The First Hero (Retired)
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Hylian
Source The Legend of Zelda-2
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank X-None
Function Embittered Champion
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Mid 20s
Age (Actual) 26
Still Aging? No
Height 5'10"
Weight 167 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"You use me when it suits you, truly… but, right now, it goes without saying — my spirit will always stand with my friends!"


When evil threatened the world, the goddess Hylia chose from her mortal people a champion to challenge the darkness. She spared the survivors and raised them into the aerial city of Skyloft, and gave to her champion the Crimson Loftwing, that they could fight against the Demon King and his armies. A disgraced knight but also a noble-hearted hero, Link is embittered and wary of the people who used him, discarded him, and called on him again in their time of need. He's slow to trust, but once that trust is earned, it's absolute. In battle, he's a talented swordsman, though still a shadow of his former self. He and the arrogant but well-intentioned Crimson Loftwing make a formidable team, and seek to destroy evil wherever they find it.


  • Crimson Loftwing: This giant bird was tasked by the Goddess Hylia to watch over and support her mortal champion. Though initially dismissive of mortals, he came to respect Link, and aids him in battle with his slashing beak, ripping talons, and great wings. Though aloof to most mortals, the Crimson Loftwing is nonetheless fiercely protective of Link. (PL 32)
  • Skyloft Knights: As a knight and famous hero, Link is well-respected by the army he once served among, and can call on them for help in both official and unofficial capacities. Their troops vary, but include archers, light infantry, heavy infantry, horse cavalry, and the newly-formed Skyloft Knights, who are training themselves as Loftwing cavalry. As a general rule, these are almost always non-Elite troops. (PL 26-30)
  • Swordsmanship: Link is a famous and storied swordsman, able to wield many different kinds of swords. He can use them offensively and defensively, balancing power and speed. Compared to many non-Elites of his world, he is particularly strong and fast. He prefers to strike his enemies hard and fast.
  • The Goddess Sword: A divine blade forged by the Goddess Hylia and then reforged by her mortal champion. Sometimes called the "Blade of Evil's Bane," it cannot be broken by ordinary means. It never seems to lose its tarnish. Most importantly, it's very efficient at damaging creatures of darkness, demons, and other such creatures. (To some, this might look awfully similar to the legendary Master Sword…)


  • Claustrophobia: Thanks to his imprisonment, Link is extremely wary of enclosed spaces like small, dark chambers. He gets nervous if he can't see a way out, or if somebody stands between him and his exit. It affects his ability to think and reason, and if he were to be challenged in such a place, it's doubtful he would fare very well.
  • Devotee: Although many believe in and follow the Goddess Hylia, Link is her chosen champion, and he considers it his sacred duty to do whatever it is she asks of him. He's highly defensive of her in this regard, and he won't suffer any slights against her. He's also somewhat protective of her when she chooses to appear, though as a divine entity, she can take care of herself.
  • Embittered: Before he was chosen by the Goddess, Link was a famous hero who fought many battles and earned much accolade among his people. They soon had no need for a great hero, though. Link was imprisoned and mistreated until such a time as his skills were needed to turn back Demise's dark armies. While not necessarily paranoid, Link is slow to see the good in people's intentions, and even slower to trust.
  • Flying?!: Despite being able to take to the skies with the help of the Crimson Loftwing, Link can't fly of his own volition. If he's knocked off of the great bird in mid-flight, and if the Crimson Loftwing can't catch him, it's not going to end well. (Splat.)
  • Legendary Inventory: What are you talking about? Link most certainly doesn't have a veritable armoury full of weird items to help him accomplish highly specific tasks in highly linear dungeons. That's crazy talk.
  • Mortal: For all the faith vested in him by the Goddess Hylia, Link is only a mortal. He has mortal limits, and he doesn't take well to going past those. It takes comparatively little to knock the stuffing out of him, compared to a lot of other Elites.
  • Weary: Link spent a long time imprisoned by the very people he served, and spent that time mistreated. Though it didn't cripple him, it still left him as a shadow of his former self, physically. He tires easily, and he doesn't have the same supernatural stamina as many other Elites. Link will almost always lose battles of attrition.


The Great Mountains: Trading Blows

After defending a village against a forward advance of the Demon King's army, Link expressed his displeasure of the Confederacy or Union letting it slip through the cracks. Piquing the interest of Confederate Serori, she challenged him to a duel over the ownership of the village. The two fought fiercely, and Link established himself a worthy opponent (which is to say, "not dying"). The two eventually broke away to see to their respective wounds.

Earth-212: Spatial/Temporal Shenanigans

Though still wounded from his battle with Serori, Link arrived to help defend a power plant being menaced by Madame Machina of Earth-212. Rather than actively combat the threat, he vowed to help the civilians escape their fate, not trusting Machina to her word of not harming any innocents. He proceeded to leave quickly once it was clear that they were safe, largely escaping Confederate and Union notice.

The Tundra: The Hungering Dark

Tracking his sworn enemies northward, Link found his way to a large farming village, Icewall, under siege by the Demon King's army. Unable to defend against so many by himself, he put out a call to the Union to help him. Responding on behalf of the Union were Ezio Auditore, Honoka, Kaminagi Setsuko, Kazami Yuuka, Kirito, Nanami, and Sword Man. From unaffiliated parties came Fiora O'Brien, Vruasa Telash, and Yuri Stinson; finally, the Confederate Emerald Blade arrived to support the demon army. A fierce battle raged until the lieutenants of the Demon King were put down and peace restored to the area. Link took just enough time to thank his temporary allies, and continued on his way.

The Tundra: Tracking

Curious as to his motives and nature, Kaminagi Setsuko followed Link across the trackless wastes of the Tundra, catching up to his obsessive journey northward. The Crimson Loftwing confirmed Link's suspicions that she was not normal; that she held some sort of divine power of her own. The two spoke for a time on duty and the nature of the Demon King, his armies, and his motivations, as well as Link's duties to the Goddess Hylia. The Crimson Loftwing also offered to Setsuko the possibility of borrowing the temporary services of a Loftwing of her own, recognising her desire to take to the skies. Setsuko parted ways from them soon after.

DBZ Zone 92: To Battle

To repay his debt to the Union for helping him defend Icewall, Link took to the field in the defense of DBZ Zone 92 when Serori challenged the Union for the territory. He and the Crimson Loftwing fought Serori, while Serori's assistant and bodyguard, Rose Petal, took on the Union ally Mirari. The fierce battle only wound to a close when Link and the Crimson Loftwing were struck down by Serori; Serori and Rose Petal were subsequently struck down by Mirari when the deer-woman raised flames to scour the battlefield. Link was eventually recovered by Union Reserve Captain Sword Man, and Unaffiliated party Beli Yo'il and taken to Njorun Station to heal.



Emerald Blade

"There is naught in this world she loves more than strength. Now, who does that remind me of—?"

A Confederate Reserve Major, skillful with a blade and contemptuous of the weak. Emerald Blade met Link during his defense of a trading town in the Tundra region of the Multiverse. The Demon King's armies invaded, and Emerald Blade was there to support them. He fought a duel with her, and discovered for himself her fearsome strength and resolve. She loves nothing more than power, and he finds her single-minded draw towards it more than a bit unnerving, for the very same thing motivates the Demon King Demise.

Rose Petal

"I know little of this one, but as a Confederate, I will remain watchful."

A Confederate Ally, and evident assistant and bodyguard to Serori. Though unable to see much of her abilities, Link still chooses to remain wary, owing to her nature as a Confederate. She has the ability to heal, which makes her doubly dangerous in his book.


"She has honour, of a kind, but whatever her real motives may be, I do not trust them."

A Confederate Captain, and a formidable Saiyan warrior. Serori met Link when he had cited his protection of a small village over the broadband. Wanting to test his strength, Serori challenged him; unwilling to leave the village to her tender mercies, he accepted her challenge. Link finds her monstrously powerful and cunning enough to put that to good use. Though she proved she has some modicum of honour, he ultimately doesn't trust her motives.


Kaminagi Setsuko

"Though I cannot say why, she strikes me as a sword: Simple and pure as the sharp edge of a fine blade."

A Union Captain, and a skillful swordswoman in her own right. Setsuko met Link during his defense of a trading town in the Tundra region of the Multiverse. The Demon King's armies invaded, but Setsuko was one of the Union-aligned defenders to help him turn the tide of invaders. He respects her skills, and acknowledges that there's a spark of something more than mortal within her — a trait that the Crimson Loftwing also keenly recognises. Although he doesn't quite trust her more than he trusts anyone else, he does respect that she is fairly straightforward, and to a certain extent appreciates that.


"I must give her respect as a swift and skilled combatant."

A Union Ally, and a swift combatant accustomed to hit-and-run tactics. Mirari met Link during his defense of [[DBZ Zone 92]] on the Union's behalf for a favour owed them, where Mirari fought against Rose Petal, and Link fought against Serori. While he wasn't able to pay much attention to her side of the battle, he knows that she was the one to bring down the Confederate combatants in the end, after he himself had fallen. In that vein, he has some respect for her skills.

Sword Man

"A fellow knight, it seems, and an honourable one as well. I cannot say I trust him, but certainly, I would take him at his word."

A Union Reserve Captain, and a fellow knight, albeit a robotic one. Sword Man helped support the Union forces at Icewall Village, and also helped in extracting Link from DBZ Zone 92 following Link's assistance of the Union in a target battle there. Link considers him a fellow honourable sort, and respects that in him; while he would take Sword Man at his word, he doesn't necessarily trust him too well — but that's high praise, coming from one so suspicious and wary to trust.


Beli Yo'il

"I know not what she is, but I am thankful for her assistance all the same. She did not need to do what she did."

An odd winged invidiaul who helped extract Link from DBZ Zone 92, following his defeat at Serori's hands. While he didn't speak to her for very long, he considers her polite enough, and is grateful for her efforts at mending his broken body.

Fiora O'Brien


A Witch of Void, whom Link met during his defense of a trading town in the Tundra region of the Multiverse. He's really not sure what to make of her, and still not really sure whose side she was on, exactly.

Yuri Stinson

"He seems strange, but there is also something intriguing about him. I wonder if he is chosen by a god of his own, as Her Grace has chosen me?"

A mech pilot, whom Link met during his defense of a trading town in the Tundra region of the Multiverse. At once flamboyant and loud yet enigmatic, Yuri is a fascinating figure who has piqued Link's curiosity, and not just for the strange machine that he uses to fight with. Yuri's skills seem to be fueled by some kind of divinity themselves, albeit different from the sort that Link is accustomed to. (Also, that sandwich was simply delicious.)

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