Vital Information
Gender Female
Species VerVietta Shinki
Source Busou Shinki-1
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Assistant to Nathan Hall
Groups M.E.T.A.L.,, Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 16
Age (Actual) 16
Still Aging? N/A
Height 15.1cm
Weight 32g
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Green
"There are so many doors in life; familiar, unfamiliar, even some scary doors. There's no way to know what waits on the other side, but I'm not afraid to look behind them anyway."
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A rare VerVietta type shinki, the story of how Vervi came into the possession of her current master is something of a mystery even she isn't clear on. What is clear, however, is that she is a very devoted servant and quite skilled at housekeeping in spite of her small size. As a shinki, she is a very small robot living in a land of giants, facing many hazards which wouldn't phase larger creatures. Her adventurous streak comes from her status as a Monitor, which gives her a strong urge to fight and prove her ability. In line with this, Vervi is not just a shinki, but a Busou Shinki—A tiny warrior who fights with the weapons given to her by her master.


SHINKI ~ Vervi is a Shinki, and shinki are robots. As such, Vervi shares many of the benefits of being a robot, such as being unaffected by poisons or diseases and not needing to breathe. On the other hand, there are computer viruses which have similar effects to sickness and shinki can reach a drunken state by drinking too many Nitro jelly cans.

TINY ~ The average shinki is a mere 15 cm tall, or 6 inches. As a result of her small size, Vervi is capable of getting into all kinds of places unavailable to larger creatures. The world of humans is like a land of giants, but shinki are well equipped to living this way. Her size also does not handicap her against human-sized enemies. In fact, the difference in speed and being such a small target may be considered an advantage for her.

HOUSEKEEPER ~ Despite her tiny size, Vervi is surprisingly adept at cleaning and maintaining an apartment-sized living space. If she wants to, she'd even have enough time left over to cook a meal for her master before he gets home. Larger homes would require working with other shinki to get the job done.

EQUIPMENT ~ Vervi is a VerVietta type VicViper shinki. Her main armament consists of a heavy laser rifle with a removable beam blade bayonet, twin autocannons, missile launchers, and remote attack bits. She can summon her combat armor and flight pack in a handful of configurations, which change what hardpoints these weapons are fixed to.

  • Additionally, the special trait of the VerVietta and LirBiete types is that their armor includes configurations which can be operated separate from the shinki. In this mode, Vervi's armor is shaped like a fighter jet which can turn into a robot, both of which can easily carry her around or perform tasks while she's busy with something else.

SLIPWAY ~ A storage dimension Vervi makes use of. Only items designed to enter the Slipway can be placed into or retrieved from it. As such, she uses this to store her armor and some of her more modular spare parts. Other things must be adjusted before they can be stored this way.

MONITOR ~ Monitor-type shinki are extremely rare finds which have rare or unusual abilities. In Vervi's case, her reaction times are unusually high and she has a strong instinct while fighting. Due to this, while Vervi is a fairly domestic shinki, she has a constant and suppressed desire for combat which manifests in her personality as a broad adventurous streak.

THE GIRL ABOUT TO CRY FACE ~ A tactic Vervi uses against her master if she really wants to do something and he looks like he might say 'no'. It is the most fearsome weapon in her arsenal.


RARE ~ Even discounting the fact that she is a Monitor, Vervi's model type as a VerVietta is extremely rare and expensive. To that end, damaged parts are expensive to replace and difficult to repair. Her rarity both as a VerVietta and as a Monitor also makes her a target for collectors and thieves.

TINY ~ The average shinki is a mere 15 cm tall, or 6 inches. Many things that human-sized beings don't even think about can become dangerous hazards to a shinki. Even cooking can be a deadly undertaking, though a clever shinki can manage it quite well if they're careful.

MASTER ~ Though Vervi is completely capable of going out and doing things without her master around, she's the sort of shinki who plans her life activities around those of her master. By design and desire, she follows commands and refuses to go against them or do things that she knows her master wouldn't approve of. This restricts the times she can be out and about without permission and may interfere with things she might want to do.

COLD TEMPER ~ If pushed too far, Vervi doesn't snap and explode into a ball of rage. Aside from what she is protecting, all things receive none of her usual empathy and she does not restrain herself. In this state, she is unlikely to take orders from anyone but her Master. A direct threat to her Master or others she cares for is a reliable way to incite this kind of response.

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