Unyielding Rampart
Feng Huojin, A.K.A. Unyielding Rampart of a Thousand Blades
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human (Solar Exalted)
Source Pressed Beyond The Veil-1
Faction Union
Rank LC-Agent
Function Ascending Sun
Groups Last Chancers, Province of Luanjian
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 21
Age (Actual) 31
Still Aging? Yes
Height 6'0"
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Red
"I was raised to believe dreams can come true. Later I was given the power to turn my wildest dreams into reality. The Sun told me I could have anything I wanted, but that it was my duty to use this power fairly. I will shoulder the dreams of all across Nerites and grant them as my own."
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Feng Huojin was a mortal blacksmith before he experienced his Second Breath defending his family from bandits. Now he is Unyielding Rampart of a Thousand Blades, a Solar Exalted and one of the Twenty-Five Heavenly Monarchs of Nerites, King of his own province, Luanjian, although he leaves it in the capable hands of his Lunar Mate who takes the role of Queen far more seriously than he his role of King. A simple man by nature, Rampart enjoys the company of others, sharing their pleasure and shouldering their troubles. It is his belief that the world should be fair and just for all, and so more often than not he is on a personal quest to right wrongs himself, from minor bandit incursions to rampaging sorcerers, gods and elementals. Though his heart belongs to the Queen, he is not married yet and doesn't seem to mind flirting with others, knowing at the end of the day it is merely for laughs. As the ruler of the Province of the Sword, he is known to be a formidable swordsman, but also an adept archer and blacksmith. One can always count on him for help, as his goal is to eliminate meaningless suffering entirely.


  • Chosen of the Sun: Unyielding Rampart is a Dawn-Caste Solar Exalted, making him a natural prodigy in the areas of Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown and War. His lifespan is millennia, his general health perfection, he heals swiftly and mundane illness cannot take root in his system.
    • Anima Power: The Children of the Dawn exhude the might of their patron when using their abilities. They appear to grow to terrifying heights, attacks slow in their presence, and they become completely immune to fear. Attempts to organize attacks on them become harder and it takes significant willpower to oppose them without flinching.
  • Favored Skills: In addition to his skills as a Bronze Tiger, Rampart is skilled in the areas of Integrity, Resistance, Craft, Athletics and Awareness. His specialty as a craftsman lies in forging bladed weapons.
  • Charms: Channeling Essence, Rampart can perform many supernatural acts. This allows him to temporarily raise his accuracy, to add effects to his attacks, to have perfect sight up to a mile away, to be extremely hard to catch offguard, to harden his body or immunize it to poisons, to enhance his strikes with holy light, and the list goes on.
    • Archery: Rampart can create arrows out of thin air, strike targets he's able to see regardless of distance, make an attack certain to hit unless stopped, turn an arrow into a blast of holy light visible up to thirty miles away, and even fire his Anima Banner through his arrow, clearing him of the glow and either: 1) forcing the display on the target if they are not Exalted, or 2) increasing the target's own display by as much as Rampart's was lowered if they are Exalted. The arrow may burst into a bonfire, negating all stealth effects within 50/100/200 yards. (OOC: Consent required where applicable.)
    • Melee: Any melee weapon in Rampart's hands glows a faint gold as veins of Orichalcum spread through the weapon, visible only in combat. This increases the weapon's durability and damage slightly. Rampart is also able to store an unlimited quantity of weapons Elsewhere for minimal cost, which can then be deployed at will.
    • Thrown: Ranged attacks against Rampart can be tracked back to their user. He is also able to curve his projectiles or multiply them.
  • Perfect Defenses: Rampart can be immune to mind control (but not mind-reading), instant death, transformation, effects that would deprive him of his Essence, most poisons and finally mundane environmental hazards. He may perfectly parry an attack he is aware of, whether it makes sense or not. (OOC: Use of perfect parry constitutes fluff for coded misses but may be used freely with consent.)
  • Artifacts: As a craftsmans he has a literal stockpile of poorly crafted weapons. His favored weapons are his twin blades, Mountain Ripper and Water Splitter, which return to him without fail. He also owns a bow, The Spiralling Hound, whose shots cannot strike anyone but their intended target, and a nameless Red Jade Reinforced Buff Jacket.
  • Province: As the ruler of Luanjian, Rampart has access to its resources (primarily mining/smithing resources) and manpower (primarily mortals and low-Essence Terrestrials). (OOC: Manpower varies in PL, from 28 to 34 depending on numbers. Where 28 would be a single Terrestrial or a large squad of mortals, 34 would be the full might of Luanjian.)


  • The Great Curse: When Unyielding Rampart is frustrated with the world around him, when he must suppress the need to act according to his motivation, or when he strains his willpower to resist mental effects, he accumulates supernatural stress known as "Limit". When he reaches a certain cap of Limit, he snaps into a "Limit Break", in this case, Heart of Flint. While Limit Breaking, for a full day, Rampart discards all feelings and empathy, not turning robotic but rather efficient, seeking the best, most direct solution to problems without regards for emotions. Limit resets to zero after the Limit Break and the act of Limit Breaking restores Rampart's willpower.
    • Partial Control: Rampart may choose to only partially Limit Break when doing so. In this state, his emotions are still partially muted but he may elect not to be efficient if it would cause harm to something he is emotionally attached to. Partial control of a Limit Break robs it of its willpower refreshing qualities, but still resets Limit to zero.
  • Of Virtues: Like other Exalted, Unyielding Rampart is a man governed by his virtues and beliefs to extraordinary levels and cannot suppress them without weakening his overall willpower.
    • Conviction 5: One's belief in their own motivation and path in life. His motivation is to turn Nerites into a haven for the just, where no good deeds are met with suffering and no wrongdoing goes unpunished. His conviction is of the highest strength and acting against this core of beliefs is exceptionally hard.
    • Compassion 4: Nobody deserves to die. Rampart has altered a lot of his Charms to deliver non-lethal blows when possible so as to ensure that even the guilty are not killed, but rather imprisoned and tried fairly. This does not mean that he will not kill when forced, and he's become a lot more determined to do so lately.
    • Valor 4: Courage is the ability to act not due to lack of fear but despite its presence. Rampart is an extremely brave man, not fearless naturally but foolhardy indeed. When challenged, he is morally inclined to accept and retreat is not an option.
    • Temperance 1: A complete lack of self-control, Rampart is selfless and does not think before acting. Though his heart belongs to his Lunar Mate, he flirts and seems to collect a female entourage on a regular basis, while indulging in frequent partying until passing out.
  • Anima Banner: Using his Essence too much results in a bright display of golden light, first on his forehead, then around his person, and finally around his person but with enough kick to be seen from miles and miles away. This completely nulls stealth and allows easy identification for anyone who has seen his Anima Banner before.
  • Flaw Of Invulnerability (Conviction): Rampart may not use his Perfect Dodge/Parry/Soak Charms if he is acting against his motivation in any way.
  • Motivation: "To rid the world of suffering," a broad motivation that chains him into always helping those in need and doing his best to solve problems.
  • Intimacies: These particular bonds, whether they are positive or negative, are exceptionally hard to alter and act against.
    • Tender Whisper (Unacknowledged Love)
    • Elliana Fairchild (Respect)
    • Evil Without Purpose (Hatred)
    • Luanjian (Duty To Protect)
    • George (Promise To Watch Over)
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