Train Heartnet

General Information

Full Name: Train Heartnet
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Sweeper/Ex-Chrono Number
Series: Black Cat
Species: Human

"When you get to the other world, give the old man a message. Tell him that someday he and I are gonna break bread together."

Profile: Train is a lighthearted and courageous man who is one to be feared when he has a gun. By profession, Train is a sweeper, or bounty hunter, and never goes after a bounty without his partner, Sven Vollified. Two of Trains favorite pastimes are to continuously torment Sven, and to always tighten their already small budget as low-income sweepers by eating more than his fair-share of food. Train was giving the nickname Black Cat when he was still a member of the organization Chronos. This nickname was given to him because he would deliver bad luck to any of his targets. Trains weapon-of-choice is an orichalcum revolver that is known as Hades. This was given to Train when he became number XIII of the Chronos Numbers; a group of elite assassins in the organization Chronos

Vital Statistics

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Weight: 65kg (143lbs)
Blood Type: O
Likes: Milk and seafood
Dislikes: Tears of a woman
Hobbies: Napping


  • Hades - When Train was a member of Chronos, he was given the position of Number XIII in the Chrono Numbers, and elite eraser (assassin) group. Upon acquiring this position, he was given his “other partner”, Hades (A revolver made out of orichalcum). The most notable feature of Hades is the ‘XIII’ that is engraved on both sides of the gun. It has a six-round capacity and is capable of firing all six shots almost instantaneously. The design of Hades is somewhat unusual for a revolver, but this is because it is the weapon of a former Chrono Number, and also possibly because of all of the modifications that were built into the firearm. There is also a small tassel at the base of the grip, that can be extended up to x meters. Train will sometimes incorporate Hades into his hand-to-hand combat, using it to incapacitate an enemy, rather than going for the kill.
  • Black Coat - Train's coat from his time as Number XIII. It's a very rare sight to see Train with the coat on, and, in the off-chance that he does wear it, it's only when he's in his 'serious mode'.
  • Sven's Inventions - Train carries a variety of gadgets, ranging from Cat-Luring Grenades to Red Hot Jawbreakers. These are all created by his Sweeper partner, Sven Vollfied. Train’s favorite invention of Sven’s are the bullets that for Hades. Though most of the inventions that Train uses are for fighting, it's not uncommon to see Train using Sven's Cat-Luring Grenades to mess around with local cats.

Skills and Abilities

  • Marksmanship - Very few people are experts with a gun, and even fewer are on the same level as Train. A couple examples to show just how good Train is with a gun would be 1.) To practice his aim, Train fires six shots into a can with all the bullets passing though the same hole, and 2.) Train is able to deflect other bullets in midair by firing his own bullets into the path of his opponent's.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - When he's forced to, Train is able to rely on his hand-to-hand fighting skills to defend himself. Train has no formal style of fighting, though. One person even said, ‘He has no style. He’s just a person who loves to fight.’ This doesn’t mean that he isn’t a capable fighter, though. Train’s perfectly capable of fighting on equal grounds with someone who is an experienced martial artist.
  • Ambedexterity - Train was born left-handed, but during his time as an Eraser, he learned how to use both hands equally. Even though he is naturally left-handed, Train uses his right hand the majority of a time during a fight. Because he was born left-handed, Train will always be a little better with his left hand than his right, meaning that his accuracy, timing, etc. will increase slightly if he switches from his right to left hand during a fight.
  • Rail Gun - When Train returned to his adult form after nanomachine incident, Train was able to charge Hades with the static electricity in his body, turning Hades into a 'rail gun'. When shots are fired like this, the speed and power of the bullet significantly increases. For his body to 'recharge' normally, Train can only fire a rail gun shot three times in one day.


Train’s childhood was a miserable one. Everyday was life or death for him, until he met a man from the organization known as Chronos. This man, Karl Walken, had a high ranking in Chronos and took Train under his wing. At the time, Train was only 10 years old. Train remained with Chronos for 11 years. During these 11 years, Train honed his skills with a gun. Though he was born left-handed, he trained himself to be just as good with his right hand. Another accomplishment of Train’s is that he became a Chronos Number. The Chronos Numbers are an elite group of assassins who erase threats to Chronos. After being severely wounded on a mission, Train met the sweeper Saya Minatsuki, who treated his wounds. Train left the organization, but it had to be covered up. Chronos said that Train had been executed instead of leaving the organization, so that people wouldn’t suspect the Black Cat was still out that.

Train became a sweeper after leaving Chronos for two reasons. One was to live a carefree lifestyle that he could never have lived while he was a member of Chronos, and two is that he wanted to track down his former Chronos partner; Creed Diskenth. Creed was responsible for the death of Saya, who Train had fallen in love with. During his alliance with thief-for-hire Rinslet Walker, Train found out that Creed was still alive. Shortly after the alliance with Rins, Train, Sven, and Eve, who they found at Torneo’s mansion, went to a festival. Train encountered his first Taoist then, and the Taoist gave Train a message from Creed. They were to meet at the Lunafont Tower and discuss Train joining the Apostles of the Stars. Train declined and he fought fought Creed. Now, Train is on a mission to take down the Apostles of the Stars and Creed in order to avenge the death of his lost love, Saya Minatsuki.

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