Ultra Magnus (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Ultra Magnus
Faction: Union
Rank: 3 - Master Sergeant
Function: Autobot City Commander
Series: Transformers-2
Species: Transformer

"Consistancy is Victory."

Profile: Reliable, trustworthy and self-sacrificingly brave, Ultra Mangus is an Autobot in whom many would entrust their lives. The problem is sometimes getting him to accept that himself, as he often feels he is just a soldier and little else. Regardless, he is a highly skilled tactician as well, and when the need arises, a capable and selfless leader. Although technically assigned as the commander for Autobot City, he prefers to be on the field fighting along side his soldiers instead of issuing orders from behind a desk somewhere. Operates best with small groups or squads, but can lead entire armies, and do so amiably despite his personal doubts, when necessary. His large robot mode is actually a set of power armor, giving him the strength, endurance and firepower to face the more formidable of foes, often doing so simply because he knows he is more suited to do so than the average Autobot, throwing himself at the biggest threat so others can get their own jobs done. Even his inner robot can be a formidable force to deal with when its use is necessary. Transforms into a semi-truck and armored transport trailer capable of carrying other Autobots or hardware onto the field.

Vital Statistics

Age: Over several million Earth years, roughly estimate.
Primary Robot Mode: Power Armor Robot
Secondary Robot Mode: Core Robot
Vehicle Mode: Semi w/Armored Transport Trailer
Classification: Military Command Transport
Height: Power Armor: Over 40 feet. Core Robot: 35 ft.
Weight: Heavy. Very.
Note: Most people, unless having seen it themselves, do not know Ultra Magnus 'primary' robot mode is actually a set of power armor. 'Core' Robot mode resembles a white Optimus Prime (Classics version).


  • Power Armor - Unlike most Transformers, Ultra Magnus utilizes additional external armor over his core robot, and although essentially separate it is integrated fully to his systems and functions as if part of his own body. It enhances his strength and endurance considerably, allowing him to engage more formidable opposition. In most cases, he utilizes this as his 'primary' robot mode, unless the armor is heavily damaged or in emergencies. In vehicle mode, as a trailer it can be used as a military transport.
  • Assault Rifle - A dual-barreled, rapid fire combat rifle that is Ultra Magnus' primary all-purpose weapon. It can fire either typical laser beams or machine-gun style ballistics. It is his main weapon when in secondary 'core' robot mode.
  • Energy Blaster Rifle - A larger rifle that fires powerful energy blasts. Used as a primary weapon, though he can wield both rifles in his primary robot mode. More powerful but less versatile.
  • Missile Launchers - Affixed upon shoulders in robot mode, and can be deployed upon his trailer in vehicle mode. Each missile has semi-homing targeting ability and a distance of up to 30 miles. Despite small caliber as powerful as any full-sized missile.
  • Ultra Magnum Variable Weapon - A large scale heavy assault weapon for those times when there's no other tactical solution other than the application of exceptional firepower. The weapon has two modes, the first being an 8-shell cluster bomb launcher, capable of single, multiple targeting or general area-spread firing. The second mode folds out into a heavy assault weapon, utilizing six seperate arrays to focus energy equivalent to a large-caliber energy cannon. Jokingly dubbed 'The BFG for dealing with it' by some Autobots.
  • Magnus Hammer - A handheld warhammer that can be extended to a full sized sledge. He'd originally looked for a sword, but Springer told him a hammer was better for someone that, to quote, 'Should be able to knock a punk across the battlefield in one blow.' The head can be charged with energy to increase impact damage or fire off in vagely lightning-like bolts.
  • Sensory Perception - Ultra Magnus has above average sensors for a Transformer, tuned almost entirely to collecting tactical data on the battlefield, allowing him to analyze multiple targets and tactics at one time even during heavy large-operation firefights.

Skills and Abilities

  • Tactical Officer - Ultra Magnus is a highly skilled tactician and field commander, with a wealth of natural talent and experiences backing him. As capable of adapting to the changing scenarios of the battlefield as he is planning out long-term military operations; despite his occasional self-doubts he is a very capable leader when the need arises. Capable of analyzing multiple tactical aspects of a situation, even under stressful confitions, despite doubt-spawned second guessing.
  • Military Training - Having been a soldier in times of war and peace alike, Ultra Mangus's range of training and experience is almost unparalleled; he could plan and lead a successful mission with no more than a handful of rookies and the bare minimum of equipment if necessary. Has trained in a wide variety of military operations and combat styles, even those he's not suitable for himself, to better include their use in his planning.
  • Diffusion - Although skilled in many cybertronian combat styles, this is one Ultra Magnus has studied to the point of actually being considered a mastery. A mix of offensive techniques and self-defense, it allows him to use his size and strength to his advantage to redirect force, deflect attacks and disable an enemy. Though technically non-lethal in design, the techniques can be quite devastating when employed effectively.
  • Strength and Endurance - His core robot form is almost identical to Optimus Prime in design, giving him similar physical capabilities. Ultra Magnus can do as much damage physically as he can with weaponry, backed by extensive knowledge of cybertronian fighting styles and tactical maneuvers. His power armor farther amplifies these aspects.


As City Commander and one of the Autobots' primary tactical officers Ultra Magnus has access to much of the factions resources, particularly those involved in Autobot City itself. Soldiers, equipment, supplies; though he tries to only draw upon them when necessary.

  • Autobots - Assigned directly under Ultra Magnus' command, but not limited to: Bluestreak, Big Daddy#, Getaway#, Cliffjumper, Smokescreen, Treadbolt#, Mirage, Silverbolt, Hothouse#, Powerglide, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, Tigertrack, Hound . The Aerialbots and Wreckers are also assigned under him, kept in reserve for major high threat situations.
  • The Gravitron - A spacescruiser assigned to Autobot City, allowing Ultra Magnus and his forces to deploy quickly when necessary. Capable of FTL flight, it's smaller than an Ark class spaceship, but also better armed and more suited for space combat and field support operations. Assigned crew: Countdown# (Navigator/Helm), Jetfire (Science Officer), Hubcap (Comm), Erector# (Engineer), Huffer (Engineer)
  • Note - # denotes members who are the same character as the name, but as their Universe portrayed normal sized Transformer instead of micromaster. Hothouse is the white version of Powerglide mold. Erector is the yellow version of Mudflap. Getaway as non-powermaster.

Theme Information

  • Transformers-2 - This particular theme is generalized Generation 1, reimaged in the designs used for the Universe/Classics sublines of figures, with a few alterations. Gestalt and various alternate technologies exist but are in very limited use, many such group members exist as normal Transformers instead. Several G1 Micromasters are in a similar state, or as Minicons. The latter exist, but in much smaller numbers and are less of a threat to power balances, more often suited for the role of spies or maintenance aids than power boosters. Both Primus and Unicron are regarded as god-like beings, but neither has yet to make an appearance, though a few 'heralds' of Unicron are rumored to be. But otherwise its the story of good vs evil you grew up with, with Robots in Disguise that are More Than Meets The Eye!


  • Yes Spotlight: Ultra Magnus is canon for this theme's background. But happened during those 4 million 'off' years in the past.
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