Teresa Testarossa

General Information

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Full Name: Teresa "Tessa" Testarossa
Faction: Union
Rank: Major (6)
Function: MITHRIL Battle Group Commander
Series: Full Metal Panic!-1
Species: Human

Quote: "I will protect them. No matter what."

Profile: Captain of the highly advanced submarine, the TDD-1 Tuatha de Danaan, and commander of its associated battle group within the anti-terrorist organization Mithril, Teresa "Tessa" Testarossa is mature and talented beyond her years, partly by virtue of being a Whispered. Despite only being sixteen years old, she's technologically proficient and a skilled tactician, despite being somewhat clumsy physically. While European by lineage and American by birth, Tessa has few ties to any specific nation, having grown up around the world, frequently on board submarines and on military bases, and is almost possessive of the submarine under her command, having contributed greatly to its design and construction. Despite her position, though, Tessa is able to fit in fairly easily with other teenagers; while she cares for all of her subordinates, she's grown particularly fond of Sousuke Sagara … although she does try to maintain some degree of professional detachment.

Vital Statistics

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: (classified)
Weight: (classified)
B-W-H: Attempted Security Breach Detected
Birthday: December 24

** Personal Resources

  • Whispered: Tessa is a "Whispered," born with technological and scientific knowledge (called "Black Technology") far beyond her worlds advancement. The exact nature of Tessa's knowledge is unclear, beyond her substantial skills in mathematics and science, but she contributed substantially to the design and construction of the submarine she commands. In addition, Tessa is familiar with the ability of Whispered to resonate with one another, allowing nonverbal communication and sharing of specific knowledge; while Tessa has used this ability when necessary, she's aware of the risk of minds and personalities blending if two Whispered rely too heavily on the resonance effect to communicate.
  • Military Skills: As a submarine captain, Tessa is rarely called upon to engage in direct combat, and instead focuses on strategy and tactics; however, she has gone through regular military training, and is competent with firearms, so she's not exactly helpless in a fight. Also worthy of note is that while she may be clumsy on dry land, Tessa is a good swimmer and can hold her breath underwater for an extended period.
  • Arm Slaves: Due to a bet with Sgt. Major Mao, Tessa took a crash course in Arm Slave piloting and tactics under Sagara's tutelage and is somewhat competent in an AS. She *could* pilot one of the TDD-1's M9 units if necessary, but prefers to leave mechanized land combat to the specialists.

Mecha Resources

  • TDD-1 Tuatha De Danaan: An assault landing submarine, built and operated by Mithril, the Tuatha De Danaan serves as the flagship of its own battle group in Mithril's Pacific Fleet; both the TDD-1 and its battle group are under Tessa's direct command. The TDD-1 is also known, mostly in rumors, as the "Toy Box" to the submarine commanders of several national militaries in Tessa's native world, due to its seemingly impossible capabilities: it is highly agile and capable of far greater speeds than most conventional submarines, while simultaneously maintaining a very low acoustic and magnetic profile, making it very difficult to detect. While armed with both torpedoes and missiles, the TDD-1 serves mostly as a carrier, launching Arm Slaves and conventional ground troops from its flight deck for land-based operations.
  • Bonta-kun: Due to a mishap with nanites designed to convert Cybertronians into humans (and vice versa), Tessa's Bonta-kun covert powered suit has literally taken on a life of its own. Other than becoming capable of independent thought, action, and self-expression, its (or rather, his) capabilities haven't changed much from the normal Bonta-kun suits. Bonta-kun can be a little snarky, but he considers Tessa's well-being a matter of personal duty.

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