The Guy

He will destroy you! He will CRUSH your tiny bones! YES, he /DID/ have sex with your mother!

The Guy is brand spanking new addition to staffers on MUSH, formerly having been serve as GM Shadowseiseki, she became The Guy after epic quest.

He is final boss, beatable only after collect 8 units from Mike Tyson, Kraidgief, Dracula and other. Watch out for Delicious Fruit, and with your Tiny Gun and Cape of Hero passed down from The Grandfather The Guy, you too can be The Guy. Oh wait. No. You can't.

Seriously though,

The Guy, as you may or may not know, it the epitome of all that is manly, ever. He has his very own The Fortress of the Guy, complete with a The Road to the Fortress of The Guy. Inside this fortress is a The Hall of Former The Guys, an The Incinerator of The Guy and a The Labyrinth of The Guy.

Though he still responds to the name 'Desu' so don't be afraid to call him by that. It's his duty to read your TP apps, talk about them with other plotsaff, pretend he knows what's going on, and nod and smile during staff meetings.

He totally does his job.

He looks like this:

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