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There is a place in the world where magic, witches, and monsters still exist. While much of the planet Earth has moved on to science and technology, all things and creatures of mystical origin have moved into a world that exists alongside Earth, known as Eihemland.

Ruled by a king who regularly employs Witches to solve problems which arise, Eihemland is a peaceful and rustic place compared to the rat race of the outside world. Monsters roam the land, but are generally peaceful in nature these days, with some (such as the princess of the fairies) even signing up as Witches to help the King.

The biggest threat to peace actually comes from humans: Witches and sorcerors who would rather cause trouble than solve it. The most prominent group would be the Amalgam Daughters, the children of former court magician Amalgam Kallous, now known as the Witch of Darkness. Despite the group's name, one of the members is actually a boy.


Any train station in the Multiverse can access Eihemland by selling tickets on the Magical Expressway, which departs from Platform 13 every hour on the hour. No matter where in the Multiverse the train ride begins, it lasts precisely ten minutes before coming to a stop in Eihemland's only train station, just outside the Royal Capital.

Anxious travellers can fly alongside it and still reach their destination on time. It's the Magical Express Train. That's just how it works.

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