Terry "Batman" Mcginnis (Retired)


Full Name: Terry McGinnis Age: 18
Faction: Union Gender: Male
Rank: A - Ally Height: 5'11"
Function: Tomorrow Knight Weight: 180
Series: DC Comics-2 Group Affiliations: Justice League Unlimited (Home Universe)
Species: Human

Quote: "Remember, you're heroes."

Profile: Terrence "Terry" McGinnis was once a 'bad kid' by his own admission, and born in Gotham City to Warren and Mary McGinnis. When he was sixteen years old, he defended his girlfriend from a gang of Jokerz, which resulted in a motorcycle chase to the home of Bruce Wayne. During the fight, Bruce was put his heart under a lot of stress and Terry helped him into his house. While trying to let a bat that was trapped out of a clock, Terry found the entrance to the Batcave and found out who Batman was. After being forced to leave, he later returned to Wayne Manor, took the Batsuit and went to avenge the death of his father. Currently, he is the Tomorrow Knight, a member of the Justice League in the year 2040 and keeps the mantle of Batman alive.


  • Skilled Martial Artist
  • Above average athlete
  • Moderately skill detective
  • Above average intelligence

Terry McGinnis's Rogue's Gallery


Name: Derek Powers
Species: Metahuman
Hair: White (Human)
Eyes: Black (Human)
Relatives: Paxton Powers (son)
Affiliations: Wayne-Powers
Abilities: Radiation manipulation
Base: Gotham City


A man of beastly tactics, Derek Powers stands over six feet tall and has a commanding presence with cool eyes, a slippery voice and stark white hair that can catch even the most cautious of business associates off guard. Not surprisingly, Powers holds a secret about his appearance.

After an unfriendly encounter with the Tomorrow Knight, Powers was exposed to a mutagenic nerve gas. The gas, in combination with the radiation he later received to heal his scars, has left him transformed into a walking toxic hazard named Blight. Beneath the layer of artificial skin that hides his true face from the world and contains his toxicity, Powers' body is luminescent, glowing like phosphorus.

Powers' manufactured skin must be replenished every 24 hours, or it deteriorates and falls away. At least once a night, Powers' doctors place him in a mold that vacuum packs a new layer of skin over his radiating body. Powers and his doctors are constantly searching to find a cure for his condition, and work tirelessly towards this goal. Powers' other goal is to do anything to kill the man he blames for his condition — Batman, the Tomorrow Knight.


Powers' radioactive condition was symptomatic of his exposure to the nerve gas and consequent radiation treatment. His cellular structure was permanently imbued with the radiation that cured him, and thereafter his body glowed bright green. His intrinsic radiation could be contained with a special cosmetic skin devised by his medical staff, but every time Powers lost his composure, his skin flaked off. His very touch is lethal, and could burn through objects on contact. Powers soon learned how to concentrate his radiation into energy balls, which he then hurled at his opponents.

RP Logs

  • Phase Rock Attack - An attack on Phase Rock, with the hope of taking it from Confederate hands. The attack involved Winry Rockbell, Damien-099, Iria and Terry McGinnis.
  • Winry Meeting Terry/Batman - Winry Rockbell invited to the Batcave to help Terry work on the Batsuit and meets the elderly Bruce Wayne.
  • Terry and Pacifica's Sparring Match - Terry meets up with Pacifica, who is in the holodeck practicing, venting some emotions. Terry begins to spar with her and they talk about what is bothering here. Terry also offers to take her out on a date.
  • Social RP - A social RP in the Elite Staging and Standby Room of Union HQ with Karen, Ash/Red, Saelus, Fushigi and Schala Zeal


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