The World

The World

The World is the name of the setting of Scion. It is a place where all myths are true, even the ones that contradict the other ones. An assortment of pantheons exist: every major mythology, be they strictly religious or otherwise, has gods that dwell in the Overworld, a connected realm that has various axis mundi or connection points. There is also the Underworld, a similar realm filled with various afterlifes. However, when the original creators of the world and the gods, known as the Titans broke free from their prison, the underworld was shattered. Now it lies in chaos, ghosts and spectres roam the world, and the Titans have begun to siege the Overworld. In the World, the scions of the gods- their children who are growing into their power as heroes, demigods and even full gods themselves- must fight back against the titanspawn, their plans, and the squabbles between the pantheon and indeed the conflicts of mortals.

There is not technically anything preventing the mortals of the world from knowing about the scions and gods, or indeed the endeavours of anyone from the multiverse who happens to come in there with a giant robot or a laser gun. However, the terrible power of Fate makes it a bad idea. Fate is the force that hangs over everything that exists in the World, and is the power that the gods are beholden to- and that which they fear. Anything that mortal minds cannot deny creates Fatebinding, establishing iron bonds of destiny between heroes, villains and the people they affect. The dreams, feelings and thoughts of mortals thus turn them and the people to whom they are bound into players in epic tales, both good and ill, and at its worst even twists and redefines the minds of heroes according to the way mortals think of them.

For this reason, the Union and the Scions created a means by which to explain the existence of the supernatural war to the world, and introduced the Scions as heroes, thereby, in some way, impressing the immense power the organization has on Fate. Or, perhaps it just decided to work along with them for the sake of a more interesting story. In any case, now Scions act conservatively, hiding their identities and powers if they're wise (or freely using them and accumulating fate if they don't) and working to protect the World alongside the Union when the Titans feel like acting more openly than usual. Please discuss with players before doing things there.

((OOC note: The current year in the Scion-1 theme is 1997.))


Japan in the 90s is a fantastic place, if a little crowded. Said to have been drawn up out of the sea and having been the first landmass created in the World. Everyone knows it as a place of rising popularity in the media world, having become so impressed with its artistic and culinary culture (read: japanimation and sushi) that they are willing to let the wounds of the past heal. Despite the burst of the economic bubble that might have made Japan the people calling the shots of the western world, the rise in interest will go well to overcoming the current recession.

If only that was all Japan had to worry about.

In Japan these days, the nights are longer, darker and more dangerous than ever before. Even as the people of other cultures pore over Japan's with interest, its own rich history begins to thin and crumble for its people. Likewise, the rice fields, rivers and what beautiful green lands remain thin, crumble, wilt and foul. The reason for this is terrifying beyond belief- for in the great war waged by the Akatsukami and the other gods, they have earned the personal attention of not one, but two of the greater titans who seek to reclaim the world- Soku-no-Kumi, the greater titan of darkness, and Crom Cruach, greater titan of dead earth.

Japan remains a similar place to many other counterparts in the multiverse. Its topography, rearranged by the giant Daidara-Bocchi until his sealing, is filled with both bustling cities and a great number of forests and shrines. These are guarded fiercely by the Kunitsukami, guardians of all geographical features, and the honored ghosts of Japanese ancestors. All water that flows through rivers are protected by Ujigami, maidenly sprites. Japan's bullet trains and transport network was once guarded by Sarutahiko Okami, the god of crossroads, but he is currently in absentia…

Mt Fuji remains the greatest landmark of Japan, and northwest of it is the sea of trees, Aokigahara. No human road or settlement has ever encroached on it. It remains one of the many forests haunted by the tengu and their king, Sojobo. In the deepest depths of the sea of trees lies Horai, kingdom and capital city of all of Japan's youkai, but its king Nurarihyon is out of his depth dealing with renegade tengu. On Mt Fuji itself, as well as other Japanese mountains, Oni and Ao-boi roam.

At night, anywhere in Japan- not just the forests- are a dangerous place to be. Carnivorous cats called Bakeneko, endlessly starving giant skeletons named Gashadokuro, man-hungry Shikome and zombie Gaki and Nyobo still skulk in the dark. And those who do not hunger for flesh may hunger for blood, like the corpse-vampire Jikininki. And even those who don't want to consume you may want something much worse- Mikaboshi's most personal minions are the corrupt shinto priests known as the Onmyoji, the deadly ninja Shinobi and the warped goblins known as Amanojaku. Fortunately, following the mask's sealing into New Tartarus, these threats have dwindled.

Japan has its defenders in these places- as well as the scions, the god of rice Inari controls the many kitsune who misdirect and trick their foes, and the many Japanese dragons known as Tatsu can be stirred in times of great need. One of the greatest of these is Ryujin, but the deep ocean dragon is often busy battling the gigantic kraken known as Akkorokamui in the sea of Japan. Furthermore, everything in Japan, down to the smallest household object, bears a kami that can be referred to in times of great need. Every last inch of Japan has a spirit to defend it or aid its Scions.

Off the coast of Japan, near Nagasaki, the island of Hashima lies. Better known as the Island of Ghosts, it is a place where the ghost of every salaryman who dropped dead from exhaustion, every hikkomori who killed himself rather than fail his entrance exams, and every other ghost who has died in ways that their ancestors cannot comprehend in modern Japan sit sealed up. The howling dead of the cities and coalmines alike rage impotently at the Scions who stopped them. Their inprisonment is harsh, but it is the only option compared to letting them swarm into the islands themselves to take out their vengeance on the living.

Japan's Underworld is Yomi, the Yellow Springs. Although it can only be accessed easily during festivals, there are other ways, such as sneaking into the sealed cave Izanami used to flee there in the first place. It is a massive underground cavern, seperated into various districts. Here, every Japanese spirit has formed into a dense society, carrying on in death much as they did in life. All of the country's vast history has intermeshed together, creating a world not unlike the multiverse for the dead. Izanami sits in the highest part of the city, and entertains guests happily- but if you eat the plum she offers you, after making sure you want it four times, you can never leave…

Las Vegas

The city of lights is now also becoming fast known as the city of Scions. Las Vegas, city of Nevada in the United States of America, is a metropolis which needs no introduction. The city filled with casinos became rapidly inflated in the eyes of the public when it became the place where the existence of the supernatural world was made plain to the people. It currently has become a major tourist location for that fact as much as anything else- and moreover, has become a place where many of the weakest spawn of the titans are drawn to in the hopes of doing something to mortals. Fortunately, it is protected.

The Bandmates who participated in the Long Road to Heaven plot are described as Vegas' live-in superheroes. Although they do not publicize their location or wallow in their fame, everyone knows they're there, and the group often roams Nevada and its nearby states troubleshooting the supernatural and weird.

The various casinos of Vegas, with their tributes to various world landmarks, contain many Touchstones. These are culturally resonant locations that allow people instant transportation to their alikes across the world, by way of a short stop-off in the Overworld. For example, the Sphinx outside the Luxor can transport one to the Great Sphinx in Giza, and the statue of liberty replica outside of the New York, New York can be used as an access point from any other iteration of the 'Colossus', the ideals of a human population.

Rumors abound of a group of bizarre, stony golem-like humanoids made of masonry and asphalt that were borne of Canopus' blood. Following the creature's defeat at the Stratosphere casino, which is now in heavy repair, its blood created an assortment of spartoi-like creatures that roam the desert outside of Vegas and haunt its outskirts. A koumoriyasha has made its home in the caves underneath Nevada where highway 582 ends, and has turned the underground into a dangerous base for all forms of titan ally and corrupt Scion.


Underneath Antarctica, Atlantis remains. A grave marker for the island civilization that once was, its scion-fuelled near-magitechnology was laid low by the other gods when they believed its pantheon had become part of the titans. Although this deception was never discovered, Atlantis was wiped out to a man and its cities locked beneath the polar ice. Its spirits of the dead are now scattered, roaming blindly through the mortal population, and its Underworld has been converted into a new prison for the titans. All that remains beneath the ice are bones, ruins, and resentment. And somewhere in the void, the gods are trapped in their prison, waiting for their scions to free them so that they might seek some sort of redemption for their failure. Or vengeance, maybe. Who really knows?

More locations to come…?

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