The Gofer Sisters

General Information

Full Name: R.B. and L.B. Gofer
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 3-Captains
Function: Gofer's Legacy
Series: Otomedius-1
Species: Bacterians

"Ahahaha~! There, I found you!"
"Shall we compete on who can do it better?"

Profile: Are they the true daughters of Gofer? Are they an alien experiment gone horribly right? Or are they the next step in evolution for the Bacterian race? The origin of the Gofer Sisters is nothing short of mysterious. However, there is no doubt: They may look like human girls, but they are Bacterians to the core. Inseparable, cruel, nasty little tyrants, it's possible that the Sisters are actually worse than their namesake. They share Gofer's disdain for humanity, but have shown to be far more creative and unpredictable than the typical Bacterian warlord. It is the Gofer Sisters who miniaturized Bacterian technology to produce smaller, faster warships based on the Vic Viper itself, and as such have become the single greatest threat that Planet Gradius has ever known.

Vital Statistics

Age: Appear 15, actual age is several hundred years.
Gender: Female
Height: 145cm
Weight: 48kg


The Bacterian race is an ancient intergalactic scourge that originates from somewhere in Sub-Space. They are characterized by an extreme dislike for non-Bacterian races, being extremely militant, and being extremely difficult to eradicate. The Gofer sisters L.B. and R.B. are actually the most recent evolution of the Bacterian leader caste, supposedly created somehow from long-dead Bacterian leader Gofer.

  • Evolutionary - The Bacterian race strongly emphasizes evolution and the acts of adaptation and learning. One of the species' strongest traits is its ability to adapt quickly, most clearly seen demonstrated by the biomatter strewn about various Bacterian holdings. Due to their extremely adaptive metabolism, the Gofer Sisters are very resistant to poisons of all kinds, and can adapt to be comfortable in nearly any environment, even outer space.
  • Biomatter - Bacterian Biomatter is one of the worst and most recognizable things the Gofer Sisters employ. It's a cellular mass of tissue that grows and evolves as it overtakes a region, infesting the terrain and gradually forming large support structures resembling organs in order to sustain itself. It breaks down artificial structures, and can be extremely difficult to remove due to the speed at which it adapts. Biomatter also consumes anything that touches it, though this response can be controlled by the Gofer Sisters and other similarly ranked Bacterians.
  • Psychic - Bacterians as a species have varying degrees of psychic potential. Leader class Bacterians such as the Gofer Sisters are extremely potent in this regard. Via their psychic ability, the Gofers command their fleets and control their Core warships. By overwhelming the minds of animals, they can force large creatures to fight for them as well. However, things like telekinesis are beyond their ability. It's a purely telepathic psychic power.


Unlike previous Bacterian leaders, the Gofer Sisters have a penchant for fostering relations with like-minded individuals. While this is one reason they're affiliated with the Confederacy, it's also practiced in their own world. As a result, the Gofers can call upon several different alliances.

  • Fellow Bacterians - Creatures who are the same race as the Gofer Sisters.
    • Dark Force - A Bacterian superweapon created by the Gofer Sisters as part of their campaign against the G Organization, designed to crush Earth's defenses and obliterate the Organization itself. Though she is just a weapon, the Sisters treat her with great respect and equality, as they recognize she might turn on the Bacterians if she feels unhappy.
    • Meta Lium - A servant-type Bacterian created by the Gofer Sisters in order to handle less important tasks. She serves them with fierce loyalty and has become one of their most skilled Riding Core pilots, nearly on the level of the Sisters themselves, though she has a smaller psychic presence and lacks the ability to generate biomass. A stoic and determined woman, she has a weakness for cute things and considers the Sisters the most adorable things in the universe. She can sometimes he found acting unprofessionally when she thinks they aren't looking.
    • T.B. Rika - An infiltrator-type Bacterian created by the Gofer Sisters in order to gather intelligence on the G Organization. She currently works as a teacher at St. Gradius Academy, and is infamous in the school for being extremely strict with her students and yet has that whole atmosphere of a kind person. It's generally felt that she's strict because she wants her students to be successful.
  • Military Allies - Leaders of other worlds or societies whom the Gofers have formed alliances with.
    • Eliza - Queen of an undersea kingdom in an alternate dimension, her husband was killed in a fight with the G Organization fifteen years ago. Still in mourning, she occasionally lends sea monsters to the Sisters, though isn't actually a very strong supporter of the Bacterians in general.
    • Titi XIV - Pharaoh of Space Egypt, an alternate dimension where the Ancient Egyptian society survived and prospered, resulting in a very Egyptian future society. She fiercely believes the alliance with the Bacterians will improve her nation's military strength.
    • Yoshiko - Queen of Easter Island. The Gofers only tend to go to Yoshiko when they want a distraction. The alliance is tentative, and seems to be based entirely on centuries of the Moai being used by Bacterians as weapons emplacements.
  • Contractors - Non-Bacterian, non-Leader types who work for the Gofers for a variety of reasons.
    • Ryukotsuki - The Dragon Bone Demon from a distant, ancient hell. Ryukotsuki was resurrected by the Gofer Sisters so they could employ her power against the G Organization. Her loyalty is maintained through her personal honor…and an invoiced bill for the price of resurrecting her. The amount is ludicrous, and intentionally designed to take a long time to pay off. Occasionally, Ryukotsuki attempts to gamble to lower her debt, though it usually goes badly. She also pays out of her tab for Core repairs.
    • Neko Sencho - A space pirate whom the Gofers regularly employ when they want something stolen and don't want to get it themselves for whatever reason. Neko Sencho's loyalty is to money, and slightly to the Gofers for giving her and her Sea Cat pirates the Mirrored Core gunship, which they use as a pirate ship. Most of the deals between the Gofer Sisters and Neko Sencho tend to go "Take what I want and give it to me, everything else is yours".
    • Ruby and Cobalt - Androids created by the Gofer Sisters based on old enemies of the Bacterians, Hikaru and Akane. Unlike Ryukotsuki, the Gofers keep these two bunny girl robots in line by being their creators, resulting in Ruby and Cobalt feeling indebted and thus loyal. However, these two do work several odd jobs to feed their hobbies.
    • Shiori Fujisaki - A human girl from St. Gradius Academy who discovered T.B. Rika is an alien. Rather than expose her, though, Shiori became infatuated. An alien nut, she studies Ms. Rika, who in turn misleads her about her alien nature by claiming she's from planet Latis. Shiori has never met the Gofer Sisters in person, though they have spoken in audio-only communication. The Gofers, via Rika, gave Shiori a Core ship to seal her loyalty, and Rika has been teaching her how to use it.


  • Bacterian Tokyo - Formerly known as Tokyo-66, or the 66th iteration of Tokyo in the Asian Plains region of the Multiverse, the Bacterians invaded it as one of their first operations following unification. The city was conquered after a hard fought battle, and entrenched Confederate and Bacterian forces weathered several Union attempts at liberating the city. Over time, it has been converted into a base of operations for the Gofer Sisters and their Bacterian forces, as well as home to the Confederate scientific collaboration team, Zero Point, of which the Sisters head up. Bacterian Tokyo is inhabited by normal humans and Confederate citizens, whom the Sisters generally allow to live there so long as they obey the rules.
    • Bacterian Tokyo provides the following facilities for the Gofer Sisters and their Confederate allies:
      • Zero Point Labs - A laboratory network with an organic computer security system.
      • Bacterian War Factory - Capable of building damn near anything so long as the automated systems are provided the correct blueprints and materials.
      • Bacterian War Foundry - Part of the factory district. The foundry is where raw materials are refined and machined into parts for use in the neighboring War Factory.
      • Hangers - An expansive hanger with both living and automated support staff capable of providing repair and maintenance to any authorized vehicle if ordered to.
      • The Organic Fortress - A defensive region surrounding most of Bacterian Tokyo. The Fortress is made up entirely of Biomatter and support organs, and defends itself with constantly evolving biological defenses. The Organic Fortress is the first and most formidable line of defense for Bacterian Tokyo.
      • Contra Burger - A popular restaurant-arcade frequented by Zero Point members and Confederate visitors. Locals tend to avoid it. Owned and operated by Professor Dave and his hulking creation, Buster.
  • Zero Point - A Confederate scientific collaboration team started by the Gofer Sisters and backed by Confederate Research & Development head Tesla Armadia. Zero Point consists of the best and brightest of the sinister minds affiliated with the Confederacy and is based largely within the confines of Bacterian Tokyo and the advanced laboratory placed there to support the scientific team.
  • Valhalla - A moon-based war factory orbiting the Earth of the Gofers' home Earth iteration. Valhalla is currently in standby as a backup base of operations, as the Gofers have moved their base of operations into Bacterian Tokyo for easier access to the rest of the Multiverse. Being just a war factory and hanger, Valhalla lacks many things which Bacterian Tokyo provides.

Notable Craft

A standard weapon in the Bacterian arsenal is the use of large, heavily armored, heavily armed warships known as Cores. In true Bacterian style, the Gofer sisters repurpose and recycle old designs for use in their own fleet. Of note, every gunship - No matter its design - has a Core. The Gofer Sisters prefer miniaturized versions of Core ships, termed Riding Cores. As such, they rarely use the battleship-sized variants.

  • Odin Core - A heavily armored, heavily armed Core warship. The Odin Core is the first Riding Core the Gofers created, with the express purpose of destroying Vic Viper. Being of similar size, firepower, and maneuverability, it succeeded. Odin Core has not been seen in combat since, but is the reason the G Organization began using Riding Vipers.
  • Hugin and Munin - Paired fighter cores operated by the Gofer sisters. Hugin belongs to R.B. while Munin is used by L.B., though they sometimes switch units. These riding cores are based on the Vic Viper, with differing loadouts but boasting higher maneuverability. Both craft use combat drones in a Formation, imitating Gradian Option units. Both craft can also imitate Platonic Break attacks, though don't actually use Platonic power.
    • Hugin equips Homing Missile and Spread Bomb. Its Laser weapon is similar to that used by Vic Viper. R.B.'s Break attack repositions the Options into a support cone and generates a massive, concentrated laser beam.
    • Munin equips Homing Missile and Vertical Mine. Its Laser weapon is similar to the charging E-Laser. L.B.'s Break attack repositions the Options into strategic locations of her choice and then detonates them. The blast creates an electrified plasma cloud for several seconds.
  • Geri and Freki - Paired fighter cores with designs and systems inspired by repeated interactions with Cybertronians. Most notably, they were inspired after extended interaction with Megatron and Shockwave's drone forces. In vehicle mode, Geri and Freki are nearly indistinguishable from Hugin and Munin. The difference is in their weapon loadouts and their ability to transform into vaguely Wolf-like robot modes. Their weapons transform out of their limbs or bodies, and are otherwise unnoticeable. The design of the robot modes has the appearance of a robotic life-form. In addition to their separate loadouts, each robot sports curved claws on both hands and feet.
    • Geri is piloted by L.B., black with blue markings. Its loadout includes the Gravity Bullet, Homing Missile, Forward Torpedo, and Dagger.
    • Freki Freki is piloted by R.B., gray with red markings. Its loadout includes the Fire Blaster, Homing Missile, Vertical Mine, and Boomerang.
  • Mjolnir - A weapon-ship created after a Bacterian agent (Ryukotsuki) acquired the plans of the ARTEMIS battle station (MAI-OTOME) during a battle on board the station. Mjolnir is smaller than ARTEMIS, but its main cannon is still enormously powerful. It's usually used as a deterrent or for intimidation, as the Mjolnir is somewhat vulnerable in actual combat.
  • Slepnir - A super robot created after the Gofers fought against Union super robots such as El Line and Soulgain several times. Slepnir is the largest craft the Gofer sisters have next to Mjolnir. Its weapons are in part designed by members of Zero Point, and the machine has largely been a collaboration project for the team. It is capable of transforming into a more traditional Riding Core shape, for easier sub-space travel. Its most notable piece of equipment is a theme song generator.
    • Slepnir is armed with a plasma blade drill arm, a black hole cannon, numerous finger-mounted and wrist mounted small cannons, a laser lattice weapon array, and a variety of missiles and explosives. In a pinch, the blades of the plasma drill can be repurposed into an enormous plasma sword.
    • A variation of Slepnir has been retrofitted and is now in service exclusively in the native world of the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps. It has been redesigned to transform into an Aegis-class missile cruiser registered as a retired military vessel repurposed for oceanic research, christened the Norse Horse. The Norse Horse variant Slepnir facilitates Bacterian research into the local creatures called Kaiju, and the Jaeger robots used to fight them.
  • Riding Cores - Less exotic Riding Cores are listed below:
    • Abaddon Warship
    • Big Core DX-1 - Used almost exclusively by Meta Lium
    • Big Core - Outdated. Primarily used only for scouting missions, rather than combat.
    • Big Core Mk.II
    • Big Core Mk.III
    • Big Core Mk.IV
    • Covered Core Mk.II
    • Death Bringer - Used only by Dark Force
    • Des
    • Dillinger Core - Used often by Ruby or Cobalt
    • Ground Spider
    • Gunnery Core - Used exclusively by Neko Sencho and the Sea Cat space pirates
    • Heaven's Gate - Used almost exclusively by Shiori Fujisaki
    • Heavy Ducker
    • Keeper's Core - Stationed in the hanger at Bacterian Tokyo
    • Mayhem Warship
    • Metal Slave - Used almost exclusively by Ruby and Cobalt
    • Mirror Core - Used exclusively by Neko Sencho and the Sea Cat space pirates
    • Misfit Warship - Used often by Ruby or Cobalt
    • Napalm Core - Used exclusively by Ryukotsuki
    • Neo Big Core - Used often by Ruby or Cobalt
    • Perla Meralda - Used often by Ruby or Cobalt
    • Prismatic Core
    • Rolling Core
    • Scarab Core - Used exclusively by Titi XIV
    • Serpent Core - Used exclusively by Ryukotsuki
    • Snowflake Core - AKA Crystal Core Rev.1
    • Tetran
    • Tri-Pod Core - Used exclusively by T.B. Rika
    • Vanishing Core
    • Viva Core

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