Toph Beifong (Retired)
Toph Beifong
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human (Earthbender)
Source AtLA-2
Faction Union
Rank 2-Lieutenant
Function Metalbending Police Chief
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Late 20s
Age (Actual) 28
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'9"
Weight 159 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
"People see me and think I'm weak. They want to take care of me, but I can take care of myself, by myself."
Table of Contents


Born to the wealthy Beifong family, Toph has been blind from birth, sheltered by her parents for her perceived disability. She fled home on numerous occasions, in one instance learning earthbending from the badgermoles, creatures blind like her. Fiercely independent, she isn't one to mince words or care about appearances or behaviour, in direct opposition to her upbringing. She can be lazy, stubborn, and shockingly blunt, but "the Chief" means well in the end, and cares about the people she's working with, considering herself responsible for their lives. As Chief, she puts her prodigal earthbending to excellent use, and also relies on the new subdiscipline of metalbending to accomplish tasks at hand… or, sometimes, just to show off.


  • Earthbending: Having learned from the badgermoles in her youth, creatures blind like her, Toph has become an earthbender of singularly unique talent and potential. Earthbending is somewhere between a form of martial arts and psychokinesis, allowing Toph to manipulate earth in its many forms. She can bend sand, soil, or stone; and she can use techniques like creating barriers, projectiles, casting armour of stone around herself, or tripping up opponents by shifting the ground beneath their feet. The only limit to her versatility is her imagination.
  • Metalbending: As a subdiscipline of earthbending, and one that she personally discovered, it should come as no surprise that Toph is very, very good at it. By using earthbending principles, Toph can influence the impurities in alloys, ores, and forged metal to manipulate it as she would the earth itself. She can affect nearly any common alloy or ore, provided it isn't refined too far or completely purified. Some common techniques include using the cables she wears, manipulating her armour without touching it, or restraining others by distorting metal around them to subdue them. She can also distort or "scrunch" flat metal as she sees fit, completely deforming it as situations may call for.
  • Equipment: As the Chief of Police, Toph has access to a wide variety of useful equipment that can help her in her duties.
  • Armour: Every police officer is given a set of metal armour, forged of articulated plates. By bending armour directly, Toph can manipulate it in a variety of ways to suit her needs. Toph's particular suit of armour is unique in lacking boots, as she prefers to be barefoot.
  • Cables: Toph carries several separate spools of metal cable attached to her belt, coiled and stored in a compact casing. These can be used in a variety of ways; most notably, she can use them as whip-like or cutting weapons, as defensive tools, and to restrain unruly individuals or combatants.
  • Hearing: Due to her blindness, Toph has a slightly keener sense of hearing than most people, though this does not extend into supernatural ranges.
  • Martial Arts: The bending of elements is in itself a form of martial arts. Even if bereft of her earthbending, Toph is still capable of defending herself for a limited time by falling back on the basic motions of earthbending and metalbending, although she's better when working with the earth.
  • Police Chief: As the Chief of the Metalbending Police Force, Toph technically has access to calling in reinforcements at any time from Republic City's finest. Her trusted lieutenants are Ho Tun, Penga, and "The Dark One." Toph is particularly independent, though, and rarely calls in backup unless there's a dire need for it. (PL 32 for Lieutenants, PL 30 or below for grunts.)
  • Seismic Sense: Although most earthbenders can use this technique, Toph has honed this into a powerful skill, and uses it as her primary means of "seeing" the world around her. By concentrating on the earth through the soles of her feet, Toph can sense the vibrations that travel through earth and stone, and by focusing on these vibrations she can comprehend what's happening around her to an extremely fine degree. Where necessary she can stomp and create a seismic wave to enhance her "vision," lending her more depth of focus and stronger definition to the things around her. Finally, by detecting the vibrations through the bodies of others, she can sense when others are lying by the rate of their heartbeats and pulses.


  • Abrasive: Toph is not very refined. She may have grown up in an aristocratic household, and she may genuinely mean well, but with events shaping her as they did, Toph chooses not to behave this way. She can come across as abrasive, blunt, rude, and incredibly unsensitive. Most of the time she knows when she's going too far, but she has no qualms about putting people in their place if they're starting to annoy her or behave… unwisely.
  • Bending Limitations: Though powerful, Toph isn't an omnipotent earthbender, no matter how much she might say otherwise. She has to have her chosen element close by to be able to work with it. If she has no means of connecting with the earth, or with metal, than she has no means by which to manipulate it. Separating her from earth or metal, such as suspending her in the air or throwing her in water, can make her bending useless.
  • Blind: Toph was born blind, and to this day remains blind, able to function only through her ability to "see" via earthbending. She physically cannot see, and has no means by which to focus on things that may not be in contact with the earth. As a result, she cannot read and she cannot write, and she can be at risk against opponents who have no connection to solid ground.
  • Independent: Toph is fiercely independent, and will often refuse offers of help or assistance until it's much too late. She's mellowed somewhat over the years, and she's gotten much better about this, but this quirk is still a stubborn cornerstone of her personality. Sometimes, it's easy for her to get in over her head, and for it to be far too late by the time she swallows her pride to ask for help.
  • Metalbending: Metalbending is still a new technique, and it still has a few stumbling blocks. Since she concentrates on the impurities in metal to manipulate it, Toph has no way to bend heavily refined ores and naturally purified metals. Some, like platinum, can't be bent at all. It would be possible to shut Toph's bending abilities down by imprisoning her in something made of purified ore, or to use it against her somehow.
  • Overconfident: For all that she is genuinely talented, Toph is somewhat overconfident in her abilities, and believes she's tough enough to take on any challenger. That's just not the way the Multiverse works, though, and her big mouth is entirely capable of getting Toph into trouble.
  • Seismic Sense: Since she perceives her world through vibrations in the earth, it is one of Toph's only ways to know what's going on. She must have contact with the ground through the soles of her feet, and in fact refuses to wear any kind of footwear for this reason. If her feet are burnt or otherwise compromised, she's effectively rendered completely blind. She also dislikes travelling through methods that remove her from the earth, such as flying on a sky bison, or travelling over water.
  • Swimming: Toph can't swim. If she happens to fall into water deep enough to submerge in, there is a fairly good chance that she'll drown… as long as nobody hears her screaming bloody murder about it, anyway.
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