Tohsaka Rin (Retired)
Tohsaka Rin (遠坂 凛)
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human (Magus)
Source Fate/stay night-3
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Clock Tower Liason
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid-20s
Age (Actual) 23
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'6"
Weight 138 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
"If this stupid car dies one more time, I'm setting it on fire."


The eldest daughter of a lineage of magi two hundred years strong, Rin is an ambitious and confident young woman. Her accomplishments speak for themselves in her twenty-three years; as a veteran of the Grail War, she has survived the ultimate battle royale and lived to tell the tale. As the stewardess of Fuyuki City, she oversees the territory on behalf of the Mage's Association. As penance for allowing the dangerous Grail War ritual to happen on her territory, Rin has been assigned as the Association's liaison to the Union with the expectation that she'll be out of their hair… and maybe, if they're lucky, get herself killed in the process. What they weren't expecting was her level of efficiency. Her skills are unpalleled for someone her age, both in and out of combat, and her skills as a researcher and scholar are equally honed. Rin's specialty is in the use of precious and semi-precious gems as conduits of energy, allowing her to wield power greater than her natural limits. On a more practical level, she is also trained in the martial arts.


  • Magecraft: Rin is a practitioner of Magecraft, known also as thaumaturgy. This study is the closest to true magic that most mortals of her world can come. Magecraft deals with the manipulation of ambient energy, used to invoke or control base elements. Through this, things like water or fire could be conjured by converting this untapped energy into the proper chemical formula. (+info Rin/Magecraft)
  • Jewels: There are literally hundreds of branches of Magecraft, each more specific than the last. Rin's specialty is the injection of mana into objects, storing it for later use. This Tohsaka trademark technique, allows her to store a little energy each day over a period of months and years; by drawing on this stored energy, she can surpass ordinary energy limits and wield incredible power through the use of just a single gem. (+info Rin/Jewels)
  • Magic Circuits: These invisible, intangible parts of a magus' soul allow them to make use of thaumaturgy. By enabling them, magi can transfer, invoke, or manipulate mana from their body's own personal reserves. By disabling them, they can conserve it for later use. Since they are intangible, magic circuits are very difficult to compromise, but can be debilitating if successfully tampered with — like tearing out a network of nerves. (+info Rin/Circuits)
  • Martial Arts: Rin was trained from her youth in a Chinese style of martial arts focusing on finesse, redirection of momentum, and quick strikes that make use of the body's pressure points. Her training was issued to her by Kotomine Kirei, a magus and priest formerly apprenticed to her father, who completed her training after her father was slain in the Fourth Grail War. Much of the technique passed with her father, though, and so her training in this style is incomplete.
  • Resources: Though perennially scraping the bottom of the financial barrel, Rin isn't completely without a few perks and useful things that she can access. Money buys a lot, and through saving and scrimping, she's managed to acquire a few nice things, such as a means of transportation, and nice things in her house like central air and heating. (+info Rin/Resources)
  • Techniques: Though Magecraft isn't as combat-oriented as many forms of magic, it does have a few useful things that can lend Rin an edge on and off the battlefield:
  • Gandr: Originally a weak Finnish hex in nature, Rin has perfected the use of Gandr into a versatile offensive and defensive tool. This concentration of malicious force normally has little more effect than to cause the target to suffer from mild illness, but Rin has honed her Gandr into a small but concentrated, concussive shot of bone-breaking force.
  • Reinforcement: As the name implies, reinforcement is a technique that lets Rin improve on her target. Most of the time this involves inanimate objects, but at its best, she can improve her own body, such as reinforcing her eyes to give her preternaturally keen vision, or reinforcing her legs to absorb shock and allow her to run faster.
  • Senses: Although not as keen as Emiya Shirou, Rin is able to sense supernatural disturbances in an area. This can run the gamut from spiritual disturbances to the emotional residue left behind by shocking events. With enough concentration she can even focus on spirits and other intangible creatures.
  • Thaumaturgical Crest: Lineages of magi bear crests, which are codified knowledge passed down through the generations. By choosing a successor to inherit the lineage's abilities, they can preserve hundreds of years of research, and this is done by the creation and inheritance of a Crest. Similar to magic circuits, these allow magi to use personal techniques and draw on knowledge compiled by their ancestors instantaneously. (+info Rin/Crest)


  • Crest: Though a thaumaturgical crest is a great advantage, Rin's is also a horrible drawback due to the circumstances under which it was transferred. She received the Tohsaka Crest all at once, rather than over a period of years to acclimate herself to it, and there is a degree of inherent rejection in it. Normally she can manage it with a particular draught taken to soothe the effects, but the dosage varies wildly. On occasion it can inflict on her crippling, debilitating pain at the worst possible moments, including mid-combat.
  • Finances: Jewel thaumaturgy is an unfortunate branch of study in that it requires colossal amounts of funding. Only the finest quality gems suit themselves to Rin's purposes and receive mana well. As a result, her financial situation is in dire straits. She isn't destitute, but Rin usually has only enough money to cover the essentials. Her miserly ways ensure that if any emergencies come up, she might be able to cover those, too. Generally speaking, though, Rin doesn't have much money to throw around, even with her Union stipend and her pay as a museum curator.
  • Jewels: While Rin's gems allow Rin to cast beyond her means, they're limited in number. In any given altercation she can be expected to carry as few as six and no more than ten of them on her person, and once their energy has been expended, the stones themselves are destroyed.
  • Mana: Mana is vital to all living things. Without it, things sicken and die. Too much can also act as a poison. Individual thresholds vary, but sudden influxes of mana can potentially cripple even an accomplished magus like Rin. Magic circuits hold only so much mana, like a dam holding back water. Exceeding those reserves slowly poisons a magus and destroys their body from the inside out. Backlash from failed rituals, casting beyond her means, holding too much energy in reserve without using it, and other unforeseen effects can all have a similar effect on Rin. Visible effects usually involve a lightening of eye or hair colour.
  • Mortal: For all that she can command awe-inspiring force, Rin is physically just an ordinary human, with ordinary limits. Some of her spiritual makeup might read a little differently, but her threshold for physical damage isn't far beyond normal human limits. She may be an Elite, but she isn't a bastion of awe-inspiring defense, and sometimes the best strategy is to disable or incapacitate her physically.

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