The Nine Cities-1

The nine cities of Teria have long been the only suitable places for anyone to live. A cluster of cities where the world lives, works, eats, sleeps, breeds, and passes on from. Each city is massive, colorful, and has its own notions about how to rule, but all are ruled by the city of Terias, the capital, which is less of a city and more of a massive fortress where people are only sometimes seen coming and going from.

It's hard to believe in an age past, every imaginable mythical creature lived here, that warriors known as Armormancers defend the freedom and liberty of all that lived within the cities. Today, peace has been bought with freedom, all are expected to obey, to work, and to move in lock step never once standing against the government established to keep the order in place. The Armormancers have been long gone from the plane from far to long. Should one return, things would finally begin to change…

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