Teresa of the Faint Smile
Personal Information (Not Public)
Race Human/Yoma Hybrid (Claymore)
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Height 5' 11"
Weight Around 140 lbs
Hair Wavy, Pale Blonde
Eye Color Silver-White
Dominant Hand Right
Type Offensive
Rank No. 1
Teresa's Symbol
Status Active; Traitor to Organization

General Information

Full Name: Teresa
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Warrior
Series: Claymore-1
Species: Human/Yoma Hybrid

"This little girl, who's not even half my size… taught me that tears can flow even from these silver eyes."

Profile: Teresa is Claymore No. 1 of the 77th generation of Claymores and claimed to be one of the eight most powerful Claymores of all time by the Organization. A hybrid of a human and a demonic being known as a Yoma, they're aptly known for weilding large swords with ease and grace. She is known as "Teresa of the Faint Smile" for the faintest of smiles that graced her face as she effortlessly slaughtered Yoma. Her power was such that she rarely had to use even 10% of her yoki in battle. She is, however, a fugitive from her comrades for killing a group of bandits that had attacked a town she'd passed through in addition to harming a young girl she names Clare, that she had picked up along the way and to whom she'd become quite attached to. Before meeting her new companion, Teresa was a cold and merciless killer, who'd perform her missions without hesitation or remorse. She's changed considerably since then and now concerns herself with keeping Clare safe, with a more 'big sister' aspect to her personality. With her sisters and the Organization now devoting a good deal of effort in hunting her down, as killing a human amounts to a death sentence, Teresa is constantly moving to keep both herself and Clare safe, hoping that the Multiverse's vastness aids her in this pursuit.


  • Teresa's age is difficult to determine. Given the unknown spans of time between individual Claymore generations in addition to the fact that Claymores themselves do not age past physical maturity, such a number is up to speculation. Claymores are often recruited as children, as Teresa was. Training and acclimation to their new powers occurs before they are assigned to the field, as well. Given the additional fact that her generation is the one prior to Clare's in the theme's canon timeline, it is quite easy to imagine Teresa is well into her late 60's or 70's. However, Claymores in general have short life spans in relation to death in combat and suicide/Awakening, making this estimate more difficult. Teresa has a knack for surviving based on her high level of skill and the fact that she's a fully-grown woman, so at most, she could be approaching or over a hundred. As it stands, the Multiversal Aging Effect has little bearing to her.

Major NPCs

Teresa and Clare
  • Clare - Clare's original home was attacked by Yoma and likely wiped out. She, however, was left alive and kept as a 'pet' by one of the Yoma who then moved on to another settlement, using Clare to avoid suspicion, as lone travelers are often clear indications of a Yoma attempting to infiltrate a village. Rather than eat her, it used her as a sadistic toy, abusing her for no other reason than the fact that it was capable of doing so. Eventually, more Yoma came to reside in the village and the residents quickly sought out the Organization's aid. Judging from the amount of Yoma likely present, both due to the village's size and population, they sent Teresa as they were expecting quite a few. Teresa easily dispached the village's infestation, and When Clare sees Teresa, she sees the same pain in Teresa's eyes as she herself endured. Clare tries embracing Teresa, and despite her rejections, Teresa eventually relented. After Teresa and Clare were surprised by bandits, Teresa managed to scare them off by tearing open the front of her uniform and displaying some kind of horrible scar or mark left behind from the process that made her a Claymore. Afterwards, Clare embraced Teresa, asking her if it (her scar and the transformation) hurt her, at which point Teresa realized that Clare wasn't seeking comfort for herself, but was trying to provide it to Teresa. This broke down the cold, unfeeling exterior she had been maintaining, and she has since vowed to ensure Clare's safety. Teresa attempted to leave Clare behind in another village after clearing it of Yoma, only to have the bandits from before raid the village. They hadn't before due to the Yoma, which Teresa realizes too late. Returning and finding most of the villagers dead and Clare injured, Teresa is undaunted by the threats of the bandit's leader regarding the law Claymore have regarding the killing of humans. Teresa's reply is that it is just a law and she can choose whether or not to obey it. She makes quick work of the bandits, but realizes that she'll be marked for death as a result. She is quiet, and while she's a bright girl, is dependant on Teresa for her well-being. (Not Public)


  • Claymore Sword - A six-foot long, double-edged blade that Teresa keeps with her at all times. A finely-balanced implement fashioned for the Organization's warriors. It serves as their primary tool to kill Yoma, and bears the same symbol that is also located on their uniforms, near the cross-guard. There is also a black piece of paper within the pommel of the sword that bears the symbol of it's owner, to be given to another Claymore if the sword's owner believes that they are about to awaken. The metal that the sword is made of is incredibly durable, capable of slicing not only through the tough hides of the Yoma, but the often variable forms of Awakened Beings, who are often impervious to even the most powerful of blows. Whenever a Claymore falls in battle, her sisters erect her sword as a gravemarker. Disturbing them is considered a severe offense.
  • Silver Armor/Uniform - A standard set of silver armor and a matching uniform, destinctive to all Claymores. The armor offers some protection, but against more powerful foes, it generally won't hold up long against a determined assault. Her uniform also bears her distinctive symbol, located on the black collar of the uniform itself.

The Organization and World of Claymore-1

  • Heirarchy - The Organization is only a name given to the shadowy group that creates and manages the Claymores. Within its own ranks, it has no real name and even the name 'Claymore' is one created by the general public for their half-Yoma soldiers. Claymores tend to refer to themselves and one another as 'warriors' or 'comrades'. A council of elders manages the affairs of the Organization at large, relying on Handlers for reports on the activity of the Claymores and the movements of Yoma and Awakened Beings. Handlers number somewhat more, and usually they will work with three or four different Claymores at any one time. They are also responsible for obtaining payment from any town or village that has specifically asked for a Claymore to exterminate Yoma. Trainers and recruiters are tasked with bolstering the Claymore's ranks, often by buying young girls from slave traders and picking up orphans. Though they rarely resort to kidnapping, they will if they feel a girl has an exceptional potential for a powerful warrior. Teresa's family, in particular, sold her to the Organization to pay a debt. Outside of this enclave are researchers and scientists, who are responsible for the 'experiments' related to fusing Yoma flesh and blood with that of a human's. (Info regarding Teresa is not public; The remainder is public)
    Teresa, and her infamous smile!
  • Symbol - All Claymore are given a distinctive symbol, that serves as a more formal identification among her peers and within the Organization as a whole. Among their own, it is as recognizable as their name, and any document bearing it serves as the Claymore's signature. Black Cards bearing a Claymore's symbol is hidden within the pommel of her sword, to be given to their handler and from there, one of her peers, if she feels she is close to her limit. Teresa's resembles a Latin cross, with a pair of slanted bars canted towards the upper arm of the cross. If a Claymore were ever to officially 'sign' a document, she would use her symbol rather than her name.
  • Claymore Ranking - Despite how dangerous and lethal combat against Yoma is, Claymores generally work alone. They are assigned a territory of their own to patrol, and stick to it, mainly to avoid one another. Teresa's world is separated into 47 such areas. The assignments change in size and potential lethality according to a Claymore's rank, which is assigned by the Organization. After getting reports from the Claymore's handlers, they will generally keep an eye on promising warriors and promote them based upon potential and actual increases in skill. Teresa has sat atop the rankings for countless years, and over the many generations of Claymores, Teresa is considered to be among the top eight Number One-ranked, if not outright the most powerful one that's ever lived. (Not Public)
  • Nicknames and Individual Skills - Claymores that manage to survive enough battles tend to build a reputation for themselves, especially as they gain rank. It probably doesn't help that all Claymores after the first generation are all female, as they tend to gossip among themselves on the occasions they do show up together in one place for a hunt. Gaining a nickname is more often than not linked to a skill. Most Claymores are creative enough to figure out ways to manipulate their powers to their advantage, eventually mastering a skill of some kind that can give them an edge in combat. Thusfar, Claymores seem limited only by their creativity and despiration. Some skills are more Yoki-intensive than others, while some use little to none at all. It's unknown if they are mutations. Teresa's nickname is a rare one that has little to do with her actual ability, which is an incredibly massive Yoki reserve and an extremely acute Yoki-sensing ability. 'Teresa of the Faint Smile' simply alludes to her usual expression, one that's often maintained in combat, even as she's effortlessly slaughtering Yoma. (In truth, this name alludes to the fact that she has never been documented to have used more than 10% of her Yoki, thus maintaining her human form and avoiding the corruption of her Yoma form.) Teresa has participated in enough hunts in the past that her reputation is well-known, and her former-number one rank still carries it's weight. (Info regarding Teresa is not public; The remainder is public)
  • Yoma - Bipedal, humanoid creatures that have dark, hairless hides and muscular frames. They have razor-sharp fangs and claws, the latter able to lash out at prey like tentacles, impaling their prey. Some Yoma can grow wings and fly, but such occurences are rare. The older a Yoma becomes, the larger it can grow, up to reported instances of eight-foot tall ones having been killed. Their strength, agility, and resistance to damage are far greater than a normal human. Most importantly, Yoma are shapeshifters and can mimic a human's form perfectly. Upon consuming the brain of their prey, they can also mimic memory, with the result being a perfect duplicate of the targeted individual. Yoma will often infiltrate towns, villages and cities in this manner, maintaining a low profile and hunting only when they require it, to avoid suspicion and the attention of Claymores. They are not terribly bright, however, and tend to act on instinct.
  • Awakened Beings - Awakened Beings are the end result of a Claymore releasing 80% or more of their Yoma abilities. As a result, their Yoma half overcomes the human half, resulting in a completely different and far more dangerous creature. Where Yoma generally don't have any real distinguishing features or abilities, even the weakest Awakened Being can often require more than one Claymore to kill. Their forms, size and power vary greatly. Not surprisingly, the higher a former Claymore's rank, the more dangerous they become as an Awakened Being. The Awakening of a Number One-ranked Claymore results in what the Organization refers to as an 'Abyssal One'. (Public, but ranklocked to 3+ or other Claymores)

Skills and Abilities

Teresa releasing 10% of her Yoki
  • Yoki Release - Yoki is the energy that Yoma produce within their bodies, the source of their incredible strength and agility. Claymores are imparted this energy when they're created. As a half-human, half-yoma hybrid, they can tap into their Yoma side for enhanced abilities. To do so, however, is to walk the edge of a knife. At 10%, a Claymore's silver eyes turn gold and cat-like. This is sometimes accompanied by an increase in muscle mass, often doubling it. At 30%, their teeth grow razor sharp and vascular tissue bulges out around the temples and cheeks. At 50%, the body itself will take on a more Yoma-like form. At 80%, the 'limit', the Yoma half begins overpowering the human half and 'awakens'. This results in an 'Awakened One', a dangerously powerful Yoma that generally requires execution squads of other Claymores to kill. The act of a Claymore releasing anything above 5% is noticable by the average person, resulting in a sort of 'wave' of pressure that can shatter glass in addition to a briefly visible aura.
  • Acute Senses - Teresa, like all Claymores, can sense the particular energies given off by other living things- particularly Yoma, allowing them to adapt accordingly while hunting or in battle. However, with most other Claymore, this sense is more general, giving a location and perhaps a size to their opponent. Teresa's takes this to a whole new level, allowing her to sense the 'flow' of these energies within the body of her target. This serves almost like a sixth-sense, allowing her to read an opponent's actions before they occur. This applies to any being or construct that uses a form of energy, magical or otherwise, to move and attack.
  • Swordsmanship - There aren't many people who know how old Teresa actually is. Claymores have notoriously short life-spans, in which they either die in combat against Yoma or Awakened Beings, or lose control of their powers and either opt for suicide via their fellow warriors or become an Awakened Being themselves. Teresa has never had to use much more than ten percent of her power prior to Unification, notwithstanding her incredible grasp and control of it. Thus, she's had an underterminable but significant amount of time to hone her deadly skills with her sword. The training that Claymore initiates must pass in order to gain a rank and symbol of their own is harsh.
  • Silver-eyed Slayer - Claymore, once their human bodies are implanted with Yoma flesh, cease to age once they reach full physical maturity. Their hair turns a shade of blonde permanently (though some have silver or white), and their eyes take on a silver-white hue. This gives them eyesight on par with that of a any predatory beast, with excellent night-vision. Their hyper-stimulated metabolisms only require a small amount of water and food, adding up to a small meal every month, or a bit of each every few days. This metabolism also extends to their immune system, making them all but invulnerable against disease or poison.
  • Offensive-type Regeneration - Each Claymore can be classified as an offensive or defensive type, which affects the skills they'll be capable of once they tap into their potential. It is a mental choice made by the young Claymore when they're created, whether they wish to 'win a battle by surviving' or 'win a battle by slaying their enemy'. The latter is how Teresa became an offensive type. While all Claymores can survive otherwise-lethal wounds, offensive types are limited if they happen to lose a limb. The original must be attached for it to retain it's power. They can attempt to regenerate the lost limb, but it will be 100% human. Removal of a Claymore's head is a sure kill. Doing heavy physical damage is still harmful, but not always a kill. Regeneration requires dipping deeper into one's Yoma power, resulting in a higher risk of Awakening, especially with more critical wounds.


Before Teresa met Clare, she was a cold-blooded, solitary killer who would accept any assignment without complaint. She would often intimidate the townsfolk and made it sound as if the Organization was responsible for sending yoma to towns which did not pay the required fees. When Teresa met Clare, however, she opened up her heart and her former cold personality changes. She proved more than willing to kill a group of bandits, breaking a major rule of the Organization, that Claymores could never kill humans, no matter the circumstances. She is far more 'human' now, willing to show kindness to those who deserve it.

She serves as a sisterly, almost motherly guardian for the younger girl. She now works outside of the Organization, killing yoma for her own benefit, all while working to avoid her Claymore sisters, who'll undoutedly seek her out to ensure she pays for breaking a cardinal rule. Killing humans. The vastness of the Multiverse plays into her hands, allowing her to put distance between herself and her pursuers. She is now fiercly protective of Clare, where before she would have been apathetic to anyone else before they met. She kills to both protect Clare and herself, and for whatever rewards the locals can provide, usually in the form of room and board, as well as food for Clare. To threaten or endanger Teresa's young companion is an easy way to get on Teresa's bad side, and there are few who can attest to how terrible her wrath is, because the vast majority are dead.

That should be no indication that she's gone soft, however. Teresa is an incredibly focused and well-trained soldier, who's able to live off the land for months between the isolated settlements of her own world. In combat, her ruthlessness still shows to a great extent, but she tends to mind how she acts if it's in front of Clare.



Teresa's early life is vague. She guessed that her parents named her after one of the Twin Goddesses of Love from her world. In her dreams, she remembered having black hair that she believed was her best feature. At some point in her life, she was sold to the Organization by the people she trusted. It wasn't clear whether it was her family or the town she was from.

During her Claymore training, she was called a "problem child" by her handler, and regularly escaped and wandered off on her own.

As a Claymore, Teresa was a cold-blooded killer who cared for no one, performing her assignments in a blase manner. She liked to frighten clients with horror stories. She outwardly appeared to be obedient, but was not above keeping some secrets from the Organization, and even had her own suspicions about dubious actions.

In the village of Teo, Teresa sensed the yoki of seven yoma. After killing six, she spotted the seventh hiding behind a young girl. After killing the Yoma, Teresa discovered that the girl was kept as a prisoner and toy of the yoma.

Despite rebuffs to the mysterious girl's attempts at affection, the girl persisted. The mystery girl followed Teresa through the wilderness and despite Teresa's initial annoyance, she eventually became fond of the young girl. Teresa named the girl Clare, after the Twin Goddesses of Love, Clare and Teresa. Clare mutely affirmed that it was indeed her name. Clare had awakened Teresa's lost compassion.

From that point onwards, Teresa began openly displaying her affection for Clare without holding back. However, she decided to leave Clare with foster parents in Rokut, believing a normal life would be best for the young girl. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the village was raided by a group of bandits. Teresa rushed back to save Clare and seeing the latter's bloodied form, Teresa flew into a rage. She killed all the bandits, breaking the cardinal rule that a Claymore should never kill humans, no matter what the circumstances. She is currently wanted for breaking this rule, and has a death-mark on her head. (Very little is Public, save for what Teresa has told others.)


After Unification, Teresa and Clare were seperated from their world. Worrying about the potential of the Yoma threat spilling out into the Multiverse, she quickly took active measures to ensure that the Yoma who did manage to wander outward from her world did not live long enough to cause harm. She met Psyber during her activities within the DMZ between Union and Confederate territories, located in an iteration of mainland China, first in Hong Kong-3178 and again in Macau-3210. Afterwards, she met privately with him and explained details of her world to him, which were subsequently released to the Union forces in a report.

Leaving Clare at Heaven or Hell, she then went to locate her world, which had unified within the DMZ, and mapped the location before to returning again. After a one-on-one duel with Dovakiin Elen, she has joined the Union and took part in a Witch-hunt in Mitakihara, resulting in the death of that timeline's Kimiko Shinobu. She knows only a little about the Puella Magi, but is quick to draw comparisons between them and their fates to that of Claymores, noting that the biggest difference is that few care about a Claymore in their final moments, save for their sisters who are called to kill them when they pass their limit, where the Puella Magi have the comfort of having many who care for them. She does not show it, but she is shaken by the aftermath of the fight.

Departures from Canon

  • Teresa has never met Pricilla in combat. For all intents and purposes, Teresa likely remains one of the strongest entities in her theme, short of the Abyssal Ones. (Former 1-Ranked Claymore who Awakened)
  • Noel and Sophia are, likewise, still alive and active. Teresa has yet to encounter any other Claymores out for her head, as the Multiverse has proven instrumental in her effort to remain hidden.
  • The current Claymore world is several years behind that of Volume 1 of the manga. Though Clare is unlikely to become a Claymore while in Teresa's care, the next generation of Claymores will undoubtedly replace the ones from Teresa's as they're killed or die off.



  • Heaven or Hell - While not a member of the Union-aligned organization, Teresa has found a temporary refuge in Psyber's office, particularly for Clare. She tends to feel more at ease knowning Clare is in a safe place.
  • Union - Though skeptical about a large, powerful military given the shady nature of the Organization from her home world, she has decided to throw her lot in with them.
  • Confederacy - In deciding to trust and join the Union, Teresa has made plain her assessment of the Confederacy.


  • Psyber - (Indebted) Has served as Teresa's contact with the Union, as well as offering her and Clare shelter.
  • Dovahkiin Elen - (Respect) Fought with Teresa, so she could determine whether or not to join the Union. After the trial-by-fire, Teresa decided to do so.
  • Kaminagi Setsuko - (Respect) Teresa is quick to hold Setsuko in high regard, after seeing her in action against the Witch version of Kimiko Shinobu.

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