Veiled Lily
Veiled Lily
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Exalted
Source Exalted-1
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Chosen of Jupiter
Groups Users.Net, The Hashshashins
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 24
Age (Actual) Late 30s
Still Aging? No
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Star-flecked Green
"Time passes, the world moves … and yet Fate remains."
Table of Contents


Veiled Lily's story started out like many other Sidereals - spirited away at a young age to the Celestial City of Yu-Shan at a young age, Fated to become the Chosen of one of the Five Maidens. During her training, she would take to the learning and training of Jupiter the most, and with her Exaltation as a Chosen of Secrets, she would find her home within the Forbidding Ivy Manse. Skilled in activities about recognizing acts of power and whether or not to use secrets, as well as being skilled in dodge and martial artists, Lily puts her abilities to work trying to find out what secrets the Union superfaction is hiding. Compassionate and charismatic, Lily puts her words to paper as a talented poet, as well as someone that is completely trustworthy enough to tell all your secrets too.


Arcane Fate: Due to being a Sidereal Exalted, Veiled Lily falls underneath the capability of being completely forgettable to the world and Creation. This is both a boon and a flaw; for Lily, it is a boon when she wishes to take actions and not be remembered for it. After time, all writing of her will disappear from the books and things they were written in. For a Chosen of Secrets, this boon means that she can gather the secrets that her Maiden so guards, or use them without fear of problems. Most elites are capable of seeing through the Arcane Fate and remembering Lily, as long as they try hard enough.

Charms: Charms are a form of Essence manipulation that allow Veiled Lily to focus her essence through her abilities to be able to perform superhuman feats, as well as additional supernatural powers. While she can learn more Charms, Charms are restricted in various ways, such as being single-target use or they require a essence cost. (OOC Note: See Lily's +info for more details on the charms she has available to use.)

Chosen of Secrets: Veiled Lily is a Sidereal Exalted, Chosen of Secrets. by the Maiden Jupiter. Her Exaltation means she shares benefits that most Exalted gain: an extended lifespan, inhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, as well as a greater resistance to things such as disease, poison, and mind-altering effects. As a Chosen of Secrets, her skills lie towards investigation, lore, knowledge, and the occult, as well as stealth.

Destiny's Agent: Veiled Lily is an official agent of the Bureau of Destiny, which involved significant training as well as several exams before she could pass from a trainee to a full fledged agent. The requirements of an Agent of Destiny require her to be capable of martial arts, the work, knowledge, and language of the Old Realm, and a melee combatant. Due to the way the Bureau works, Lily was required to have experience in how to get along with the world at large, as well as the various amounts of red tape and paperwork required to work with the threads of Fate.

Martial Arts: Violet Bier of Sorrows Style: Just as the other Exalted do, the Sidereals possess and learn their own style of supernatural martial arts, which they believe that is the first of all supernatural martial arts. Due to their own style, this style primarily involves manipulating and observing the fates of the martial artist and those around her. This can mean a variety of things: she can strengthen her purpose and weaken her foes, or even manipulate the threads of fate to achieve deadly and often strange effects. Even those that are outside Fate, or those with moving ones can be effected by this style. Lily has mastered this style.

Resplendent Destiny: Resplendent Destinies are roles that Sidereals take on when emulating the traits and works of a given astrological college. They are essentially shallow but powerful false personas, which are used by Veiled Lily to pretend to be most anything she needs to be for her work. The only exception to who are fooled by Resplendent Destinies are Lily's fellow Sidereals, as they don't see it at all. Resplendent Destinies are the only way, due to the nature of Arcane Fate, that Lily can be remembered at all. However, acting out of character for her Destiny can cause Paradox…

Sidereal Astrology: Given the proper resources, time, and effort, Lily is capable of altering the threads of fate itself, crafting new destinies for individuals, objects, or groups to modify their circumstances either positively or negatively. She cannot do this for any Sidereals except for herself. She is also capable of creating new Resplendent Destinies if she wishes. Any destinies placed on other people are a matter of OOC consent and require in-character action by touching someone to transfer it.


Arcane Fate: Due to being a Sidereal Exalted, Veiled Lily falls underneath the capability of being completely forgettable to the world and Creation. While being primarily a boon for Lily, she also dislikes the fact that she can be so easily forgotten - the charismatic Sidereal is fond of being around people, which is oddly strange for a Sidereal in and of itself. While she can wear a Resplendent Destiny and be remembered, if she drops it, or bears another, she will have to completely reintegrate herself into a group, a annoyance at best, a problem at worst if she seems too smart about what's going on. Most elites are capable of seeing through the Arcane Fate and remembering Lily, as long as they try hard enough.

Flawed Fate: When the Primordials' died, they left a curse that left no Exalted untouched. This resulted in a 'Flawed Fate' for the Sidereal Exalted, which is essentially a 'kink' in the threads of Veiled Lily's Fate, which places a restriction on her short term fate that she must abide by. Even if the fate changes, via Astrology or otherwise, the restriction does not change. This is caused in a manner of ways: resisting the strongest of her virtues, affecting mate in a manner contrary too it, or even when she gathers with her other Sidereals in numbers. When any of these happen, she moves a little closer to triggering this curse.
When this triggers, Lily does not become possessed with it, however, it does show up in the actions that she takes in the world around her. As the Chosen of Secrets, Lily's Flawed Fate makes her advocate, seek, or cause the wielding of her most powerful secrets to their greatest effects. In Lily's eyes, this means that she would take the steps to make sure Fate stays clean, that the threads stay untangled, and nothing disrupts the Maiden's work, by wielding the secrets she knows.

Paradox: While wearing a Resplendent Destiny, if Lily ever acts out of character for what the Destiny is, she may accumulate paradox. The worse this is, the faster it accumulates - however, Resplendent Destinies give her a sense of 'correctness' when she wears them, so she will know before she does something that would cause her to gain paradox. It is also possible that those that meet her under multiple identities will recognize her underneath the Resplendent Destiny, which will garner her more paradox. There are also some Resplendencies that automatically come with paradox due to their unusual effects. While Lily can dissipate paradox, the two rituals taught are not pleasant things. If it ever comes to pass that Lily accumulates too much paradox, the pattern spiders that take care of the Loom of Fate bite her thread, injecting her thread with their venom for which there is no resistance. The effects of this are always terrible, and can range from stripping or limiting her powers for a time, to altering her physical form, or even nearly kill her. At the worst, it will kill a mortal she loves… or bide its' time until she does to carry out the punishment.

Secrets: As a Chosen of Secrets, Lily makes her life and work about gathering, understanding, and using secrets to the work of what the Maidens wish for her to do. This is an extraordinarily bad thing, if anyone ever catches wind of what she is truly in the Multiverse to do, for not everyone wishes their secrets to be known.

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