Touhou revolves around two worlds, the human world (our own) and a mystical world beyond yet linked to our world, Gensokyo. Gensokyo was once part of feudal japan, but was sealed off from the human world in 1884 AD, becoming a separate world via the Hakurei Border and Hakurei Shrine. Gensokyo, because of being sealed off from the human world, took on a much different history than the human world, as the human world modernized, Gensokyo remained rooted in its feudal and magical heritage. Yet despite being divided by a powerful magic border, both worlds are still very much intertwined. Responsible for maintaining the balance of the two worlds is Reimu Hakurei, priestess of the Hakurei Shrine. In Gensokyo, battle is not done with tradtional weapons, but with a magical fighting style known as Danmaku, an almost artlike form of magical curtain fire that is comparible to an art form.

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