Tesla Armadia

Full Name: Dr. Tesla Armadia
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 3 - Captain, Head of War R&D
Function: Unnatural Sciences Researcher
Series: Original
Species: Armadillo Hybrid

"Don't give me that 'It doesn't work that way!' bullcrap. A lot of things out there don't function by our tiny little view of the universe. It doesn't mean it shouldn't work, just that we don't comprehend how yet."

Profile: Tesla Armadia posesses an unusual form of psionics that mentally manipulates machines and technology instead of organic minds. Technopathy allows her to mentally analyze, interact with and telekinetically manipulate machines and technology of all sorts, even reformatting them into weapons or other devices on the fly. Claims even simple devices can have feelings, but no one is certain if it is true or just the way she perceives the information she senses. Recruited and trained as a specialist in the Confederacy's 'contain and control' unnatural sciences division, that in addition to research and developement handles the aquisition of unorthadox technology and other unexplainables, either to repurpose to the cause or simply keep from being a danger to the super-nation's goals. In the field utilizes a technopathy-empowered armor designed for neutralizing such threats, with an armadillo motif. Unsurprising as after an accident in reclaiming once such technology left her partially infused with armadillo genetics, giving her increased strength and stamina but with extreme nearsightedness and a sensativety to colder temperatures. Loves a good challenge, which is why she does as much work on the field as she does in a lab.

Vital Statistics

Age: 20 (physically), 35 (mentally)
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Metallic grey-blues
Eyes: Yellow
Note: Tesla was de-aged into a teenager in the same accident that made her half-armadillo.

Additional Details

  • Armadillo Hybrid - Originally Tesla was a 35 year old scientist who was save for her technopathy an ordinary human. But in the course of securing a genetic alteration device from a rogue GEAR scientist with a thing for animorphs she was partially affected by the machine herself. It gave her several familiar armadillo traits, such as the dermal plated shell and ability to curl in a ball. As well as heightened senses of hearing and smell, and in general stronger and more durable than a human. The downside she also has several of the weak points, in her horrendous nearsightedness (corrected with special glasses or helmet visor) and lethargic reaction to extreme cold.
  • Technopath - Tesla Armadia is an unusual type of psionic that can only manipulate technology instead of organic minds. She can analyze most examples of technology with just a mental scan, and understand general workings even if some specifics are beyond her field of knowledge. She can telekinetically manipulate machines as well. The mental access to technology also allows her to function as a formidable hacker since there's no middleman hardware, but she does need to be in actual contact with a terminal to do so due to how much of her power and focus it takes. Tesla is able to use technopathy to repair, augment or cripple machines and mechanical life in the field, though the effects tend to be only temporary on robots and other sentient machines unless it's actual reconstruction, similar to a mage's buff spells. In general the more self-aware something is, the less direct effect she can impose upon it unless allowed, since sentient machines tend to have their own willpower to resist. (Consent required to use mental control-like effects). But her only real limitation is her own imagination.

Major NPCs

  • GEAR - (Guild of Exo-science Analysis & Regulation) - In addition to her Confederate rank Tesla is the operations head of the Confederate equivalent to the MiB or Area 51. The group functions under the faction's science and engineering division as specialists in dealing with the 'weird' things that come up in the Multiverse, either to secure them for the faction's use to to lock away before it can be used against them. While still remaining a covert ghost operation to the general public, Tesla has fully intergrated GEAR into the military operations, and the war itself.
  • Command Constructs - Tesla's current high level creations include Shardcore (PL34), Lunessa (PL33), and Swampbreath (PL33).
  • Saiga - Saiga is a Shinki (6 inch tall robot) that Tesla utilized for a tournament and kept afterwards. Specifically she is a MMS Type Builder - Grapprap model, capable of handling manual labor and other work related tasks as well as fight. An exoframe engine and multi-jointed manipulator arms (two large, two small) make her exceptionally strong for her size. Also equipped with spotlights, survey gear, and a pair of generic Shinki handguns. (PL 26)


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  • Armadillo Power Armor - Over time and experience Tesla has designed her own armored field suit, powered by her technopathy and engineering skills, with an armadillo motif. True it makes her more combat capable, but it's real design is for defense against, neutralization of and containment for unnatural targets. By it aquiring new technology or fending off Union compatetition. Tesla can augment its loadout as per mission, focusing more on offense or support as necessary. Standard armaments include energy-channel gauntlets, 'chainclaws', and assorted military weapon mourings with functional micronization/subspacial storage. Extra panels allow for curling like an armadillo and using the armored ball as a means of locomotion or attack. The helmet visor is specifically designed to accomidate for her nearsightedness, as well as provide elaborate HUD and other communications systems.
  • Electron Lancers - GEAR's standard firearm for agents, resembling a large semi-auto pistol. However it fires bursts of electric sparks instead of bullets. A single shot is not very powerful, but full rapid-fire rounds of shots can produce enough electrical current in a target to taser a large mutant. Most operatives only carry one, but Tesla carries two stored in special holster compartments in the hip armor of her power suit.
  • Impromptu Device - Tesla can use her technopathy to turn almost any electronic or mechanical device into a weapon or other similar piece of advanced hardware with a few moments of concentration. For example, turning a hair dryer into a superheated wind gun, or modifying an old fashion cel-phone with modern features like net access and GPS tracking.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Doctor of Unnatural Sciences - See, the 'Dr.' is not just a claimed title of a mad scientist like some people. Tesla has an actual doctorate in Multiversal Engineering and several majors and minors in other scientific fields from the top faction-supported university in the capital. Unlike some people that just buy a diploma off the internet with their ex-wife's credit card and call themselves an evil doctor.
  • Field Ops - To be honest Tesla would rather be in the field more often that doing her work as operations head behind a desk. And she's quite capable at it too, having designed her armor for the specifics of defending against and containing whatever weird thing the world throws at her. She's also got no problem with field testing new designs in middle of warzones.


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