The Copper (Retired)
Tyr RuGaard
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Dragon
Source Age of Fire-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank 2-Lieutenant
Function Tyr of the Lavadome
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) N/A
Age (Actual) Unknown
Still Aging? Yes
Height Very Tall
Weight Extremely Heavy
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Copper
"They can hate as hard as they like, as long as they fear."


Unlucky since his hatching, this copper dragon is the nameless outcast of his clutch, having lost the battle for dominance among his fellow male hatchlings. Through a series of events he became ruler of the vast dragon empire based in the underground Lavadome, warring against the Upper World to take the surface back from the humanoid empires. The Copper is unusually rational for a dragon, and strives not to let aggression or pride cloud his judgement. Though new to authority, he manages his power carefully, aware of the dangers of politics. His rulings are sometimes harsh but often fair; even if he doesn't necessarily respect others, he can remain civil. What his ultimate plans are, though, few could say. The Copper is a hard one to read.


  • Dragon-Dash: Though dragons find it uncomfortable to run for any length of time, all dragons are capable of a short, overpowering burst of speed to overcome and subdue targets. This short-range dash is meant for closing ground between the dragon and its victim, and though he has a three-legged gait, the Copper can still do it.
  • Fire: The Copper can spew a volatile hot oil that doesn't quite ignite. In any other dragon this would be fire, but it can still cause severe burns to materials or individuals. Since it remains a liquid, it can seep into things, too, and be ignited by other means.
  • Holdings: The dragon empire is a vast and sprawling entity, and at its head is Tyr RuGaard, the herald of the Age of Fire. Its heart is the Lavadome, a vast underground cavern hidden away from the Upper World; above ground, it also boasts several dragon-governed Upholds that import various resources. (+info Copper/Holdings)
  • Natural Armour: The Copper has a coat of metallic scales protecting him from harm. They're enough to stop arrows and lesser projectiles, or turn aside weak blades. (Used for fluff and the justification of missed attacks.)
  • Natural Weapons: Though a cripple, the Copper can defend himself. His jaws and teeth are strong, his claws are sharp, and though stiff from old breaks, his tail makes a useful bludgeon. Though small as male dragons go, his bulk can also be used to smash smaller targets.
  • Troops: At the Copper's disposal is a vast army of dragons, and in addition to that, subjugated humans from half a continent's worth of conquered kingdoms. The overwhelming majority of the human forces are non-Elite, and many of the dragons are as well. All (or at least most) of them are ready to lay down their lives for the Copper. (PL 32 at most. +info Copper/Troops)


  • Cripple: The Copper was badly injured several times throughout his life. One eye is compromised, his left wing is badly injured and relies on engineering to function, his tail was broken and set stiffly, and one of his front legs is withered from an unhealed break. These are obvious vulnerabilities in combat.
  • Dragon Politics: Seriously, it's worse than Rome.
  • Fire: Dragons can only manage about three or four good blasts of flame, and the Copper can't manage any. The issue from his fire bladder doesn't ignite on its own, and comes out thinner than it ought to thanks to an old injury.
  • Great Bulk: The Copper can have problems in worlds meant for humans. Squeezing through buildings and other environments can be tricky to negotiate, and can be hazardous if he needs to be able to manoeuvre. Smaller and more agile foes can get the better of him as well.
  • Great Weight: With a coat of metallic scales, the Copper is a heavy creature. Even as a crippled runt he weighs in at several tons, and can't navigate places that can't support so much weight. Wooden flooring, bogs, sand, quicksand, deep mud, and other natural and unnatural hazards can be hazardous to his health.
  • Metals: Dragons instinctively hoard metal. They also eat it to maintain their metallic scales. Foregoing metal can cause scale to become brittle and fall out. Though he has a respectable hoard, if the Copper were ever cut off from it, his scale would deteriorate. He also tends to get possessive and greedy over the mere smell of metal.
  • Underestimation: Dragons are proud, and most casually think little of humanoid races. This tends to lead to some nasty surprises, and in the case of the Multiverse, getting in well over their scaly heads. The Copper is generally cautious, and a little more charitable than his draconic fellows, but he's still a mortal beast and just as likely to underestimate these "hominids."

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