Vampire Hunter D-1

In 1999, nuclear holocaust ravaged the Earth. Human culture was destroyed. Technology was eradicated. The world was consumed in a second Dark Age where radiation-twisted mutants, chaotic demons, and other, more horrifying creatures terrorized humanity's pathetic remnants. One millenium passed before vampires appeared and brought their super-science and sorcery into the world. New civilizations and laws were established by the vampires, who had foreseen and prepared for the holocaust long ago. The decadent tyranny of these "Nobles" reigned unchallenged for nearly seven thousand years.

Subjugated, predated upon, humans lived as fodder; however, their stubborn resilience took root. Frontier villages grew into fortified towns. Lost knowledge was found again. A specialized caste of hunters-for-hire developed the skills and weaponry necessary for defeating supernatural threats. Over centuries of steady loss, even the all-powerful Nobles were no longer so secure in their immortality. Humanity was growing strong.

It is now the year 11000 A.D., and the Nobility's bloody rule is approaching its end. After nine thousand years of struggle, mankind is poised to reclaim power and restore order — yet the Nobles still represent a powerful threat. The Frontier is blighted and untamed. The Dark Age is far from ended. Humanity's future is not guaranteed…

Vampire Hunter D-1 is a theme that combines elements from several pulp genres, including western, horror, high fantasy, and science fiction. It is set long before the first novel, in a time where the world was at its most perilous.

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