Transformers Ultimate-1

It is a grim time for the Autobots. Their homeworld of Cybertron has been conquered by the Eternal Decepticon Empire; their former leaders, the Council of Thirteen and Optimus Prime, murdered by the hand of the Emperor of Destruction called Megatron — and with them, it seems that hope itself has been slain. Their allies, the Maximals, have been driven from their homeworld by the Predacons, and the combined strength of the Decepticon Empire has forced the Autobots and their friends to find a new homeworld: the planet Earth. There, alongside humankind and under the leadership of Rodimus Prime, they have forged for themselves a new government — the Autobot Unity, a symbol of their three races' joining against the Eternal Decepticon Empire.

Unfortunately, such valiant efforts may be doomed to destruction. With the odds stacked against them, can the Unity succeed in their quest to free Cybertron and the universe from the grip of the evil Megatron? Or will the Emperor of Destruction finally end what he started, so many years ago?

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