Unico (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Unico
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Group: None
Series: Magical Adventures of Unico-2
Species: 'Human'/Unicorn

"I think it's very sad that so many people can't be happy in this world. I wish there was some way to make that change."

At first glance, Unico looks like your everyday ordinary little ten year old boy. Well, except that he's got pink hair. Cloven-hoofed feet. A cute, fluffy tail. Oh, and a horn. A magical horn, mid of his forehead. In truth, Unico is no mere boy; he is a Unicorn, given human shape and form, in order to disguise his true identity from the jealous Gods of his world, who have exiled him from the land simply for being born with the gift of making those around him happy. The West Wind took pity on Unico when the order was passed, and instead searched for places to hide him; and in each place she found, Unico had wonderful, sometimes scary, and sometimes saddening adventures, but was almost always found out in the end, and had to fly away once more with the West Wind to escape banishment. And then one day, the Multiverse swallowed his universe whole, and Unico found himself in a strange, war-torn land where nothing ever seemed to make sense. At first the young Unicorn was scared; but then, after watching some children at play, he thought of an idea, and transformed himself into a young human(like!) boy, and went to join their play. He was able to grace all of the children in the circle with happiness, but, felt for sure that, once they'd gone home, the West Wind would come again. Instead, though.. She did not. Now, perhaps, he had found the perfect disguise, the perfect means by which to see the world. He has been exploring the Multiverse since.

Vital Statistics

Age: 2 - Unicorn 10 - Human
Gender: Male
Height: 3Ft 5in
Weight: 50bs
Occupation: 'Magical Youth'
Past Occupations: N/A
Physical Traits: Pink Hair, Horn, Cloven Hooves, Tail.


UNICORN MAGIC: Unico, actually being a Unicorn in disguise, is given the ability of many of the normal Unicorn abilities; purifying water, curing poison, bringing back the dead, curing petrification, and granting wishes. In his Human state, these powers are weaker.

HUMAN FORM: Unico's Human form is that of a human child, around the age of 10. He however retains his Horn, his Pink Hair, His Fluffy tail, and his Cloven hooves. In human form, Unico is only able to purify small amounts of water, such as cups or canteens full, is only able to cure the poison of small snake and scorpion wounds, and can only revive someone if they're holding onto him at the time they die. He is capable of granting only one wish per person.

UNICORN FORM: Unico's Unicorn form varies, depending on the situation. It's usually that of a 2 year old baby Unicorn, though he is capable of shifting it to his needs. In his Unicorn form, he is capable of reviving a human who has been dead for under an hour, as well as being able to purify most waters (up to a lake) and to cure any poison or petrification spell. He is able to grant three wishes as a Unicorn.

AURA FLARE: ANGELIC UNICORN: When things become most dire, and Unico is forced to put his life on the line, occasionally, if many others lend their hearts to him in the form of prayer, Unico is able to assume the form of an adult Unicorn wit wings. He then charges into battle and slays his foe with a great show of Holy Power. In this form, he is able to revive at least five dead men in one fell swoop, to fix the wounds of many who need it, to purify an entire river, to turn a castle of petrified men back from stone, and to draw away any poison from any wound. This form, however, is rare, and depends, most of all, on backing of faith and love from friends and those around him.

HAPPINESS: Unico is capable of projecting empathic feelings of warmth and happiness unto people without even knowing he's doing it. While OOCly completely reliant on consent, this power is passive; he cannot activate it, nor deactivate it. It's simply an aura of giving off good vibes to others around him.

WISHES: In all of his various forms (save that of Angelic,) Unico is capable of granting wishes; though they must be simple, and fall under the usual laws of things: he cannot affect the free will of others, he cannot grant the wisher more wishes, he cannot use a wish to kill someone or inflict horrible bodily damage on them. He cannot make someone really powerful or wealthy, and a wish cannot be used to raise the dead. (Examples of Past Wishes can be found in Powers/Details)

REVIVAL POWERS: Unico is capable of raising the dead, however it has limits: If the person has been dead for longer than five hours, then there is no way for him to bring life back into them, no matter how strong the form of his power. This is because after a few hours, the body itself begins to decompose, which puts a strain on Unico. As well, he is incapable of raising life out of a mangled or dismembered corpse unless he has Aura-flared, and even then there will be scars behind and in far heavier cases of dismemberment, it may not work for long.

POWER FLAW: DETECTION: Those who are capable of detecting great holy or healing magic would know that Unico is nearby, and would easily be able to pinpoint his source, either to avoid, or hunt down. It is his exuberance for happiness and his inability to hide this, which has caused his detection time and time again by the Old Gods who wish him dead for being a source of happiness to others.


Unico was born one of many small foals to a beautiful mother Unicorn, and a handsome Pegasus father, deep in a tranquil forest. He was granted at birth, with an innate power to make all those around him happy. However, the Gods of his world became jealous, and were angry, insisting that happiness should only come to those who have toiled for many years under labor and hardship. So they bade him banished away to the isle of Oblivion, and ordered the West Wind to take him there, where he would forever be forgotten and no one would ever feel his love.

She passed a slumber over Unico's family, and took him away. But the West Wind took pity on him, and, sad for him, that he would otherwise never know love, she instead cast him onto the Island of Solitude, where she felt he would be at least able to stay fora few years while the Gods forgot about him, and then she could bring him back. While on the Island, Unico met a young demon, named Beezle, who wanted nothin more than to be a big, strong adult, like his father, The Devil, and to have a horn just like Unicos. In an attempt to win his friendship, Unico let Beezle have his horn. "But for only one day!" The unicorn added.

Beezle, having never known a friend before, and being a demon, at first treated Unico roughly. He battered Unico about with his own horn, and pulled his tail, and chased him all over. When Unico was too tired to play these rough games anymore, Beezle got angry, and decided he didn't like him anyway. So when unico was swept out to the dashing rocky sea, Beezle didn't help him at first. But as Unico's cries for help came more and more, Beezle was forced to look into his own heart, and he realized he was lonely, and that Unico had been a really good friend, letting play rough with him. However, a deal was a deal, and Beezle waited exactly until the last stone fell in the great hourglass on the island, before he lept into the water, despite not knowing how to swim, and made his way out to Unico, putting the unicorn's horn back on his head, just before they both began to slip beneath the waves.

Unico's horn, now back on his head, rejuvenated the Unicorn; and Beezle's love, shown in his own sacrifice of life to return the Unicorn's horn and keep his promise empowered him greatly, and for the first time ever, Unico flared with power, and became an angelic Unicorn with Pegasus flight; using his powers first to bring he and Beezle out of the sea, and then landed on the rocks, to bring his drowned friend back to life. Beezle saw Unico briefly as the great majestic Pegacorn, and then fell back. Shortly after, Unico's power fades, and the Unicorn fainted in an exhausted heap.

Unfortunately for Unico, this use of his power cost him dearly; for in doing so, he was seen by the Gods, who, even angrier, chastised the West Wind, and then sent the Night Wind to take him away forever. It was, however, the West Wind who reached Unico first, and she swept him up and far away, much to Beezle's dismay. She knew she had to hide Unico again, or else the Gods would surely kill him. To further help Unico, so that he would not be sad, shge erased memories of Beezle from his mind.

This time, Unico was whisked far away to a gentle countryside, where he was left beside a river. It was there that he met a young kitten, floating down the river in the basket she had been abandoned in. Her name was Katy, and she wanted nothing more in the whole world than to be a witch. Unico followed her down the river, until she washed up at the side of the river's banks next to an old woman's house. Katy immediately assumed, because the old woman lived alone, and had a broom, that she must be a witch. So when the old woman took her and Unico in to treat them to a warm place to sleep at night, Katy began begging the old woman to turn her into a witch. Of course, humans can't understand cats, so all the old woman heard was pitiful mewling she took for a hungry kitten, and so Katy was given a bowl of milk.

Katy was disappointed at first, but then realized the woman must just be tired that night, so in the morning the old woman would turn her into a witch! For this, she hopped onto the woman's bed, and curled up happily at her feet. While the two slept that night, Unico couldn't help but want to give Katy her wish, so he granted it; and when the morning dawned, instead of a little kitten on the bed, there was a young woman, asleep. The older woman, quite blind, had left before dawn not noticing Katy nor Unico, so when she returned home to find a young girl who was overly ecstatic to be 'A real witch now!' she was somewhat confused, but, decided to take the girl in anyway, since she seemed homeless.

So Katy took up the chores around the place for a while, and waited patiently for the woman to teach her to be a witch. But Unico didn't want to get Katy's hopes up too high, so he eventually came forward and said that it was He, not the Old Woman, who turned Katy into a girl. When Katie at first wouldn't believe him, he turned her back into a kitten. Katy, realizing he was right, and that the old woman really wasn't a witch, began to sob, until Unico scolded her and reminded her about how nice they had been treated by the old woman. Though Katy was still too proud to be humbled, she did agree to keep working with the old woman if Unico turned her back. So he did.

Unico was sure that would be the end of it, but one day, at the riverside, while Unico rested in the sunlight and Katye did laundry, an evil, rich wizard, Called the Baron de Ghost. who lived in the woods, came upon them both, and took a delight to Katy's good looks. He hypnotized her, and drew her away, to stay in his mansion, where he got her rather drunk, and drugged, and was about to force himself upon her, when Katy spoke out of her love for Unico as a friend, and said that the old woman really wasn't as bad as she claimed. Unico, who, up until then, had been drawn away by chattering of creatures in the wood, returned to the riverside to find Katy gone. And then was horrified to find out where— For the chatterings he had heard in the wood were of an evil man, who was killing animals because he hated them.

Unico dashed through the forest as fast as he could to save Katy, who by that time had begun singing a song she liked to sing to herself as a cat to the Baron. Upon finding out she was really a cat, the Baron was enraged— for of all animals he hated, he hated cats the most. As Unico arrived to try and lead Katy away, the baron turned into a hideious monster, and roared that he would kill them both— But Katy would come first. He tore Katy away from Unico; and in those moments, she sobered again by fear, and cried out his name in fright. The horrible creature flung Unico away as he made a charge for his leg, and Unico collapsed limp in the rocky garden of the mansion, which had been destroyed in the Baron's fury.

Just as the Baron hefted Katy high, and was about to plunge his hand into her heart, however, Unico's powers, once more, enacted themselves; for so was his love for Katy, and so was hers for him, that he was once more able to change into the beautiful angelic Pegacorn, who charged forward to defeat the evil before him and save Katy. He plunged his horn, pure and holy as it was, into the Baron's heart, and he shattered into a thousand pieces of dark burned glass. He saved Katie from falling, and carried her to the edge of the forest, where he lay her down. Then, with his powers spent, Unico once more collapsed into an unconscious heap, and Katy once more turned into a cat, and fell unconscious aside him.

This, too, was a feat that did not go unnoticed by the Gods, who once again cursed the West Wind, and sent the Night Wind to find Unico; the West wing, once more, reached the Unicorn child first, and then wiped away his memories of Katy, as well as hers of him. Katy went on to live happily with the old woman, and the forest was never again bothered by the evil monster Baron.

Many times, adventures such as this happened in Unico's life; and every time he had just made friends, he was forced to leave, because of the selfish Gods of his world. One day came, that it was his second birthday, and the West Wind wished to show him back to his homw with his mother and siblings. But as he was whisked into the air, some strange change came over the land; suddenly, the sky turned dark, and the West Wind and Night Wind Met together head on, causing a cyclone. Poor Unico called out in fright, and was tossed about in the air, before finally falling unconscious and being flung away.

When Unico awoke, the world had changed. He could feel it himself, there was little magic where he had landed. He was scared, and alone again, but had become so accustomed to these things that the little Unicorn wandered forward slowly, in search of life, undaunted. In the distance there was laughter, and he soon crept upon a bunch of human boys playing a strange game with a ball and a hoop. He watched them curiously, and followed them when they left. Unico was surprised to learn he was now in the '21st century' in a place called 'New York'. And beyond that, he was also part of something called 'The Multiverse'. What's more, he managed to wander, hidden, into the worst place of all: The Oriental District. Upon wandering here, he was horrified to find many things he had once known to be powerful, and feared by humans, were now killed and hunted by them to bestow their powers upon themselves.

Deciding then that he would need to find a way to hide himself not just from the humans, but the horrible, terrible West Wind, as well as The Gods who were angry at him, Unico thought long and hard, before he came upon an idea: He would disguise himself as a human! so Unico closed his eyes, and wished very hard. And drawing upon his own magic, he was able to turn into a ten year old boy— Yet, sadly, he was unable to change all of his features. His horn, his tail, and his hooves remained. Still, enough of him was human, he decided, that he could get by. Then the little Unicorn went into the City to try and find someone he could get some clothes from, and to try and start his new life…

For however long this one would last this time.


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