An odd work from CLAMP, this series has essentially taken just about every other series that the authors have worked with and mashed it together in an alt-U, primarily featuring the main characters from Card Captor Sakura (without the cards, though, fortunately). A very long story short, the princess Sakura of the Clow Kingdom had her secret powers ripped out of her in the form of feathers after stumbling on a ruin her archeologist childhood friend, Syaoran, managed to uncover.

With these powers went her memories, and Syaoran was forced to bargain away his relationship with Sakura - and her memories of him, whether or not the feathers were recovered — to the morally dubious Time Witch to allow him to travel through time and space to retrieve the feathers. Joining these two on their quest, a pair who were also forced to bargain away their most treasured things to travel transdimensionally, was Fei, a smart-ass wizard trying to escape his own world, and Kurogane, a ninja trying to return from his banishment to another world. It seems that someone else is after Sakura's power, though, following their trans-universal travels.

This timeline assumes a phyrric victory of sorts - the feathers were found, but Sakura's memories of Syaoran appeared to be obliterated, and in all likelihood the Time Witch double-crossed them. Though things are a bit vague at the moment (since the canon is unfinished and to leave future room for growth), Syaoran WAS kicked out of Clow (likely due to the king, who never liked him in the first place, finding an excuse to kick him out by blaming the Unification on him), Sakura was last seen blissfully ignorant of Syaoran's existance despite their adventure (but who knows if that will last), and Fei and Kuro being tossed out of the Clow-verse to destinations unknown.

And yes, Syao is a bit of a drunk right now. Why do you ask?

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