The Overlord 2-1

Evil will always find a way.

In the years following the fall of not one but several Overlords, there was a time that the world went through something that resembled peace. Better still, a time without an Overlord. This was most unfortunate for the Minions that have served Overlords over the decades.

But all that has changed now: a new Overlord has arisen, in the footsteps of the Overlord that came before him. A new power rose, the Glorious Empire. A new power that was ripe for a time for Evil to make it's return. And return it does, as the world that was left behind by the previous Overlord is one still filled with conflict, and a war being fought between creatures of magic, blamed for the Cataclysm that tore apart the land with the resultant plague, and those who blame magical creatures for causing it.

It's time to bring back the black!

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