, he has worked with the Confederacy, eventually being designated as Head of Internal Affairs - he has taken a light hand in executing his duties, usually only acting as a moderator on Confederate radio channels. He stands as the most serious traitor the Union has ever had enter its ranks. On May 29th, AU19, Viridian Sunrise became Loros's successor as Field Marshal of the Confederacy, but took the title of Shogun instead.

During July, A.U. 20, Viridian Sunrise claimed the dictatorship of the Confederacy in the wake of Blossom Rose of Autumn's death, becoming the Emperor of the Confederacy. With this his power swelled to heights untold, though he remained silent until near the end of the month while he learned to control his new-found abilities. As the last week of July rolled in, his plans took such tremendous scope that the fate of the entire Multiverse was disrupted, and all suns everywhere throughout the Multiverse gradually assumed The Emperor's colors of cobalt blue. No future could be seen, because no future was certain in the wake of what was about to occur.

The Confederacy's first move was to assault Cirrus-Marine through spatial rifts generated by their Emperor, successfully claiming the upper and lower cities while crippling the military of the twin cities. Soon thereafter, he offered the Union and Cirrus-Marine (what was left of it, at any rate) the opportunity to surrender peacefully. Met by disdain and disbelief, the Emperor revealed that his ascent to the throne of the Confederacy permitted him temporal control over Confederate territory. No longer could the Confederacy lose ground to the Union, even with the barest defense. As the full might of the Confederate armies fell upon Union territories, the Emperor fell back to the Citadel, and waited for victory.

It did not come. A number of brave souls entered into the world of Annu, which existed within his own soul. They destroyed that world and all of its many inhabitants, even as the balance of the Multiverse tipped in the favor of the Confederacy… and at last, barely, they slew the Emperor himself.

And what remained after, was something new.



  • Blossom Rose of Autumn (Overwhelming Love): Quite contrary to the image of a Mad God-King, Viridian Sunrise loves his wife dearly and treats her better than any other entity in existence. He is also fiercely protective of her, though recognizes that she can take care of herself most of the time. The only regard in which he finds her insufferable is her compassion for EVERYTHING. That's kind of irritating, but he'll put up with it, even if he doesn't always indulge it.
  • Sol (Grudging Respect): Embarking on a suicide mission to kill a powerful enemy is a respectable way to go out, in Viridian Sunrise's book. He used to be unhappy about the way Sol went about it, but discarded his previous feelings on Sol in order to fight him with a level head.
  • Optimus Prime (Distant Kinship): Though he has little in common with Optimus Prime, he agrees with him in one respect - worlds will burn before he allows his loved ones to be taken from him.
  • Untamed Breeze (Withdrawn Amusement): Viridian Sunrise has his own plans in mind for Creation and the universe at large, and it entertains him to watch Breeze try to figure them out. He doesn't like or dislike her, but has high expectations for her long-term potential.
  • Emerald Blade (Respect): Viridian Sunrise has not spent an excess of time around Perfect Emerald Blade, but as the only person among the Green Sun Princes who actually rivals him in strength and prominence, he does have respect for her.
  • Shadows Cast by Bones (Wary Respect): Once, Viridian Sunrise helped him battle the First and Forsaken Lion. Though he respects Shadow's strength, he is not entirely certain what to make of the Deathknight.
  • Loros (WTF Mate): Viridian Sunrise has no idea what to make of Loros, apart from realizing that he is more than a little bit dangerous and insane. Though not afraid of the warlock's machinations, he would generally prefer to stay out of Loros's way- their goals do not seem to be particularly mutually exclusive.
  • No. 9 (Loose Friendship): Viridian Sunrise likes Nine, but also likes ribbing Nine a little.
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