General Information

Full Name: Vanguard
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: Master Sergeant
Function: Iris' White Rook
Series: OFC - Rosenkreuzstilette-1
Species: Reploid

"Even if outnumbered… I will still run in first. So long as I damage their offenses, I'll know I have part in this battle."

Profile: Bravery. Dedication. Leadership. Compassion. And the Will to fight until the very end. These were the attributes in mind when Vanguard took her first step off of the operation table and into the world of serving the Confederacy. The attack on New Pyongyang and the fall of Dr. Doom had its casualities, two of them being brother and sister from a universe where their military reploid force went Maverick on their own accord. Scraped for materials, Iris Sepperin had brought the main frame of one, and the remaining parts of the other, and created the new hybrid reploid in a matter of days. The soldiers of the Confederacy need someone that can give orders, but also be there to go headfirst into battle… the Vanguard of the squad. Thus, the name 'Vanguard' was dubbed, and she was activated not a second after all the wires had been connected. Vanguard has a personality that resembles those of the parts she was made from: A kind and caring individual to those that have the right to be called 'friends' to her, always looking out for their safety. While if she's crossed in one way on any hostile action, she takes a shift into a more aggressive and higher demanding reploid, pushing towards victory, and keeping stronger enemies in her sights, showing no mercy to those that stand in her way.

Vital Statistics

Age: Appears 16, Activated 6 months ago.
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Approx. 1 Ton (In Combat Armor)


  • V-Sabre - The V-Sabre is unlike any other sabre weapon in existence, for it's power source comes from 4 prongs that stick out of the hilt, further enhancing its destructive abilities and allowing for the reach of a claymore. Found and modified by Iris, this is made to be Vanguard's primary weapon, as it serves not only as a melee weapon, but also as a form of ranged weaponry by slashing blade beams at her opponents. It can also act as a energy pistol, simply taking the end and pointing the saber tho fire off short bursts of energy when the distance is substantial. As with any sabre, it's also capable of deflecting projectiles of almost any sort out of harm's way, and is even able to conduct electricity to use in Vanguard's attacks.
  • 'Blink' Teleportation system - Salvaged and used in Vanguard's creation, the 'blink' system gives Vanguard a strong edge in physical combat, being able to quickly strike and vanish in an instant, teleporting left and right from the area. The same blink system allows for long distance travel in the form of a ray of light. In combat, it's used to quickly exploit openings on opponents, or quickly warp from opponent to opponent to deliver final blows. It's also used in covering Vanguard's own opening spots, and with her style of combat, opening spots are frequent.

Skills and Abilities

  • Military Strategist - A rare time can be called for this, but Vanguard is actually a very capable reploid, able to devise easy strategies to lead her and any soldiers under her command to victory. Her leadership actually boosts those around her to fight with 110 percent of all they've got. True to the name 'Vanguard', she's also one that charges first with those under her command, showing that she's not going to sit by and watch people die, rather, join in the the fight that's hers as much as it is theirs.
  • Field Repair - There are times when Vanguard will need some repairs, or others around her, and thanks to her… 'past' life, she's got some skill in jury-rigging any materials around her into fixing up other mechs, vehicles, or other robots around her. Since she's only skilled with mechanics, this doesn't apply to any biological begins, such as humans, animals, or anything that isn't made of metal.


To come at a later date.

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