Twilight Zelda (Retired)
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Hylian
Source The Legend of Zelda-2
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank X-None
Function Crown Princess of Hyrule
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Early 20s
Age (Actual) 18
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'9"
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"Many may ask why I have made the decisions that I have… why I turned my back on my kingdom, and surrendered Hyrule to this cruel usurper. My answer remains the same for every asking. The needs of my people will always come first. I will not see them cut down like wheat before the scythe: Where there is life, there is still hope."
Table of Contents


The Kingdom of Hyrule is a land of plenty, peaceful and prosperous. Tasked with upholding its traditions of justice and peace is its unbroken lineage of kings and queens. Zelda is the most recent in that long and distinguished lineage. When interlopers from the twilight assaulted Hyrule, Zelda surrendered to save her people, condemning them to linger in the twilight as helpless spirits. She now searches for a way to undo this terrible mistake, throw off the reign of twilight, and free her people. In this, her destiny is intrinsically linked with Link, a rancher turned hero, and Midna, the resident of the Twilight Realm that guides him. Despite all she's been through, Zelda is calm and thoughtful, never to act without considering the consequences. She is kind, though she recognises that fairness entails necessary harshness, and well aware that it isn't possible to please everyone. She strives to do her best, as had her forebears before her, and to restore Hyrule to the place it once was… before the shadow-beasts that hunt her catch up to her.


  • Archery: Though royalty, Zelda does know a few martial skills. Though she lacks the strength to wield a longbow or shoot for too long, she is a proficient archer, capable of striking difficult and moving targets. She knows how to shoot from horseback as well.
  • Equipment: When she fled Hyrule Castle, Zelda took a few things along. She carries her rapier, bow and quiver, and her crown. Concealing her face is a heavy hooded robe of mourning once belonging to her father, embroidered with royal sigils and more arcane designs. She also has a horse bartered from the Highland Army, chosen for its great speed.
  • Fencing: Zelda's symbolic rapier is also practical. Agile and light on her feet, she was trained by her father and the captain of the guard in the art of fencing. Skilled but not strong, she can at least defend herself. Her own rapier suits her best, but she can wield any light blade.
  • Hasty Retreat: She might not look like much, physically, but Zelda has gotten exceptionally good at sensing danger, running from it, and hiding herself away until the coast is clear. Living on the knife's edge since Hyrule's collapse has given her something of a dubious gift for such talents.
  • Magic: Through the Triforce, Zelda has become an accomplished sorceress. Her field of expertise is narrow, relating mostly to cleansing, healing, and shielding from damage. (Elites cannot be bound without consent, and protective shielding is used as fluff for blocking or evading attacks.)
  • Triforce of Wisdom: A divine relic of the royal family, split into three, Zelda's piece manifests on her right hand. It lends her intuition, experience, and wisdom beyond her years, offering a tactical advantage. It empowers her magic, allows her to communicate telepathically, and protects her from shapeshifting. (Consent required where applicable.)


  • Fragile: A warrior Zelda is not. Although she isn't necessarily weak, neither does she have the strength or stamina of a front-line combatant. It takes very little to overpower and overcome what few physical defenses she can muster when it comes to direct confrontation.
  • Last of the Royal Line: Zelda is keenly aware that she is the last of the royal family. She can't afford to let anything happen to her, and harbours the hope that when the kingdom is retaken and liberated from twilight, she will still be alive to rule it. Until then, she has a pragmatic eye towards staying alive, lest Hyrule fall into civil war. This can sometimes lead her to seem cowardly, or jump into hasty decisions.
  • Royal Pride: She may not always show it, but Zelda is a strong-willed young woman. She has a hard time asking for help or relying on others. To her, if she can't lead her people under her own power, she has no right to rule. Though it has its merits, this stubborn pride can get her into quite a lot of trouble.
  • Stamina: While she knows a few things about battle, Zelda has all the stamina of a book-bound scholar. She can't do anything physical for long without tiring. Draining her strength like this can leave her unable to work magic, or even to flee her enemies, no matter how much she may need to.
  • Triforce of Wisdom: Though potent, the Triforce of Wisdom doesn't make Zelda omniscient. It can hone her instincts and her tactical thinking, but it can't give her knowledge she doesn't learn the hard way. Similarly, it can enhance her magic, but it doesn't exactly lift her to godlike limits.
  • Weight of the Crown: Zelda is the sole survivor of the royal family. She has been forced to deal with the death of her family, the sting of defeat, and Hyrule's catastrophic descent into twilight. All of this has weighed heavily on her, forcing her to cope with a lot of things she isn't prepared to cope with, and making her overly cautious and sometimes too slow to commit to action.
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