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The Legend of Zelda

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The year is 1232 A.I. It has been over a thousand years since Ganondorf Dragmire, the so-called "King of Evil", made his bid for the power of the three Goddesses and was cast through the mirror of Twilight when the Seven Sages failed to execute him at Arbiter's Grounds. Hyrule has by and large prospered peacefully since then… until now.

Three months past, the retired "Royal Shadow" - personal bodyguard to the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Hyrule - Agahnim betrayed his charges and killed them in their sleep, all the while having his fellow traitors expose Castle Town to the threat of alien enemies lurking at its doors. Quickly as that, the strange Twilight that once covered only the quiet little country of Ordon spread across Hyrule like wildfire. With monsters beating at his gates and few men capable of fighting left, Knight-Commander Laurence claimed Stewardship in the absence of Princess Zelda and surrendered to the invading Moblins and alien creatures. For this, Hyrule was spared a massacre…

In the interim, Princess Zelda escaped to the west with a small contingent of Hylian Guardsmen & Sheikah and crossed the Death Mountain Range into the country of Calatia, seeking help. But, less powerful than Hyrule and only safe from the otherworldly invaders because of their control over all of the mountain's passes, Calatia could offer no assistance besides sanctuary. It is here where the last of Hyrule's free people have fled to over the following months, and here from which they will make their stand to take back their homeland.

The Twili rage and spread their blight across the continent. The Gerudo stir in the northwest, mysteriously undisturbed by the otherworldly monsters and the moblins… and curiously active on the seas. To the east, the seafaring nation of Gamelon remains silent, neither covered in Twilight nor responsive to messages of any kind. And deep, deep within the Twilight, an old menace stirs…

But there is no Hero of Destiny coming to save Hyrule this time.


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The races of the Legend of Zelda are many and varied. An assortment of them will be listed below - mostly those who are common in the theme.


One of the eldest races in the world of the Legend of Zelda, the Hylians in Zelda-5 have long since died out, the last of their descendants represented in the human race. The only evidence of their continued existence remains in the various bloodlines that still bear the pointed ears of their predecessors. Hylian traits are not uncommon in the nobility of Hyrule, but less so among the general populace.


Neither young nor spectacularly old by the standards of Hyrule, nobody is quite sure when the human race cropped up, and it is strongly speculated by Sages all around the world that humans are mutations or descendants of the Hylian race. Humans are curiously compatible with most of the humanoid races, and most of the humanoid races can count on having SOME human relatives - if distant. Evidence of Hylian descent is unusual among humans, but not unheard of - the evidence manifests in humans with long, pointed ears and remains some of the only concrete proof that the Hylians ever existed.

Of all the people in the world, Humans are the most prolific, common, and overall the most powerful. They might not have the strength of the Gorons, the grace of the Zora, or the long lifespans of the Forest-Folk… but they and their cousins the Gerudo are second-best at all of those things, and quite good at making and using tools to cover their shortcomings.

Notable Humans include Queen Zelda of Hyrule, Knight-Commander Laurence Blackwood of Castle Town, and Lady Tetra of Gamelon.


Main Article: sheikah-zelda-5
Cousins to the humans, the Sheikah are known by the majority of Hyrule as the "Shadow-Folk", and have served the Royal Family of Hyrule since time immemorial. Physiologically the Sheikah are considerably more lithe and flexible than their Gerudo and Human relatives, capable of bending themselves into strange shapes and slipping through narrow spaces with surprising ease. Culturally they are an unknown factor, and as such are regarded by the general populace with fear and apprehension.

Where some worlds may have stories of the Boogeyman, Castle Town's mothers and elder sisters tell their children and younger siblings stories of Shadow-Folk Assassins, lurking in wait to pounce upon disobedient children. The Sheikah are dark-skinned and light haired, though pure-blooded Sheikah all have white hair and red eyes. They are nearly always slight in frame, every bit as tall as humans or gerudo but more wiry by far. Part-Sheikah usually have the hair color of their non-Sheikah parent and tend to be broader of body. The Sheikah have no country of their own, and their population lingers steadily at around two hundred individuals at any given time.

Notable Sheikah include Agahnim and Impa.


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An unknown menace from beyond the realm of Hyrule. Not much is known about them at this time.

Kingdoms & Countries

Below are summaries concerning the various nations and countries in the world of LoZ-5.

The Kingdom of Hyrule

Hylian Eagle

One of the most powerful nations in all the world, the Kingdom of Hyrule is located chiefly on the eastern portion of the Hylian continent. It is home to all manner of people and creatures, including the River Zora, the Gorons of Death Mountain, the mysterious Forest-Folk, and many others. It is friends to Calatia in the west, and its royal family is closely related to Gamelon in the east. It also has a strong ally and tributary in the south, in the form of the small country of Ordon. The sigil of the Royal Family is a red hylian eagle raising the golden Triforce high in its talons, and the Hylian Guard wears this sigil upon white tunics trimmed in deep blue.

At present, the Kingdom of Hyrule is engulfed in the strange twilight that came with invaders from Ordon in the south.

The Kingdom of Calatia

Located to the west of the Kingdom of Hyrule and tucked behind the Death Mountain Range, the Kingdom of Calatia is a small nation that occupies a great deal of land relative to its actual population. The refugees of Hyrule, as well as what military forces managed to escape the twilight-blighted Hyrule reside here at present.

Calatia is protected almost entirely by the mountains that surround them. They have a formidable army, but not so formidable that they can hold off against the strange twilight beasts forever. Historically they have been close friends and allies with Hyrule.


Located across the Hylian sea from Hyrule proper, Gamelon is ruled by Duke Gustaff V Hyrule, brother to the late King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. Its heiress is Lady Tetra Gamelon. They are sworn to the service of Hyrule and represent much of its naval might. Exactly what has become of them following the fall of Hyrule is uncertain, as they have not been heard from in that time.

Orders & Castes

Knights of Hyrule

One of the most famous orders of Knights in all the world, the Knights of Hyrule factor prominently into all of the prophecies that surround the Master Sword - though their precise role in that regard has never quite been ascertained. Appointed directly by the standing monarch of Hyrule, each Knight is trained in a unique style of swordsmanship and magic that makes them deadly opponents to contend with on the battlefield.

Their badge of office is a shined circular bronze cloak clasp with the Triforce raised along its middle. Wearing a forgery of its like may be punished severely. All Knights of Hyrule receive their own coat of arms to wear, and are considered among the nobility of Hyrule - however, they are rarely regarded as such by the higher lords, causing great friction between the lords and ladies of Hyrule and its Knights.

There have been no traitors among the Knights of Hyrule since as far as anyone can remember. They, alongside the Sheikah (much to the consternation of both groups, as often as not) safeguard the royal family. Unlike the Sheikah however, they are often tasked with securing lands distant from the royal family itself, and are as much protectors of Hyrule as a whole as they are of the Royal Family.


The term "Sage" is a catchall way to refer to either a well-learned scholar, a magic user, or as often as not, both. Although there have been Sages of specific things in the past (ex: The "Ocarina of Time" Sages) this term is much more generic. The only prerequisite for being regarded as a Sage is a thorough education - at minimum, Sages are usually expected to have solid knowledge in modern medicine and potions.

They are counselors, doctors, and tutors all in one. Those who know magic are simply that much more respected and sought after for their services. Most large cities have at least one Sage in their service, and usually more.


Below is a listing of important artifacts, where they came from, what they do, and who they belong to (if anyone).

The Triforce

A gift from the Goddesses, left to their creations as they departed from Hyrule into the endless nothing that lies beyond. The Triforce contains a great investiture of power from each of the three Goddesses, and each represents one Goddess: Farore, Nayru, and Din. Although the three triangles have never been united to the knowledge of any living Sage, legend dictates that the three united could grant any wish.

The Triforce of Courage has not been seen in over a millennium, the Triforce of Wisdom belongs to Queen Zelda, and the Triforce of Power has not been seen in over a millennium.

The Master Sword

The Blade of Evil's Bane, carried by the Hero of Time to battle the King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire. The appearance of this sword is well-known even in this day and age, but it has not been seen for so long that most reckon it to be a myth. In truth the Master Sword was created by the Goddesses alongside the Triforce, and was meant to be used as a buffer through which the one who united the Triforce would utilize its nigh-limitless power safely.

Not only that, but it would judge if they were worthy or not - which often enough, they simply were not. Where it is now and its precise powers are not known even to the one who wields it, but it is a more potent artifact than it seems at a glance… most importantly, it has the ability to contain and suppress the power of the Triforce by the design of the Three.

The Silver Arrows

Forged by the faeries, the Silver Arrows are a more obscure artifact than the Master Sword, but related in their potency. They may penetrate even the protection of the Triforce of Power to slay any evil, but they have been absent from the world since before the Hero of Time's coming.

The Picori Blade

The sister-sword of the Master Sword. No one remembers it anymore, though some Sages of advanced age and study know of it. Its precise powers are unknown, save that it could repel evil much like the elder blade.

The Ocarina of Time

That which allowed the Hero of Time to warn the King of Ganondorf Dragmire's treachery in antiquity. Because of its use much of that time period is muddled, and precisely what happened was difficult to discern even for those who were there - save that Ganondorf Dragmire was defeated and subsequently executed … or perhaps only imprisoned?

Lost over the millennium that has passed since Ganondorf's bid for power.

Current Events

Three months prior to their unification, Princess Zelda was spirited away from Castle Town shortly following the assassination of the King and Queen by their former bodyguard, the Sheikah called "Agahnim". As the King and Queen were slain in their beds, Agahnim's cohorts opened the gates of the city and allowed the Twilight Invaders from the south to pour through the gates. Despite successfully freeing their city of the strange and unearthly intruders, as well as forcing the traitor to flee for his life, the city was bound to fall in time. A thick fog of twilight had consumed Hyrule all the way up to the gates of Castle, and those who stepped into it were no longer men armed with mail and steel, but animals of all shapes and sizes.

Those who took her included Yalai the Stave, Aedan MacCarvill, Duana Brenell, Prince Fassad of Arcadia, and Richard the Half-Lucky, along with a wide variety of other Sheikah who were fortunate enough to escape the fall of Castle Town along with them. Few survived the journey however, and fewer remained in fit state to take up arms for the Princess-now-Queen Zelda when they arrived safely in Hyrule's sister nation of Calatia. It was for this reason - and for their service in seeing her safely to Calatia - that Aedan MacCarvill, Duana Brenell, and Richard the Half-Lucky were Knighted.

All save for the last, who was half-crippled bringing Zelda to Calatia, were quickly dispatched when their world became aware of what had happened around them. They currently traverse the Multiverse in search of something or someone who might offer them a hand in reclaiming their fallen Kingdom from the usurper Agahnim and his otherworldly allies.

Yalai, Aedan, and Fassad are presently in Past Link's Hyrule, having secured some assistance from them.



Aedan MacCarvill
Yalai the Stave


Queen Zelda


Knight-Commander Laurence Blackwood: The Castellan of Hyrule Castle and self-proclaimed steward during Princess Zelda's escape. Held off the Twili long enough to divert their attention from the group escaping into the River Hylia before surrendering Castle Town. Current status unknown, possibly deceased.

Duana of House Brenell: One of the Hylian Guardsmen who escorted Princess Zelda away from Hyrule Castle during the coming of the Twilight. Knighted by Princess-now-Queen Zelda upon their arrival to Calatia. Recently dispatched into the Multiverse to acquire help, the same as Yalai and Aedan.

Richard the Half-Lucky: One of the Hylian Guardsmen who escorted Princess Zelda away from Hyrule Castle during the coming of the Twilight. Knighted by Queen Zelda upon arrival in Calatia, though unable to act save in an advisory capacity. Lost his left arm and right leg on the trip through the Death Mountain range.


The Hylian Mainland & Gamelon

Note: The Twilight that engulfed Hyrule spreads from the upper edge of the Zora River (halting before the Zora Headwaters and Zora's Domain) and ends at the southern edge of Lake Hylia. This last bit is not known, and prior to Princess Zelda's flight from Hyrule Castle the land was covered with Twilight all the way to the Death Mountain chain. Death Mountan and everything west of it is clear - the passes are largely held by Calatians, though rumor has it that the Gerudo have begun to move.

Gamelon is presently secure but is cut off from Hyrule proper by a blockade set into place by the Gerudo Pirates. The Lost Woods are mysteriously free of the troubles of the Twilight, and Windfall Harbor was secured by the Lord who held it for the Royal Family of Hyrule. Snowpeak and Death Mountain both are free of the Twilight - the Gorons secured Death Mountain, and nothing of interest but an old crumbling castle remains atop Snowpeak.


  • While Link does exist somewhere out there, whether he's in a fit state to fulfill the role of hero or not is highly questionable and unlikely. If somebody really, really wants to play this theme's Link, page Aedan and we'll talk about it, but bear in mind one of the major premises of the theme is that there's no destined hero coming to save the world.
  • There are no real clues as to the location of any of the artifacts listed on this page (and probably a fair few that aren't), and there's certainly nobody in possession of them yet. They're TP Fodder.
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