What Are The Titans?

The Titans are the progenitors of the gods, more or less. In the beginning, before human thought shaped the gods into what they are, or the other way around, or however it happens to go, the Titans embodied basic elemental concepts. Over time, they may or may not have become more refined in some ways by the evolution of the world, but they remain absolute embodiments of a particular elemental concept. This is why they cannot be killed- by kicking out the legs from underneath the table that happens to be fire, wind or water, you cause everything sitting on that table to collapse, ie 'absolutely everything'. When Ymir died, the ice age ended, causing spectacular global flooding as the entire /concept/ of 'ice' was broken. Hence why the gods sealed them in their gigantic prison in Tartarus. Well, for a while…

Where Are The Titans?

Currently, the Titans are besieging the Overworld- the 'realm of the gods' where all of the positive aspects, homes and sanctums lie, in a place that even Elites find difficult to access. Many of them have decided to pick on a certain pantheon. However, this is not a traditional 'siege' in some ways because at its heart, each Titan is a /realm/- rather than a physical being, they are an entire world which is gnawing at the borders of each of the Gods' realms. To make matters more confusing, each titanrealm has a means of reaching it not only from the World, but from other titanrealms- for example, if you wanted to enter Zrvan, shatter a clock. But if you were already diving in the Drowned River, if you swam to the deepest, darkest depths, you may cross over into Soko-no-Kumi's realm, as you were now in a place more concerned with 'darkness' than 'water'. In the multiverse, these methods work as well… but honestly the best way of getting into Hundun is simply to dive into the Perturbation Zone, with which it has merged pretty seamlessly. The gods for the most part consider this a Good Thing.

Some of the titan avatars have been sealed in New Tartarus, a prison made out of Atlantis' empty, nameless Underworld. Soko no Kumi, the Critter and Omukade are currently imprisoned there, greatly reducing the power level of the titans of darkness and earth and pulling their influence away from the godrealms they have chosen to attack. The other avatars currently war for controlling influence of these titans.

If you want to look into titan activity or try a foray into the titanrealms, contact Ai Genki's player!

Who Are The Titans?

The Realms are mindless, in a sense. When they were freed from their prison, rather than rage or hatred all they felt was some sort of acknowledgement of how nice it was to not be trapped any more. In order to think, plan and figure out what it wants of itself, most titans need to form Avatars. MOST. These represent a particular distillation of its concept into a thinking, desiring form, with certain designs on the world. For example, Mami Wata, avatar of the Drowned River, wants to drag all people of the world underwater and drown them, claiming their bodies for herself. Nu, on the other hand, wishes to turn the entire world into crystal-clear water, making it all into a gigantic droplet spinning through space. They also act through the scions they have corrupted to their cause, and the villains who inadvertedly work for them. And of course, they have their titanspawn, the many and various monsters and beasts converted or created to ravage the World.

The Roster

Muspelheim - Titan of Fire - Everything in Muspelheim is on fire or hot. The air burns, the ground is made of combustible material, lava flows and volcanoes and incredibly hot metal. Even the buildings are made of coal which never crumbles. Muspelheim has cornered the market on industry, however, and it ceaselessly produces gigantic tanks and mechanical monsters. It burns and pollutes the fields of Asgard, home of the Aesir.

Muspelheim's avatars are…

Surtr, the greatest of the fire giants,who represents fire's primal power of fear and command. He is a dictator who wishes to crush all things with his armies.
Prometheus, alias Forge-Cunning, who represents fire's creativity and burning the unwise. He has an inflated sense of self-preservation and invents ceaselessly.
Meretserger, the great black cobra, who represents fire's burning destruction. He wishes to personally kill all living things in the most horrible, painful way possible.
Kagatsuchi, the banished one, who represents fire used for murder. He is secretly marshalling his strength to usurp Surtr and reshape Muspelheim.
Mahuika, the angry volcano, who represents the passion and impulse of fire. She wanders aimlessly, living on impulse, hated by the other avatars.

The Drowned Road - Titan of Water - An endless ocean with no up, down, left or right, the Drowned Road is concerned with three things- death, lust and enslavement, often in disturbing combinations thereof. Home to countless vicious sea monsters, it is also clogged with the millions of dead bodies of people and ships that have drowned over time. Its waters eat away at Ville du Camp, the island home of the Loa.

The Drowned Road's avatars are…

Mami Wata, representative of the ocean possessing sunken treasure and life. She wishes to own everything in the World, keeping all human life seduced .
Tethys, representative of the ocean's destructive power. She attacks anything that gets close to her, killing anyone and wishing to destroy everything.
Ran, representative of the ocean drowning people. She wishes to simply choke the entire world, flood everything and drown everybody.
Nu, representative of the ocean consuming things and crushing them away. He wants to convert the entire world into water, making it lifeless and perfect for him.
Gong Gong, representative of the ocean flooding and wiping away life. He is surly and a sore loser who wishes to show people his great power.

The Ninth Wave - Titan of Air - the source of storms and all of their trappings, the chaos that brews when opposites meet, the violation of boundaries, and upsetting natural order. It also has the calm in the centre of the storm, and the like. A constant rolling storm filled with chaos, lightning strikes, cyclones and gale-force winds, but also huge floating palaces and islands. It is filled with dragons, nymphs, and any titanspawn that can fly.

The Ninth Wave's avatars are…

Lir, the controlling avatar of the titan, a mysterious figure who none of the avatars have ever seen, since he represents the uncharted sea.
Summanus, the deification of noctural thunder, violent and mysterious and hateful of Zeus.
Shu, the eye of the storm, the egyptian titan of the skies. He disdains violence and uses his nemean peacocks to do his dirty work.
Ouranos, the mutilated, ennui-wracked titan avatar. Castrated by the gods, he is bored and listless and might even betray his fellows if he was healed.
Kaminokaze, the great oni windbag. Well, he carries a windbag, anyway. Estranged brother to Raiden, he's a bully and a brute.

Emamu - Titan of Beasts - the great menagerie of monsters. Although some gods see this titan as superficially similar to Terra, there are significant differences. Focused more on animals and monsters than Terra's ideas of fertility and life, Emamu is tied up in the food chain. A crazy quilt of different environments, it houses a perfect hunting ground for every form of predator ever concieved of, and a habitat for every other animal besides.

Emamu's avatars are…

Tiamat, the mother of monsters and the alpha female. This horrifying dragon has the fierce personality and pride of the absolute leader of the pack.
Echidna, the mother of monsters and queen of terror. Echidna's spawn are the most famous and unique monsters of myth, and she prefers quality over quantity.
Tawaret, the mother of monsters and overlord of birth. She represents animal instinct in its purest form- the desire to roam, eat, reproduce, and not a lot else.
Typhon, the apex predator. A unique avatar with no minions and no underlings, Typhon roams the titanrealm alone and needs nothing but himself.
Flidais, the ultimate tamer and dominator. She believes that any animal- even the gods- simply need to be broken and domesticated to fulfil their full potential.

Terra - Titan of the World - Terra represents primal earth without humans or any form of civilization. Its titanrealm is a mirror of planet Earth with this in mind, showing only the shadows of the population. Fertility runs rampant here, with even the arctic a steaming jungle, and there are many monsters Terra sends to assault the Dodekatheon on Mount Olympus. Its titanspawn include extrensively hybridised chimeras, up to the level of gigantic amoebas called hekatonhires.

Terra's avatars are…

Gaia, the creator of all monsters, who represents the World's capacity for creating new life. She wishes to replace all current living beings.
Jord, the lust for nature and the soil in which new life grows, which represents the World's growing things. She has little ambition and simply creates.
Gran Bois, the power of the wilderness, who represents the wild untamed aspects of the World. He remains inside Terra as its permenant guardian.
Kamimusuhi, the creator of the meek, who loves all her children regardless of their strength. She represents the love of the World for all its denizens.

Po - Titan of Night - Best represented by the Moon purview, Po is the primary enemy of the Polynesian gods the Atua. It is, in some ways, the most peaceful and benevolent of the titans- it simply wishes to cast the world into a permanent night where mankind can dream and sleep. However, this would bring with it the complete cessation of progress and activity. And, of course, all of the Nocturnal animals that live under Po's command would eat them in their sleep. It has brought night to Au-Rorora for the first time in imagining.

Po's avatars are…

Rangi and Papa, twin avatars of endless night. Betrayed by the Atua, they wish to replace their errant children with something better.
Hecate, the mysterious avatar. With her cults destroyed by the Dodekatheon when she focused too much on the World, she is slowly regaining her power.
Nut, the comforting avatar. Rejected by the gods of the Pesedjet, she seeks to seal them all up as they did to her.
Nott, the terrifying avatar. Rather than being sealed in Tartarus, she was forced into labour by the Aesir, and wishes revenge for being humiliated.

Munera - Titan of Decadence - A deep and convoluted city that seeks to trap whoever enters within it, Munera has an assortment of disturbing and subversive pleasures within. It also serves as a hub of information and trade for other titanrealms. It is populated mostly by minions and ghosts, and other humanoid titanspawn who seek to indulge their dark virtue of rapacity.

Munera's avatars are…

Caligula, the disgraced god of the Dodekatheon pantheon. This mad emperor rules over a colosseum filled with monsters and gladiators.
The Clown, embodiment of fear. A deification of peoples' phobia of clowns, his appearence changes to reflect his victims' fears.
Aevall, fairy queen. A small scale avatar who concerns herself with prosecuting men and causing mischief in her ridiculous kangaroo courts.
Ta'o Tieh, one of the four fiends. Representative of gluttony, but crippled such that he can no longer indulge himself, he represents the ennui that comes after pleasure.

Soko no Kumi - Titan of Darkness - There is very little that can be done to define this realm, as within it, sight is literally almost impossible. The lightless tunnels sometimes give way to pockets of void, and the Forest of Organs gives this world a terrifying undercurrent of fear. The underground world is full of burrowing animals, ore veins and underground lakes. With its primary avatar sealed, Mikaboshi is no longer bothering the streets of Takamagahara.

Soko no Kumi's avatars are…

Whiro, the mystery of darkness. He is a man made of shadows and represents things that are lost and forgotten.
Erebus, the hidden in darkness. He is a man who has abandoned the world to become wild and unkempt, and represents running away and hiding in shadows.
Apep, the evil of darkness. He is a mighty snake who wishes to destroy the day, and represents chaos and evil.

Mikaboshi, the oblivion of darkness. He is a bodiless mask in the darkness and is currently sealed in the new prison for the titans.

Crom Cruach - Titan of Earth - A dead, underground wasteland full of squirming insects, rotting bodies and chalky sediment, Crom Cruach sucks up all will, lifeforce, energy and joy and converts it into rot and despair. It is a lifeless place of winter, death, never-satisfied thirst, populated by maggots and mathean creatures. Since one of its avatars was sealed, it has been pushed back from Tir na Nog, home of the Tuatha de Danaan. After absorbing Vritra's nature and purview it has grown stronger.

Crom Cruach's avatars are…

Cethlenn, the hag. This hideous fomorian witch represents the world in winter, a place of cold where plants have died and nothing grows.
Nu Ba, daughter of the yellow emperor. Nu Ba represents drought and naturally dry places, and wishes revenge on the Chinese gods. She was once part of Vritra.
Eochaid mac Eirc, the fallen king. Eochaid mac Eirc represents thirst, and how improperly cared for things will dry up and die. He was also once part of Vritra.

Omukade, the centipede. Omukade hates everything that incites his insanity, and has currently been sealed in the new prison for the titans.

Zrvan - Titan of Time - A shifting place consisting of memory and chaotic, eddying pure time, Zrvan is an utterly uncaring force that simply grinds everything to nothing under its relentless advance. It changes constantly as the ever-shifting past, present and future swirl within it, and anyone that enters may find their age rapidly changing until they die in some nasty way. It eats away at Mt. Hukairya, home of the Yazata, from below.

Zrvan's avatar is…

Angra Mainyu, the ancient evil sorceror. He desires madness and chaos that living in boundless time would create, with no linear sense, making a terror of insanity.

Hundun - Titan of Chaos - Unquestionably the most terrifying of all Titans, Hundun represents pure, elemental chaos. It might be impossible to even bind at all, because it cannot be defined, and thus cannot be forced into any concrete form. It has no avatars and no shape even as a titanrealm- it takes form depending on the thoughts and virtues of the person that enters it, always twisted. Its attacks that do not involve its titanspawn are subtle, clouding the dreams and minds of the Celestial Bureacracy.

Others - As mentioned before, Ymir, the Titan of Frost- or perhaps his avatar- was killed long ago, causing chaos and making the gods decide never to kill one again. Logos, the Titan of Order, willfully surrendered to the gods, and agreed to integrate quietly into the world. Many other Titans may exist. Something happened to Vritra when one of its avatars (the Critter, the embodiment of mysterious cryptids and monsters in the desert) was sealed- its purview and powers were absorbed by Crom Cruach. The weather dragon now wanders the world aimlessly, lost, confused and unaware of what it has been doing for centuries.

Strangely, no titan in particular has set its sights upon making life miserable for the Yankee pantheon or the Allies pantheon. This relative degree of freedom has been a breath of air for them, allowing them to do what they did in World War II and concentrate entirely on fighting the titans wherever and whenever they show up. They thus lend their aid equally to any godrealm that needs it and they can get into reasonably. Of course, that doesn't mean that a titan isn't keeping very quiet about his attacks on their godrealm.

The Enemies

There are three qualifieable types of spawn that most scions face. All of them have a trophy of some kind that can be taken from them upon their defeat. Sometimes this is physical, such as the feathers of styphalian birds which can be made into effective knives. Sometimes it is not, such as the howl of a shadow hound, which lodges itself in its victim's mind and can only be released. Sometimes you can even gain the service of the individual if you spare them.

Chimerae are amalgams of various types of animal and/or machine that have been created over time or very recently. Many are tried-and-true monsters that have been unleashed including the chimera itself, the hydra, the scylla and so on. A corrupt Scion named Ixion made himself very disliked by combining modern machinery and technology with animals, creating new, modern chimerae that the gods were both puzzled and concerned with.

Giants range from the massive to the ogreish, the giants are so diverse that they count as their own category. Ogres, oni, frost giants, fire giants, the works- every culture has some sort of giant and they're all represented. The trophy of most giants are their heart's blood, a substance which increases strength and stamina while decreasing intelligence, but as their legends rise giants become much smarter and far more powerful. And of course, bigger.

Minions are catch-all term for any individual that has the distinction of being sentient or having human-level cunning. This includes such things as tengu, werewolves and dwarves, but may not always be humanoid or capable of speech. Many titanspawn in this category have willing defected to the gods' side and as such can teach people techniques or create birthright relics.

Templates transform a creature of any kind in a certain way reflecting their progenitor. The Mathean template turns any creature into a clammy, rubbery wormlike monster that explodes into choking talc upon death, and the Aionic template allows any creature to affect and warp time. Also, there is the Nemean template which turns any animal into a massive, empowered abomination. Titan avatars and those empowered can use these templates instantly on any mundane animal or monster, creating a horrifying beast on the spot if he needs a quick monster to fend off a scion.

There are also an assortment of enemies which may or may not be directly related but are often in their employment.

Colossi are any mechanical or artificial creatures constructed primarily out of inanimate material and granted life in some form. These being are generally not sentient by any means. They are not always gigantic- some can even be given as Birthrights, although recently the ones created by Ixion always tend towards the deadly and gigantic. Muspelheim often produces an assortment of 'giant robot' style colossi which they strike out at Asgard with.

Lesser Immortals are the divine beings who decided to remain ostentaciously neutral when the gods rebelled against, and sealed, the titans, for fear of being destroyed if (or, in their opinion, when) the gods failed. Because they refused to support the gods, lesser immortals were refused entry into the Overworld and spend their time as exiles. However, the gods are not consistently hostile to them, and many lesser immortals acknowledge the gods' decision.

Dragons are a form of proto-god similar to lesser immortals, who took on uniquely draconic forms. These vary mostly greatly but are always sentient and self-aware, often with their own agendas and schemes. They are evenly split between each side and always have a unique breath weapon.

The Dead are the many byproducts of the shattered underworld, or worse. As well as the various beings twisted and malformed from dead human souls, such as spectres, this includes things such as poltergeists, zombies, hungry dead and various mythological beings.

Who Are All These Guys, Anyway?

Muspelheim, the Drowned Road, Soko no Kumi and Terra are White Wolf's and can be found in their original form in the roleplaying suppliment Scion: God.

Crom Cruach and Hundun are also White Wolf's, and you can read about them in the roleplaying suppliment Scion Companion.

Zrvan, the titan of Time, is also White Wolf's and can be doing in the roleplaying suppliment Scion: the Yazata.

Po, the titan of Night, can be found in the fan Atua suppliment: http://www.4shared.com/document/MxNRuP6n/The_Atua_v3-_Final.html

Emamu, the titan of Beasts, can be found in the fan Annuna suppliment, along with lots of other great fan material: http://www.gothambynight.com/scion/downloads.htm

Munera is an original creation by Ai Genki's player at MCM

The Ninth Wave is an original fan creation with ideas taken from the fan website Scion: Modern Mythos. More information coming soon…

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