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When dark armies threatened to overrun the world, the Goddess Hylia raised up the last bastion of humanity to become the sky-city of Skyloft. Here the people could live in peace, untroubled by the darkness corrupting the world below. She gave to them the Loftwings, great birds that would serve as lifelong companions and a means of transportation. The Crimson Loftwing, first and eldest among them, would become the companion of her chosen mortal champion.

That champion was Link, a knight who, though dishonoured, remained noble of heart. He would lead the fight against the Demon King's army. He would pursue them into the Multiverse, and with the help of the Crimson Loftwing, seek and destroy every last trace of the ancient evil wherever it may be.

That is the legend that will be told by residents of Skyloft… but what really happened? This theme explores the lifetime of the First Hero, the first mortal champion of the Goddess Hylia, and the founding of Skyloft. It follows the trials and tribulations of the first Link, and the struggles he faces in battling the Demon King's armies as they sweep across the surface world.

Key difference from the canon of Skyward Sword are:

  • Skyloft occupies a much larger island, and has only recently been founded. Its castle and defensive fortifications are still standing, in fact.
  • There is no cloud barrier blocking the surface world from Skyloft. While it's possible for Hylians to see or return to the world below, the Demon King and his armies haven't quite figured out how to bridge that gap yet.
  • Following a similar vein, there are a lot more islands in the sky and settlements on other, smaller islands aside from Skyloft alone.
  • Loftwings are still new to the people of Hylia, and though many of them have descended to guard their new charges, not everyone has a Loftwing. While many trust them, some are not so sure about their supposed allegiance to the Goddess. They are sentient, though only the Crimson Loftwing has the ability to "speak."
  • The Demon King's army is rampaging its way across the surface world in search of the divine power. Most of the surface is dangerous at best, and it's a horrible, dangerous place that nobody wants to go to if they have any self-respecting survival instincts.

Notable Areas


This aerial city was raised up by Hylia from the surface world, floating above the clouds where it would be safe from the Demon King's depredations. It is a self-contained city-state, with a citadel and farmland suspended on a series of floating islands connected by vast stone bridges.

Statue of the Goddess

Located at the northern end of Skyloft, this vast courtyard of stone features a great statue raised in Hylia's image. The courtyard serves as a meeting place, a festival ground, and a place where one can come to meditate.

Knight Academy

A house of training for the newly-formed Skyloft Knights, this is where novices are recruited, and where they live until their training is complete. The compound includes several buildings, where soldiers are trained in fighting, flying, and are also run through comprehensive history courses.

Notable People

The Golden Goddesses

This trio of divine entities created the world. Din shaped the red earth, and brought power into the world. Farore created the creatures, plants, and creatures to walk that earth, and gave to them courage. Nayru created all of the laws that bind the world together, and gave to Farore's creations the wisdom to use those laws. Once their work was done, the Golden Goddesses left the world they had created. At their point of departure, a priceless relic was left behind, with the power to grant the wishes of the first being to touch it. This would become known as the Triforce; or, in honour of the goddesses, the "Power of Gold."

Hylia, the Light Goddess

A major deity fashioned by Nayru to watch over the Golden Goddesses' world. Hylia was tasked to guard the sacred Triforce, and to hold the ancient evil of the Demon King at bay, who sought the relic for his own wicked purposes. It was Hylia who raised Skyloft above the clouds, and it is Hylia who watches over the people of the land. She is well-loved by those under her protection.

Hylia is a wise being, kind-hearted but also just. She did not create them, but she looks upon the people of the land as her own, and feels keenly their every triumph and failure. Their courage inspires her, even when facing their inevitable defeat at the hands of the Demon King. She considers it her responsibility to save them and stamp out the evil tainting her land. To that end, she has chosen from among them a mortal champion to help her in her work. Now, with Unification, the scope of this task has become almost unimaginable even to the goddess.

The Crimson Loftwing

To help her in her work, Hylia fashioned great birds whose wings could traverse the vast skies, and imbued in them a small spark of divinity. First to be created, and most powerful among them, is the Crimson Loftwing; and all other Loftwings will answer to him, recognising in him a leader. Though he is somewhat arrogant and proud of his power, he is also wise. He distrusted and disdained mortals at first, thinking them cowardly when they mistook he and Hylia for demons, but has slowly come to respect them.

He is currently bound to Hylia's mortal champion and travels the Multiverse with him, seeking out the Demon King's minions to destroy.

Hylia's Mortal Champion

A mortal man, Link, who was once a great and respected hero. This hero was wrongfully imprisoned by the political schemes of an aspiring lord, who was an agent of the Demon King. Four years later, Lord Dagianis was killed by the Demon King, and Link was freed from his imprisonment. Though he has little confidence that he's suited to the role, he nonetheless faces his task with an unwavering will, motivated by fierce love of his destroyed homeland, and the goddess who watches over his people. For this, Hylia remains convinced that she made the right choice.

The Demon King

No one can say where this ancient evil came from, but the Demon King is unquestionably the greatest threat to the land. He is a wicked and selfish creature motivated by hatred and anger, and as long as these emotions exist in the world, he will never truly die. He can be sealed, and he can be stopped temporarily, but he is always fated to break free and shed his bonds. He seeks the Triforce to reform the world in his image, and he will destroy anything and do whatever it takes to achieve that sacred power.

Many twisted monsters and misguided mortals have taken up with his banner, serving out of fear or greed, or a simple wish to see destruction. Corrupt mortal men have also become his pawns, thirsting for power; in this manner, the Demon King has eyes and agents almost everywhere.

Commonplace or Noteworthy Items

Loftwing Night Gear

Loftwings are notoriously poor fliers at night. To that end, the residents of Skyloft are working on designing a series of straps and cables that can hold on a portable lamp, so the birds and their riders can keep watch at night.

Loftwing "Saddle"

Though this is actually a thick leather strap that circles the base of a Loftwing's neck, it's still called a saddle for some reason. Riders stay on their birds by holding onto this strap and resting their boots over the bird's flanks, steering by pressing into the flank or leaning in the desired direction.

The Triforce

Known also as the "Power of Gold," the Triforce is a triangle-shaped relic left behind when the Golden Goddesses took leave of the world they created. It has the power to grant the wish of the first being to lay hands on it. Many wars have been fought over this relic, and only the goddess Hylia knows its current location, tasked with protecting it.

Miscellaneous Terms

Skyloft Knights

When Hylia gave to her wards the Loftwings, they were a promise of her protection. They also represented a way to traverse the skies, and would defend their Hylian partners to the death. The hardened warriors among them joined together to form the Skyloft Knights, though they're still learning how to fight astride their unfamiliar but willing steeds. As a fighting force, they aren't particularly effective yet, but their hearts are definitely in the right place.

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