Oak's Trainers

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General Information

Oak's Trainers (often called Trainers for short) are the primary Pokemon-based fighting force in the Union. They evolved separately on several worlds as a direct response to the threat of Team Rocket and the paralysis of the governments of the world to deal with them. Officially unacknowledged by the military, they began as a secret organization, but after saving the world several times, publicity was inevitable. Now, post-Unification, this group of 200-odd teenagers, armed with their wits, their melee combat training and their Pokemon, is arguably the most important military force from their world.

There are at least three iterations of the Trainers working together - those from the subthemes of Pokemon-1, Pokemon-6, and Pokemon-9. Pokemon-6 is the most predominant, and Pokemon-9 consists mostly of adults, having Unified from the future.

The Trainers are generally a nearly self-sufficient group. Their most important hurdle is money, in terms of general organization, but they got by well on what Oak could scrounge up from military sources and his own savings before Unification, and now have essentially unlimited funding by the Union Armed Forces should the need arise. Their primary field commanders are Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak, although the Professors are technically in charge of the whole organization and can pull rank as needed. Below them the organization varies from iteration to iteration, though they are fairly fluid, loose-knit organizations and hierarchies that self-organize in terms of pecking order. One thing that is never tolerated is serious bullying, although more than a few tend to share rivalries with one another (see Bugcatcher and Lass). The Trainers are often called "a bit crazy," which is not terribly surprising - most are not typical youth. These are the best that the Pokeverse has to offer, with most having considerable combat prowess, and a number of geniuses and high-level psychics are in their ranks. They also have hackers, foreign technology experts, espionage experts, and just about everything else one might expect them to need. While they have not acquired expertise in many areas of foreign powers (such as magic), they do posses sufficient knowledge to defend themselves from and counter such, even if they can't use it themselves, with more influential members tending to hold a great deal of this knowledge due to increased exposure to the Multiverse at large. They have generally adapted well to the Multiverse and are quite capable of taking care of themselves for the most part. Camaraderie, courage, and skill with Pokemon training, and courage are the ultimate constants of their members, no matter what iteration.

In addition, the Trainers, despite being age-frozen due to the Multiverse aging effect and the general amorphous nature of Multiversal time, still require the energy that a growing teenager typically does for biological reasons… and even more than that due to the sheer amount of activity they do. The average Trainer will pack away at least 3000 calories per day, and the strongest come in around 6000 calories after heavy fighting or other extensive, strenuous activity. It is not easy to feed this group.

Please note that Oak's Trainers are non-canon, and the themes mentioned are extremely heavily modified.

Important NPCs

  • Giselle Lantree

Somewhat vapid and definitely arrogant, Giselle was a graduate from Pokemon Tech, one of the most prominent schools for Pokemon training - so prominent, in fact, that graduation was considered the equivalent of obtaining eight badges in the league! Giselle has a lot of book smarts but only mediocre practical skills; as such, she's a pretty darn good combatant for competitive battling, but at best mediocre with a real fight. However, she has one talent - she's a high level Move Tutor and can teach almost any move to any Pokemon. Her starter is a Cubone, Boney, who she insists on calling "Boney-chan." She could be described as a legend in her own mind. Despite her faults, Giselle is a worthwhile Trainer, who will give everything she's got to help her world, the Union, and her comrades when push comes to shove.

Recently, Giselle was kidnapped by Lotor and forcefully converted into an Otome Valkyrie. After being rescued by the Union, she retained the nanites and was provided with a GEM from Windbloom, allowing her to become a Union-aligned Otome. She considers Ash to be her 'master,' as a result. Her Element manifests as armor for her Pokemon, equipped with rail guns - particularly Boney, whose rail-guns Giselle refers to as "bone railguns" and seems to especially enjoy. As with before, Boney endures his mistress's favor and affection with as much dignity as he can muster.

Giselle is a pre-existing character from the Pokemon canon, modified heavily.


  • Lass Ketchum

Loud is the best way to characterize this Trainer. She makes her opinions known and she takes no crap from anybody, and is more than willing to let you know when she's pissed off. Lass is Ash's distant cousin and has more than a little of his knack for improvisation, being one of the group's exotic technology experts. Lass is a brave and intelligent member of the group, even though she often spends time staving off Bugcatcher's clumsy advances.

Lass is a specific trainer type from the games, which means there are dozens. This particular character is effectively an original character based on the Lass type. On the web page cited, think more along the lines of the first, second or third generation images, except with purple hair.


  • Lara Laramie

One of the first members of the Trainer and one of the high-rankers. Lara is a horse expert, both of the Pokemon and animal varieties. Her family owns the Laramie Ranch in southern Kanto. She's earnest and serious, despite a perchant for sarcasm, and highly dependable. Her starter, a Rapidash, is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, ground-based Pokemon in the Trainer force.

Lara is a pre-existing character from the Pokemon anime and one of the Pokemon manga. She's changed from canon, but not all that much.


  • Bugcatcher

The Milhouse of the group. Bugcatcher is one of those idiots in Viridian Forest that fights with nothing but bug Pokemon. Has a strong crush on Lass and often pursues her; much to her chagrin he often sees to it that they're paired up. Bugcatcher does have redeeming traits, including bug expertise that is little short of awe-inspiring. That said, his personality is offsetting at best, and he seems to have no desire to change.

Bugcatcher is based on the Bug Catcher trainer type from the games. Although he has a real name - "Bugcatcher" is somewhere between a callsign and a nickname - nobody ever calls him by it.


  • Tracey Sketchit

Tracey is one of Ash's travel companions from earlier and is particularly well-known for being a drawing artist and an expert on the nuances of operating around the ocean. However, when he gets behind the wheel, people had better watch out - he's known to be a heroic maniac whenever piloting a vehicle. Usually manages to crash a car right into the right place at the right time. Also known for needing contact lenses - badly. His starter is a Scyther, with a Marril also being his constant companion.

Tracey is based on a pre-existing character from the Pokemon anime, modified fairly heavily. He was at one time one of the main characters, but as he was never very marketable and was put in to replace a character that turned out to be pretty popular, he didn't last for very long and ended up being a background character they might toss in two or three times a season - if they're lucky. Much like Misty, the producers seem to think that it's best if they stop mentioning him and hope the viewers forget he ever existed (but, as the Bulbagarden wiki shows, that's not exactly a successful strategy).


  • Alice Walker

Alice is the mechanic of the group. Autistic and extremely intelligent, yet somewhat innocent and naive - but she possesses enough maturity and awareness of her surroundings to be willing to help the Trainers. Rarely sees field action, though she's been training to be able to defend herself in hand to hand should the need arise. Her CODEC has been specially modified so members of Union command and the higher-ranking Trainers can cause her vision to tint to certain colors for a split second to get her attention when she's totally engrossed - for instance, a red flash is an emergency and a blue flash is someone wants to talk but it can wait. Alice's talents are primarily mechanical in nature, having an intuitive insight into how machines operate. This manifested itself in bicycles at first, but she is learning to apply this skill to a much larger array of possible uses.

Alice was originally an original character played by Dark Matter. He has given permission that she can be used as an NPC until such a time that he decides to pick her up again, if ever.

  • Ladybug

A particularly unusual contribution to the Trainers. Ladybug started life as a literal ladybug, but after Ash and Gary had a misadventure near the Spring of Drowned Girl at Jusenkyo, this ladybug became a blue-eyed red-haired human. Her form was quickly locked in human form, and now, endowed with intelligence but having no place to go, she has been taken in by the Trainers, her unusual (and somewhat uncreative) name being granted by Gary's well-meaning (and empty-brained) cheerleaders. She has an affinity for bug, plant, ground and rock Pokemon - however, she also has an extreme dislike for ants, which apparently caused her distress when she was an actual insect, though she refuses to talk about the details. Ladybug is rather grateful to the Trainers as a whole, and while often an apparent example of ADD, she also often helps out in a variety of ways, even though she's far from a front-line fighter at this time. She personally possesses no Pokemon, making her one of the very few Trainers with no actual Pokemon. However, she likely has at least a pet-level license, and with further tutoring from her fellow Trainers, this will almost certainly change in the future.


  • Oak Labs

This facility acts as Trainer headquarters - at least, if you can consider them to have one, considering their generally loose-knit nature. Officially Oak Labs is not called "Oak Labs." However, the locals tend to call it exactly that due to the considerable influence Professor Oak has had on it. A military installation, he virtually runs it by virtue of his genius and experience, despite having retired from the military decades ago. It is both more and less militarized than one might expect - it has a time-honored tradition of helping local trainers start on their journeys, and even has portions where civilians can enter regularly, but also has a variety of aspects that remind one that this is a military institution, such as the presence of marine guards, hidden defensive systems that can transform it into a virtual fortress, and a "bunker" level, where the Trainer command center is located in a room that was once fitted to act as an emergency fallback command center in case nuclear war broke out.

Research is split between civilian and military projects, with a decent amount of corporate funding - much of it brought in on Oak's name alone. It has a variety of facilities, including the aforementioned command center, several dozen labs, biocontainment facilities, a supercomputing cluster, and an expermeintal nuclear power core. A number of local trainers also use it as their "box", or caretaking facility for their Pokemon while they are away, and it remains a major hub for the Pokemon trainsfer system. In addition, there are also facilities for mundane tasks such as secretarial staff, as well as quarters for marines permanently stationed there, and support facilities for the Trainers, including a few recreational areas and some quarters set aside for their use, either as temporary "crash rooms" for the night or as permanent quarters for the few Trainers who have no other place to call home. A small medical facility with a doctor on staff can also be relied on, although this is not set aside for the Trainers, rather acting as an emergency staff station for the all-too real possibility of serious accidents during experiments.

Oak Labs is located less than a mile outside of Pallet Town, and is not far from Pallet Beach. It is one of the major employers in the region, and probably the primary employer of residents from Pallet Town.

  • Elm Labs

Elm Labs is a much more modest facility than most of the others. Once again, nicknamed after the name of its most influential researcher and long-time manager, it is located in New Bark Town. It, too, follows the time-honored tradition of local research facilities helping young trainers start out on their journeys. Elm's Lab has most of the equipment that one would expect for a Pokemon Lab, and probably has a few particularly esoteric bits of equipment, such as archaeological gear to study nearby ruins. The lab is primarily financed by commercial contracts, although some government work is done, and as the Trainers have become more established the lab itself has been retrofitted to be sturdier in potential combat situations.

  • Birch Labs

Birch Labs is probably the second most important Trainer installation in existence. Ownership is split between several parties, Birch's family being one of them, though the government is one of the larger stakeholders. Professor Birch is relatively young, and is the youngest of the four "main professors", but he easily matches them, and his family is well-known in the scientific Pokemon community for research contributions. He ultimately holds massive sway over the facility, although he rarely uses it against the wishes of the stakeholders unless there is good reason. It is an established and well-equipped lab in Littleroot Town, and is one of the larger research facilities in Hoenn.

  • Rown Labs

Professor Rowen's lab is similarly nicknamed after the professor that runs it. It is privately owned by the well-known Professor Rowen. Although not as equipped as Oak's Lab or Birch's Lab, and relatively poor in terms of support services for the Trainers, it has most of the basics required, and is very intensively interested in research, providing a wealth of experts and equipment not easily accessed, even at Oak Labs or at the large universities in Saffron City. While not huge, it is nevertheless considered a highly influential facility.

  • Area 51

Area 51 in Pokemon-6 is a backup base for the Trainers. It is actually the headquarters of Special Forces Gamma, but due to the interrelationship with the groups it essentially also falls into Trainer jurisdiction. One might wonder why the military might hand over Area 51 to a group of teenagers. The answer, of course, is simple - they were working on far too many things that they shouldn't have, such as clones of the original Mewtwo. After Unification the base was closed down and left with a skeleton staff to guard and maintain the facilities. Due to recent interests in it by enemy forces, want someone to keep an eye on it to make sure nobody gets it, and that nothing crawls out of it.

Inter-group relations

  • Special Forces Gamma

Special Forces Gamma is a group which the Trainers are deeply related to, especially since the field commanders of the Trainers are the commanders of SFG.

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